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Video: Here’s The Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer For Devil May Cry

To celebrate the launch of Devil May Cry, Capcom has unveiled a new trailer that gives a brief introduction to the game, which is available now on Nintendo Switch. Originally released back in 2001, Devil May Cry marks the first appearance of the devil hunter Dante. With the blood of a legendary demon warrior flowing through his veins, Dante takes on a mission from the mysterious Trish to travel to Mallet Island and defeat Mundus, the king of the underworld.


5 thoughts on “Video: Here’s The Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer For Devil May Cry”

    1. Ditto to that.

      Not only more fun to play, but I can actually enjoy both games on the Switch. Cheap Capcom.

  1. thats a old game…
    if i was nintendo i wouldnt advertise this crap. its a shame and humiliating.
    Hi nintendo here is capcom.
    We make games for you again.
    you dont get resident evil 2 and 7 but the hundert version of 4 and the loved one 5 & 6. nintendo is for crapcom garbage…

  2. I feel sickened by Capcoms attempts at quick cash grabs.
    I never played dmc games and wouldn’t of minded giving it a bash on switch, but this is ludicrous when you can get a remastered compilation on other formats.
    I’m not supporting this and anyone that does is a fool.
    Capcom with a bit more work could of created quality compilations of this series as well as the RE games, but instead are trying for quick cash grabs while they undoubtedly work on games for next gen consoles.
    Look at cdproject and what their doing. No one would of dreamt of Witcher coming to the switch (albeit slightly graphically toned down), but from what I’ve seen and heard it’s looking promising and it has to be for such a well respected game AND it all comes on the cartridge with all the dlc.
    Now that’s good and will have mine and soooo many others full support.

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