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North America: Nintendo exchanging some Switch’s purchased after 17th July 2019 for newer model


Nintendo has quietly released the newer improved Nintendo Switch system in North America and the only real noticeable change it brings is better battery life in handheld mode. Some users who purchased the older model after the 17th July 2019 have been told they can exchange it for the new model. These individuals have contacted Nintendo customer service and it seems it is only being done in North America. Polygon reached out to Nintendo customer service for a comment and was told the following:

Customer service told us that customers will need to cover shipping and insurance costs, and that customers should transfer their purchases to the new system using a Nintendo Switch Online account. The exchange offer appears to be specific to customers in the U.S. and Canada.



  1. In before someone takes this unusually generous token of goodwill by a major corporation is twisted to suggest they have an obligation to replace all Switches for the newer model.

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