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The Game Awards 2019 kicks off 12th December


Geoff Keighley has revealed the date for this year’s The Game Awards and it will be happening on 12th December. This year’s event should be a special one as it is the 5th anniversary of The Game Awards, so hopefully it’ll be even better than last year’s. Geoff also noted on Twitter that Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be eligible for Game of the Year as it missed the deadline last year.



  1. It should be game of the year. Such a shame it missed the deadline, but it’s been such a while that something newer like Pokemon probably gona snatch it.

    1. Yeah, even though Smash Ultimate might still have a chance, I also think a newer game like Pokémon Sword and Shield, Astral Chain, Death Stranding, or DOOM Eternal will be game of the year instead.

  2. Geoff Keighley made the right decision to break away from a corporation & fund his own game awards event. Let’s just hope it doesn’t become a circle jerk like certain other award ceremonies have become. *cough*Oscars*cough*

  3. I know that Death Stranding will win this year’s award, for obvious reasons, but I hope that Iceborne can get some nominees and some of the other awards. It awesome so far.

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