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Pokemon Sword & Shield livestream gave us a glimpse of Galarian Ponyta


As I’m sure you’ve been aware if you’ve been on social media this weekend, the previously reported 24-hour Pokemon Sword & Shield livestream has been happening. While many amusing memes and images circulated the web, we caught a glimpse of the Galarian Ponyta. The Galarian form looks rather nice and two Ponytas were caught playing, which was a bonus! Take a look at the tweet below if you missed it.


    1. Why you browisng an nintendo news site while trying to avoid spoilers? and what makes this a spoiler while other pokemon reveals not, or are you suggesting they cover none of those, which has not been the case at all so far.

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      1. I’m on a Nintendo news site for news about other Nintendo games.
        The spoiler is that I don’t want to learn too much about what I’m going to see in game because I want to be surprised like my first time playing Ruby and Pearl.


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