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Tokyo Tour coming to Mario Kart Tour tomorrow

Nintendo has announced today on Twitter that a brand new tour is coming to Mario Kart Tour and it’s titled the Tokyo Tour. It will become available at 11pm on the 8th October. The update will give you new courses along with new characters. This should come as good news to those of you who’ve invested a lot of time in the title and are aching for new tracks!










    1. Apparently the MK Tour original tracks are super lackluster, so we aren’t missing out on much by not having them in 8.
      I would love to see some of the recreated tracks in Tour in MK8 though.


      1. Yeah, I watched a friend race on the New York/city track and before the first lap was even done I said “this just looks like a worse version of Moonview Highway from MK Wii.” I was pretty underwhelmed.


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