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Nintendo says to play Zelda: Link’s Awakening if you loved Breath of the Wild

Nintendo Switch is already home to multiple entries in The Legend of Zelda series, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and – more recently – The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. According to Nintendo of America, if you loved the former title, you’ll also thoroughly enjoy the latter. The publisher has created a brief promo to highlight this aspect, which you can check out in the embedded video below:


  1. They’re probably shaving off a sizable portion of their audience just with the choice of art style, as they did for Wind Waker.

    That’s not a criticism, just an acknowledgement of reality.

  2. Correction: “Play Link’s Awakening if you feel alienated because of BotW, but already played Link’s Awakening DX (GBC)”

    1. Not sure why BOTW would feel alienating for a Link’s Awakening player. Its design is more closely tied to classic Zelda than any console Zelda released this millenium.

      1. If there was any confusion in my wording, Link’s Awakening isn’t the problem, BotW is in how different it is.

        Link’s Awakening is closer to Classic Zelda, but there’s nothing like that now that’s close to OOT, MM, WW, TP, and SS.

        BotW = (closer to) Skyrim, DarkSouls, Witcher

      2. You seem to mistake my meaning.

        BOTW is closer to classic Zelda than any of the other Zelda games you list there. NES Zelda was primary inspiration for BOTW’s design, and it rings true in nearly all aspects of the game. There are family members who stopped playing the series after OoT because the games were diverging too much from the classic’s design, who I have suggested BOTW to, who have loved it.

        The issue is that the OoT formula has been around for so long now that younger crowds recognize it as “classic Zelda”. Shoot, you list BOTW as being closer to Dark Souls, Dark Souls is classic Zelda through and through. Its design from beginning to end strongly mirrors the original NES Zelda.

    2. That makes more sense.
      Aside from MM and WW, the top down Zeldas have always been my preferred Zelda experience, so it was worrying when the director of the series came out and said they’d be sticking to the open-world thing.

        1. Hardly. In theory they could be, but many Zelda games will segment their worlds into smaller fractions until you collect the right item to proceed or reach a point in the narrative.
          For example, the game worlds of BotW’s Hyrule to LA’s Koholint Island couldn’t be more different in how they’re traversed.
          I prefer the latter myself because it allows more structure to the game’s progression over the complete freedom to tackle any challenge you want from the start (sacrificing the story and an upwards difficulty curve in the process)
          It is indeed very clear BotW takes more from the original Zelda than any other in the series. But I never quite got much from the original Zelda and much preferred the later entries, so this new direction going forward doesn’t excite me.

  3. I’m not sure if I would recommend a game like Link’s Awakening if you enjoyed BoTW since they are very different types of gameplay. I know people who love the exploration of BoTW for the exploration when they used to never like Zelda due to the puzzles. Both good games though.

    1. BOTW has more puzzles than classic Zelda. For the most part, the heavy handed puzzle implementation is the influence of Eiji Aonuma, who wasn’t in charge of the series until after Ocarina of time.

  4. Okaaaay, except Link’s Awakening and Breath of the Wild are so dissimilar it’s like comparing watermelons to cantaloupe; sure they’re both melons, but their tastes and textures are totally different. I can just picture someone whose first Zelda was BotW taking a stab at Awakening and getting stuck because “I have NO idea how to get across this mountain because I can’t climb and I don’t see an obvious path.” Not saying first-timers shouldn’t try, but they should at least understand that Link’s Awakening is a very different beast.

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