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Puzzle & Dragons Gold trailer for the west

We discovered fairly recently that Puzzle & Dragons is coming to the Nintendo Switch as Puzzle & Dragons Gold and will launch on 15th January for $15 on the eShop. Interestingly it seems as though it’s only coming to North America as a European date or price has yet to be divulged. Anyway, today GungHo Online shared an English dubbed trailer for the game showing the popular smartphone series running on Nintendo Switch. Have a watch of the trailer below:

1 thought on “Puzzle & Dragons Gold trailer for the west”

  1. I used to play the mobile version a lot till they started doing weird collaborations. I mean it’s puzzle and dragons ( more like dragons and gods ) but then they sprinkled in chocolate wafers, vegetables, angry birds and just different things that are for the most part useless lol. That and the confusing UI compared to the original, made me just gradually lose interest in the mobile version. This version looks kinda cool though if you are into this sort of thing.

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