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Capcom says something special is coming to Switch Devil May Cry 3

In a new video posted on Twitter, Capcom has teased that something special will be coming to the Nintendo Switch version of the iconic action title, Devil May Cry 3. There were no hints given, but they said they will be revealing information over three dates and those are January 16, 2020, January 30, 2020, and February 13, 2020. Here’s a direct quote from Matt Walker, the game’s producer:

 “We know that this game holds a very special place in all of your hearts, and so we wanted to show our appreciation. I guess you could say that we’re feeling a little motivated to add a little something extra that we think you’re all really going to like.”


17 thoughts on “Capcom says something special is coming to Switch Devil May Cry 3”

  1. Bayonetta as a playable character, that would be a bit too much to happen.
    Maybe if you buy the game you’ll get a code for a free dmc fighter pass in smash

  2. Ultra Instinct Grandma Super Saiyan Green Evolution

    The highest rank in 3 was Ssstylish, Sshowtime and Sweet. But in 4 (alpha) the highest Smashing Strike! Idk Im really hyped for this.

  3. I would be psyched to have Dante join Smash bros, or any Capcom character at this point. But I’m still convinced the last fighters pass fighter is going to be a Namco Bandai character. Every fighters pass fighter was released with mii costumes that have something in common with them (except Banjo) and none of the Namco mii costumes from Smash 4 are in Ultimate yet. Besides, I think it’s about time we got another Namco rep.

    1. +Michael Rix
      The only thing I can see working against that is what Reggie said at the game awards 2018.
      He said that the characters are “Characters you would not expect” and if we go by that; Bandai Namco would be out of the question as putting in a Namco Rep would be 1 of the most obvious picks. Heck, when it was announced that Bandai Namco would be developing Smash Bros 4, everyone right out of the gate said Pacman would be playable because he was that obvious.
      Not gonna lie though; I’d love to be proven wrong on this as I actually really want Heihachi since Tekken was my childhood.

      1. I personally believe the first Tekken rep should be Jin. I know we almost had Heihatchi in Smash 4 and Jin was not Ryus rival in Street Fighter X Tekken, but I see Jin as the Namco equivalent of Ryu. They both have super powered evil sides, and they where both their respective companies main representative in Project X Zone. Then again, if Sakurai went with MY logic, we would have gotten modern Pac-Man, Chronicles Simon, and a Zelda other than a link between worlds Zelda.

  4. DMC3 would get my nomination for best action game ever. So whatever it is, I’ll probably be happy. It permanently ruined God of War for me, as I tried the original GoW immediately after playing DMC3 and it felt like a fisher price baby toy by comparison.

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