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Images from Nintendo’s recruitment book 2020

Each year Nintendo puts together a lavish recruitment book full of beautifully illustrated images and nostalgia. Images from this year’s copy have appeared online and you can view them in the gallery down below. You’ll notice Nintendo characters such as Wart, Spike, Daisy, Pauline, Donkey Kong, Wiggler and more!


6 thoughts on “Images from Nintendo’s recruitment book 2020”

      1. Well ya he had a minor cameo but I didn’t know if this would lead to something real like a remake of Mario 2 or something like Mario super sluggers where they had like 70 characters and wart could be one

          1. Well Mario probably sleeps every night it wouldn’t be hard to make up a story, also Pokémon sleep is about sleeping maybe that could have another cameo (doubt it though)

  1. Never know Nintendo was written Nintendou in Japanese. Says it in the cover
    I just don’t know that much Japanese yet. Only know 700 kanji/漢字

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