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Platinum Games would like to explore other genres

USGamer has published an extensive interview with Platinum Games co-founder and Executive Director Atsushi Inaba. The topic of Platinum Games being renowned for action games came up and Mr. Inaba said that they would love to make something outside of the action genre they are so well known for. Here’s what was said:

“As we mentioned before, it’s not like we are of the stance of, ‘Oh, we’re an action game maker.’ We want to invent new things for the gaming world. So for me, absolutely. I would very much like the opportunity to make something like that. Something that necessarily isn’t an action game. Maybe it’s a racing game, or maybe it’s something else.”


13 thoughts on “Platinum Games would like to explore other genres”

  1. How about they focus on the games they already announced instead of making a ton of games? They start to sound like ubisoft or EA, doing tons of projects and all of them either end up being ok, meh or bad

    1. If they have enough people they can make as many games they seems fit. The reason EA makes a ton of buggy meh games is because of leadership and short deadlines to meet sale expectations. Nintendo announced Bayo 3 to make the Switch ports of Bayo 1+2 sell better; as they did with Metroid Prime 4 and Samus Returns. I don’t we yet have a reason to think Platinum mismanages their gamedevelopment.

      1. Not enough reason to conclude, sure. Reason enough to suspect though. I mean, it isn’t very likely that they’ve quadrupled their staff recently.

        1. Yeah, I’m not trying to defend them. Scalebound is an example of things not going through. But that could as well be Microsoft, so again. Little hard evidence like we have on… say… Bioware for example. Bayonetta 2 was delayed a lot, but that game almost didn’t have any patches (like most if their games the last couple of years) after launch. I’m just saying their output haven’t been that bad.

      2. I feel like they’ve said a lot recently without saying anything; coach speak of you will. Excited for their future though, currently playing my first platinum game; Astral Chain, cool so far. Maybe I hyped up the “4 announcements” in my mind too much.

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      4. I wouldn’t mind a horror game from Platinum Games if Kamiya was involved. Since he worked on Devil May Cry & Bayonetta which features demons, he could make a horror game featuring them. I don’t think we got many big budget AAA horror games with demons as the main threat. The only one that comes to mind is Doom but that franchise has become more of an action franchise with horror elements than a strictly horror game. We got plenty of horror games about zombies, BOWs, ghosts, crazed people, evil corporations, etc. Such a game would be a good way for them to move away from being strictly action. (If there’s more AAA games with demons in them that aren’t action that I’m not aware of, I’m all ears.)

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