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NookLink within the Nintendo Switch Online app now available


The official Animal Crossing Twitter account has announced that NookLink is now available within the Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS and Android devices. You can transfer your cute decorative designs and also keyboard chat with players. The Nintendo Switch Online app is available right now on the App Store and Google Play.


  1. I didn’t expect this so soon! it’ll be nice to be able to scan QR codes so easily. I wish you could organize your inventory with it, it’s not as quick as using a touch screen.

  2. Real talk; I actually think the Nintendo Switch App gets an unfair bad rap. If you discard the fact Nintendo made it mandatory to voice chat on it, the app is actually really cool. Whenever I’m on break at work and need something to watch, I actually find myself flipped the app on to watch some Smash Bros Clips or check out some pictures.

    The app itself isn’t bad, it’s just Nintendo’s bad decision about voice chat that makes people hate it.

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