The last “Platinum 4” project is going to be announced on April 1st

The “Platinum 4” is almost done. So far, Platinum Games have revealed 3 of the 4 projects that the company planned to announce in its “Platinum 4” set of announcements. One of the announcements was a Kickstarter for The Wonderful 101 Remastered, which was a huge success. Well, the “Platinum 4” website has been updated to confirm that the very last announcement will be made on April Fools Day, April 1st. Whatever the announcement is, especially if it’s Nintendo-related, we’ll let you know.



    1. Kamiya needs to be the one to deliver this news then if they gonna go with a joke reveal first. Maybe announce a game about feminism only to reveal the real game is gonna be a hack & slash game with plenty of boobalicious female warriors. lol The reaction on Twitter & him blocking everyone crying about the joke would be comedy gold.

  1. Wait, so The Wonderful 101 Kickstarter was part 1 of “Platinum 4” Then “Project G.G.” is part 2, and the last part is about to be announced on April Fool’s Day… THEN WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO PART 3!?
    I thought the point of “Platinum 4” was they had FOUR projects to announce!

    1. coulda bothered to check before whining, was a studio focusing on games as a service

  2. Believe me or not it’s going to be a huge surprise for Nintendo gamers and it’s going to be a 3 person action game with a female space character

    1. If you were actually gonna leak info, you wouldn’t do it in the comments section of My Nintendo News.

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