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Release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons sees Pocket Camp’s best month ever, $150 million lifetime revenue

The iOS and Android title Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp had its best month ever in April 2020, according to Sensor Tower. The boost to the game came about with the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch platform. This means that the overall lifetime total for the game stands at an incredible $150 million and the month of April alone brought in $7.9 million in player spending. The game has the most player spending in Japan followed by the United States and then the United Kingdom.



  1. This is actually good news for anyone worried about Nintendo putting more effort into mobile games over console games because it shows that good sales on a console game can drive revenue on mobile rather than just the other way around.

  2. hmm is this actually indicative of more profit though? I wonder how many of those people just downloaded for the crossover content and just left it on there phone in case there’s more. I know a majority of the people I know either stopped playing PC when NH came out, or they stopped ages ago. A bunch of the ones that stopped ages ago redownloaded it solely for the crossover content.

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