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Mario Kart Tour adds Swimwear Rosalina and Swimwear Mario

New themed characters have made their debut in Mario Kart Tour today. They are Swimwear Rosalina and Swimwear Mario who look rather fetching in their summer gear. Mario Kart Tour is available now on iOS and Android and is free to play with micro transactions.


  1. Rosalina looks so beautiful and stunning in her new swimsuit/beach outfit. This update might be really handy with giving the game more excitement variety and be more enjoyable just like Mario Kart 8 does.

  2. God I wish they treated Mariokart 8 the way they treat this crap mobile game. I’d be so down if we got regular new maps and characters and outfits and shit.

  3. It would be nice if they would release a Mario Kart 9. And throw all these characters into the game.
    And since I’m wishing here, how about a Rainbow Road Cup?

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