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Pokemon GO September and October 2020 Community Days Pokemon will be decided by the players

The official Pokemon GO Twitter account has confirmed this evening that the Pokemon who will be featured in the upcoming Pokemon GO Community Days for both September and October 2020 will be decided by the community. There are four Pokemon you can choose from and they are Charmander, Caterpie, Grimer and Porygon. More details will be shared by Niantic and The Pokemon Company soon!


  1. I dislike Pokémon rival Avery. I won’t buy his merchandise. I want to kiss Klara. Avery is proof that gamefreak does not understand their audience.


    1. I want to kiss Misty, Whitney, Roxanne, Gardenia, Lenora, Viola, Lana and Nessa. I too dislike Avery. He is not an attractive female. Avery is a replacement scrappy to Klara.


  2. I soft reset to block Allister from Wyndon. I only had to battle Allister 2 times. I like Zamazenta but I hate Allister. #BeaIsBetterThanAllister


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