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Balan Wonderworld for Nintendo Switch coming 26th March 2021

The magical Balan Wonderworld finally has a release date and you’ll be able to play it on your Nintendo Switch system on 26th March 2021. You can collect over 80 charming and delightful costumers and you’ll be tasked with restoring happiness and balance by yourself or with a friend. The game is published by Square Enix and created by Sonic the Hedgehog and Nights into Dreams creator, Yuji Naka.


      1. It struggled with every aspect IMO, and it had to be booted on a Wii mode if you wanted to use motion controls or something. The Wii U mode only supported buttons. It lacked structure and you just clunky floated around like a rushed “Nights Into Dreams” with bad BAD performance.

          1. Yeah, I heard it had development h3ll. Sqaure isn’t unknown to long development processes, but I bet Yuji Naka has working conditions with better routines now.

  1. It’s nice to see other developers creating 3D platformers. And it seems that Nintendo is giving them some time to shine as evident a from the lack of a brand new mario game (not port).

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