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Nintendo of America announces single Joy-Cons for $39.99 starting 9th November

If you are in need of an additional single Joy-Con for whatever reason, Nintendo of America has announced that the pricing has been reduced and they will be available individually for $39.99 starting on Monday, 9th November 2020. The left Joy-Con comes in Neon Blue while the right Joy-Con comes in Neon Red. There doesn’t appear to be any other colours available if you are looking to purchase a single Joy-Con for your Switch system.

19 thoughts on “Nintendo of America announces single Joy-Cons for $39.99 starting 9th November”

    1. They where $50 individual and $80 as a pair. Nobody bought them individually, so they where basically always $40 each. This really isn’t a price decrease.

  1. I think they’ll be releasing a new version of the joy-con with the Pro model. And then discontinue these old ones. They are gonna want to squash the drift issue and pretend it never happened.

  2. My Joy-Cons have been drifting for quite some time and I never really cared enough to replace them due to the ridiculous prices.

    This is cool and all, but who’s to say it won’t drift again? What happens next? I give you another $40? Come on.

        1. Yes but the more people force them to repair it for free, the more they’re dedicated to fix the issue. Remember they claimed in court that it’s not a big deal for the players.

  3. If Apple can get away with their basic accessories prices @ $100+, I think this joy comes price is justifiable.

    Yes I’d prefer it to be around $30 per joy con and $50 bundled but it seems that the HD Rumble tech has a high production cost.

    1. I haven’t heard much of Apple’s products crapping out in under a year compared to people complaining about Joy Con drift. Not saying problems with Apple accessories don’t exist, but coverage has been quiet.

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