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Immortals Fenyx Rising is 13.2 GB on Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft’s upcoming colourful open world adventure adventure game Immortals Fenyx Rising has had its file-size listed on the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you are looking to acquire the digital edition from the eShop you will need an additional 13.2GB of free space on your Nintendo Switch system or SD Card. Immortals Fenyx Rising launches on the Nintendo Switch day and date with other platforms on Thursday, 3rd December.



  1. I bet you have to download over 6 gigs if you buy the physical version because Ubi are a bunch of cheap lazy bastards.

  2. I’m waiting on digital foundry for this one. I like to purchase all my games on switch if possible for portability so I hope its properly optimized.

  3. Will get this one on xbox series X. It deserves to be played in glorious 4k.

    Makes me wish nintendo ported their games to pc after a few years imagine BOTW in 4k ultra…

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