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Pokemon Masters EX adds summer sync pairs Gloria & Inteleon and Marnie & Grimmsnarl.

Today, DeNA announced that two new sync pairs from the Galar region are coming to Pokémon Masters EX – Gloria (Summer 2021) & Inteleon and Marnie (Summer 2021) & Grimmsnarl. 

Gloria (Summer 2021) & Inteleon are a Water-type sync pair that possess an array of moves focused on critical hits, such as Snipe Shot, which both deals damage and lands critical hits more easily, and Critical Strike, a passive skill that powers up the user’s Attack when a critical hit lands. Marnie (Summer 2021) & Grimmsnarl are a Fairy-type sync pair characterized by the ability to increase their Attack, Defense, Special Defense, and Speed stats with moves like Bulk Up.

Additionally, A story event called “Beachside Rivalry” will feature Gloria, Marnie and their partner Pokémon as they open a beachside pop-up shop and interact and battle against other Trainers.

Source: The Pokemon Company

5 thoughts on “Pokemon Masters EX adds summer sync pairs Gloria & Inteleon and Marnie & Grimmsnarl.”

  1. Hot girls and decent pokemon. A good combination. I like getting Sobble on wonder trade. It can use dive, facade, bounce and mud shot.

    1. @Duke Gongjue

      I remember you. You hate Allister, Avery and Gordie because they are replacement scrappies to Bea, Melony and Klara. You hate all the male rivals introduced after gen 5 except for Bede and Gladion.

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