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Official Smash Bros Twitter encourages fans to go wild with guesses as to final character

Smash Bros ultimate dlc

The final character for the excellent Super Smash Bros Ultimate will finally be unveiled tomorrow and speculation is running wild online as to who it might be. The official Super Smash Bros Ultimate Twitter account has encouraged fans to let their imaginations run wild as to who the undisclosed character is. The account also revealed that the presentation will be forty minutes long. The presentation for the final Mr. Sakurai presents will be streamed tomorrow at 3pm UK time / 7am PT.

28 thoughts on “Official Smash Bros Twitter encourages fans to go wild with guesses as to final character”

  1. The only character I can think of that would make any sense, and that I’m surprised wasn’t already added is Crash Bandicoot.

  2. Honestly, it could be almost anyone at this point. I rather just watch and be done with it. Its a miracle a Super Smash Bros game like Ultimate have gotten this many playable characters. We will most likely never have this amount of playables in the next game, something Sakurai himself pretty much confirmed atleast twice some time ago.

    I do hope Sakurai takes a long nice break from SSB after Ultimate is all said and done, he deserves it.

  3. I’ve ready everything is pointing towards Sora, which I have no gaming attachment too.

    For me, I would ABSOLUTELY love, a Streets of Rage character.

    That game is absolutely phenomenal

  4. My guesses would be:

    AiAi – Because it’s Super Monkey Ball’s 20th anniversary this year and the direct presentation for challenger pack 11 is on the same day Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania officially releases.

    Phoenix Wright – Because Cloud’s Omni Slash glitch could be because they’re working on a move for him that has words like his “Objection!” or “Hold It!” as a forward smash. Plus, he’d be pretty to make a move set for since he was already in a fighting game.

    Amaterasu – Same reasons as Phoenix Wright, the Omni Slash glitch and the fact she was already in a fighting game so a move set could be pretty easy to make for her.

    Ayumi Tachibana – Because, Sakurai, wanted to put her in since Melee and could possibly put her in now that she has more relevancy outside of Japan with the two Famicom Detective Club games being localized.


    Crash Bandicoot – Because Mario and Crash were rivals in the mid to late ‘90s so putting them in a game where they can fight each other is a no-brainer. But seeing how stingy Activision is with the Crash IP, this most likely won’t happen unfortunately.

    1. That crash rivalry was really 1 sided. It was mostly Sony dumping a bunch of mascots to try and compete with Mario.

      I do think it might Conker though, not only did he get his start with Nintendo, but its also his 1 year anniversary since Bad Fur Day released.

        1. Well, I don’t care much for Conker because his games is really boring and its not really that surprised during that era. I mean, Conker is basically not my favorite character and he didn’t have a new game since. So, I will say no on Conker.

  5. There will actually be 2 characters revealed. One will be a Nintendo character and the other will be from a 3rd party publisher.

  6. See, now I’m excited. This makes me feel like that the reveal video will be the biggest troll ever. Kinda like… If they got permission to use characters just for this trailer and kept teasing “Oh look! It’s Master Chief!” then “Oh wait! There’s Sora!” and then “WTF is that Goku?!” and then the character ends up being Waluigi or something.

    That kind of video would be Sakurai going out with a bang.

  7. I hope it is his pick and not a company pick.

    No Crash please, just no. Those games seem fine, but I’d be let down if Crash was the final fighter. Does he have any characteristics or personality? Does he do anything other than jump on boxes?

    I hope it something from 80s arcades, a classic character, like Frogger. If you’re going to have a platformer then make it the OG.

  8. The final character will be Fire Emblem.

    Not a character from the series but the actual game itself.

    Most likely it will be the original Famicom cartridge holding a sword.

  9. Heres one for you! Ditto or a character that can transform to another. You can have sora, master, harry potter, golurk, lightning, ir even chuck freaking noris lol

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