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Seven minutes of Sonic Frontiers

The time has finally come as we’ve got our first look at seven minutes of Sonic Frontiers courtesy of IGN. The gaming site is running Sonic Frontiers content throughout June, which is sure to please fans. Sonic Frontiers appears to present players with large 3D open world levels set in individual themed stages. It looks fairly visually promising based on the gameplay video showed by IGN today, but at the same time it also kind of gives off an almost tech-demo vibe like Sonic Jam on the Saturn. Of course, we don’t know the full details about the game and what Sonic is tasked with in each individual world. What’s clear from the gameplay video is that there are mini games/puzzle objectives for Sonic to solve, large mysterious towers to climb at blazing speeds, but what’s not shown is an actual objective or other characters in the Sonic universe. As previously stated IGN will be running Sonic Frontiers content throughout the month so we will certainly learn more about the game and possibly the Nintendo Switch version of Sonic Frontiers then!

Thanks to those who sent this in!

11 thoughts on “Seven minutes of Sonic Frontiers”

  1. This looks good and all despite a few issues. Also, am I the only one who thinks they should have used some other kind of music? Not saying the actual music here is bad, I like it but I would have liked something that actually makes you believe that this is a Sonic game we are gonna try out.

    1. That was my one complaint in this. Sonic’s identity is in its music more so than the typical video game. But then, its still early. They can still whip out levels with great melodies.

      1. This was one of my few issues with BotW. Music is integral to the Zelda experience & the lack of it is a problem. Same for Donkey Kong Country. If they started playing heavy metal, I’d question if I was even playing a DKC game. It’s also why a rap song was outta place for a Mortal Kombat trailer.

  2. This did not work. They might as well just go more for more personality with these mechanics vs try to recreate Breath of the Wild vibes. It’s empty, basic, puzzles aren’t even puzzles, and… for some reason there are bumpers and rails everywhere. It just doesn’t mesh well.

    There’s potential and it looks like it’s playing smooth enough but… yeah… they need to rethink the setting and mood a bit.

    1. The strange world of...Stranga

      rails everywhere pretty much describes modern sonic games, I hate those grind rails with a burning passion.

  3. Yikes. The world is wayyyy too empty, and the platforms just feel like they’re placed everywhere to fill the space. Doing all those grind rails and platforming feels so pointless when the world itself is empty. I’d rather just run on the ground to get where I need to go, I don’t wanna do all those time consuming routes lol. Puzzles in an open world game with speed as the core concept don’t work. Having me stop running, and walk slow paired with an awkward overhead view to figure out puzzles feels like the exact opposite of a sonic game.

    Looks like this is gonna be another easy pass for me.

  4. I have watched the trailer a few times, and I honestly don’t hate it: I am not saying it is perfect though (the world still feels too empty for starters, and it seems a little too fast paced for its own good), but what I have seen so far doesn’t make me think that the game is doomed.

    I am going to remain cautiously optimistic

  5. Wow, that world looks so empty. I wanna say they tried to fix one of the biggest flaws with Sonic Forces- tiny linear levels with not much to do- but then only fixed part of the problem, so now it’s giant open levels with not much to do.

    Sure, there’s still a good amount of time left before the game’s due for release, but… I fear we’re gonna see another Balan Wonderworld situation here where this is an indicator of the final product.

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