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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event coming later this week

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion art

The engrossing Monster Hunter Rise is now available on modern systems with the Sunbreak expansion out on Nintendo Switch and PC and coming this spring to other platforms. Capcom has recently announced that it has a Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event happening this week. The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event will be held on Wednesday, 1st February at 3pm PT / 11pm UK time. The event will take a look at what is coming in the incoming Update 4, which contains a returning Elder Dragon. The Sunbreak expansion’s future roadmap will also be discussed in the stream which will be available to watch live on YouTube and Twitch.

Thanks to Kantenstain for sending in the news tip!

6 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event coming later this week”

  1. Is it some reason why they didn’t release the Sunbreak expansion day one on other platforms, i know Switch players ended up waiting until it released and it’s only fair other platforms wait as well. Just saying, because the Sunbreak expansions already available and just assuming if other platforms had it all we need is the update so the expansions compatible with the base game.

    I wish the Sunbreak expansion was available day one either bundled with MHR or sold as stand alone additional content. Also are crowns less grindy on the Sunbreak expansion, i’ve seen on PowerPyx website and PSNprofiles that supposedly crowns are less of a grid and it’s best waiting for the expansion. It also mentioned something about certain weapons like the great sword got nerfed once the expansion released because it’s Op during the base game.

    1. Probably because the game is on Game Pass so they can squeeze money out of the consumers by offering them the paid Sunbreak expansion in the spring. A pretty cynical comment, I know 😊

        1. The news tip form works, but it just sends them to the site rather than the email account. I just need to remember to check it more regularly 😊

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