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Pokemon franchise has now shipped over 480 million units of software worldwide

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The Pokemon Company has provided updated sales figures for the shipment of Pokemon video games across the world, as of 31st March 2023. Total shipments of the Pokemon franchise of video games have topped 480 million units worldwide, which is a huge figure and just goes to show how beloved the long-running series is. The Pokemon Company also said that they’ve produced 52.9 billion Trading Cards and that the Pokemon animated shows have aired in 192 countries and regions.

  • Total shipments of all Pokémon-related software over 480 million units
  • Trading Card Game Total production over 52.9
  • Animated TV shows: number of countries and regions aired in to date 192 countries and regions


7 thoughts on “Pokemon franchise has now shipped over 480 million units of software worldwide”

  1. Please Release Detective Pikachu 2 for Nintendo Switch, I’ve been waiting for a very long time, since I beaten the 3DS version of the game

  2. I wonder what the most rare Pokemon card is, the most rare Yugioh card is “Tyler The Great Warrior” created as a one of a kind card as part of the Make-A Wish program in 2005 by Tyler Gressele, the card sold at an auction for $311,211

    1. Well a broken game is what you get when you expect a company to shit out a game in less than a month, so they only did what you kept spamming about for the last year or two.

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