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Two new Story of Seasons games announced

Marverlous revealed a slate of games during their special showcase last night and one of the announcements from the team is that two new Story of Seasons games are currently in the works. Story of Seasons series manager, Hikaru Nakano, says that the first game will be a traditional type of Story of Seasons experience that gamers have come to know and love, while the second one is a new “ambitious” game, which appears to be a multiplayer-type game.

STORY OF SEASONS: With a central theme of “Experiences”, Series Manager Hikaru Nakano revealed the first footage of the next title in the original farm/life simulation series, highlighting a fresh look after 27 years of farming and friendship. Nakano-san also shared exciting news and the first concept images for a separate, future entry in development, which is planned to bring STORY OF SEASONS fans together with an ambitious new title where you can play with everyone!

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