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Paste Magazine: Best Japan-exclusive RPGs that deserve a global release

Official artwork for Princess Crown on the SEGA Saturn

Paste Magazine has decided to to comb through the various RPG’s which are exclusive to Japan and were never granted a western release and there’s some extremely solid picks. I have included an assortment of YouTube videos to give you a better understanding on what we have missed out on here in the west. This list would not be complete without a couple of Fire Emblem games and they are Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War and Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. Without further ado here’s Paste Magazine’s picks:


1 thought on “Paste Magazine: Best Japan-exclusive RPGs that deserve a global release”

  1. I wish the Dragons Dogma MMO would get a western release, i know you can just import a non localized copy with Japanese subs and dubs from Play-Asia website or with a Japanese alternate account because games from other regions are compatible between accounts because current gen has no region restrictions or region locks.

    But, i mean an official western release. Who knows we got a western release for Phantasy Star 2 so anythings possible.

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