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Level 5’s DecaPolice seems to be a lot of peoples favourite game at the Tokyo Game Show

DecaPolice from Level-5

The super-stylish detective game DecaPolice from Japanese developer Level-5 seems to have been a hit for those who were fortunate enough to attend this weekend’s Tokyo Game Show. The beautifully animated game is a fusion of game genres, which generally shouldn’t work together, however, in Decapolice’s case they all seamlessly come together and it has ultimately left those who played it at the event very impressed. Level-5 has called the experience a “Crime Suspense RPG” which sees you investigate crimes and taking down the bad guys, though it’s not your job to decimate the enemy as in other games, instead you are tasked to restrain them. Here’s a selection of a write up from RPG Site.

“DecaPolice is hard to categorize as any one genre; it’s an RPG, certainly, but its mechanics are varied to the extent that I was worried that they might collapse in on themselves like a stack of cards. You have an unorthodox ATB battle system, a fairly in-depth investigation system wherein players are not only tasked with gathering evidence around crime scenes but also deducing the events that occurred with the Case Board, and all of the little nuances that players will have to pick up along the way.”

“Level-5 calls the experience a “Crime Suspense RPG”, and that’s as apt a description as any other; but it really can’t be overstated just how much the game takes its theme and runs with it. Our demo session comprised of a relatively simple jewelry store heist; but even this small task comprised of first investigating the state of the crime scene just before the incident through the power of the Deca-Sim, apprehending a suspect after they burst onto the scene in a bear costume through the use of the combat, before further investigating the scene in the aftermath as main character Harvard Marks deduces that the situation might not be quite as simple as it looked.”

“There’s still any number of ways that DecaPolice could go wrong in the end, but the stylish and ambitious demo that Level-5 had on hand for the show left us with nothing but confidence that the final release could end up something truly special for RPG fans. As for when we’ll have a chance to get our hands-on the game next, it would be anyone’s guess. While Level-5’s official website still lists the game for a 2023 release date, one of the representatives at the booth noted that there was a very real chance that the game could slip into 2024. Notably, the game’s User Interface looks quite different from how it was showcased in the game’s reavel. Regardless of when it ultimately launches, however, RPG fans might want to keep an eye on this one as the company readies its launch for PlayStation 4, 5 and Nintendo Switch.”

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