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Stardew Valley player transforms spa with clever glitch for cozy vibes

In the ever-evolving world of Stardew Valley, one creative player has discovered a quirky yet effective method to infuse warmth into the game’s otherwise plain-looking spa. Shared by Reddit user ItsJinosaur and reported by Eurogamer, this player has utilized a glitch to elevate the ambiance of the spa, turning it into a cozy retreat. The transformation involves cleverly placing items like fish tanks, seats, cups of coffee, and more throughout the spa’s entrance, the men’s and women’s locker rooms, and the bath itself. The result is a significantly more inviting atmosphere, making the once lackluster bathhouse feel like a welcoming haven. ItsJinosaur shared their design endeavor on the Stardew Valley subreddit, stating, “The Bathhouse looked a little decrepit, so I decided to touch things up and made everything look better.”

However, this decorating feat wasn’t a straightforward task. ItsJinosaur had to consider the character Alex’s route inside the spa, ensuring the changes didn’t disrupt the in-game logic. For instance, a reception desk had to be strategically placed to accommodate Alex’s movements. The method behind this transformation involves an inventory glitch, allowing players to access their inventory in unconventional locations. By exploiting this glitch, players can transport items like furniture into spaces they typically shouldn’t reach. The process entails spamming the tool button while holding any tool and passing through doorways.

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