Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 ‘Officially Announced’ For Wii U?

A NeoGAF user has uploaded a photo of a Wii U box art of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which was taken at a local Best Buy store. A Best Buy employee claimed that although the box art is fake, the game has been “officially announced” to be coming to Nintendo’s forthcoming console.

79 thoughts on “Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 ‘Officially Announced’ For Wii U?”

    1. wii u is gonna be the BEST selling console for Call of Duty. No doubt about it. compare 1080p to 720p (XBOX). better graphics is what the hardcore gamers go for, like me.

        1. Imo the wii was worth 249 360 wasn’t worth 500 nor ps3 worth 600 the graphical difference is like 60 bucks look at the call of duty comparisons on youtube fps games are horrible with dual analog the wiimote kills it in every aspect wii sold 29 mil at 249 in 07 ps360 can’t do twenty in two years stop playing

    1. CoD moves consoles. You may not like the series (I don’t care for them either), but be happy its coming out on the Wii U.

      1. Of course. I used to play CoD until I got bored of the standard, boring guns, but it’s going to attract a lot more hardcore gamers, which can mean nothing but good for the Wii U.

        1. We have Mario to move consoles. Guess what Mario Wii U is releasing with the baby. It’s three times as great as super Mario bros. 2 on the 3DS. If you are broke in November Aelous? Wait just start saving now. Or are you some one that will buy a ford Taurus instead of a Toyota Camry, just because your friends that don’t know any better made you do so?

          1. lol wait what? what does picking a ford taurus over a toyota camry have anything to do with whether or not someone is going to buy the wii u at launch?

            1. Only if you know how to read between the lines. I’d explain it to you, but instead, I’ll just jam a batarang up your ass.

              1. i understand that it was an analogy, but it has nothing to do with what he was talking about, being broke, and your friends forcing you to choose something is totally different.

    2. Same, that’s why I go to Battlefield 3. It has EVERYTHING that CoD don’t. And what’s more, it isn’t an yearly release! Not to mention they did say BF4 is going to release in Spring 2014, though Beta is releasing next year Fall. But to tell you the truth, it’s good for Nintendo due to their sales.

    1. But at last I can stop hearing people complaining that the CoD games for Nintendo suck because of graphics. people can only stand it for so long.

      1. You actually paid attention to the graphics whores and their incessant whining?
        I mean, it’s not even worth the time!
        We KNOW that games that aren’t “OMG A BAZILLION PIXELZ IN HD” can still have wonderful graphics that can please the eye.
        Just look at what Xenoblade Chronicles did, after all.
        Seriously, don’t pay any attention to them in the future.
        If all they’re after is eye candy, they should be watching movies.

          1. Who gives a fuck about terrible graphics? It’s time to meet your maker. Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the best Japanese RPG on the Wii. You don’t have to be a graphics whore to appreciate the fun in playing an epic JRPG. There… I said it. Just wait until The Last Story launches in America.

            1. Xenoblade would be better off as a previous generation game. It’s too ugly to stand the test of time. It’s a pity too, because it’s one of few good Wii games out there.

              1. Actually, Amir, Xenoblade is current generation… The same goes to The Last Story and the final Wii title before leaping onto the Wii U bandwagon… Kirby 20th Anniversary Collection.

                1. He didn’t say it was previous gen. He just said it would be “better off.” His opinion on the visuals is shallow. Then again, it’s just an opinion, just like everyone else.

                2. Actually I agree with Aeolus here. Xenoblade would be perfect if it were just HD! Thats all! everything about it was good except that.

            2. I am so waiting for The Last Story. Anything from the great Hironobu Sakaguchi? YES! Xenoblade Chronicles rivals any good JRPG with good graphics.

            3. It was only the best cos wii had barely any other good rpgs :p

              Last story doesn’t work very well on wii. It lags when a lot of action is on the screen. Should of been a launch title for wiiU and even better visuals

            1. yeah. they must have never played it because those 3 operation rainfall games do not give a fuck there on the wii. man like that little white box is chugging hard to produce those graphics. and honestly i dont give to shits about graphics because i can still enjoy ps1-2 games.

          2. Even though the character models look rough the environments look amazing and the gameplay is fantastic. Despite having relatively bad visuals Xenoblade is still the best RPG out of all 3 consoles this gen.

    1. The zombies mode appeals to me the most. The multiplayer is fun, until you run into kids. I play multiplayer troll them though

        1. I’ve met a few nice kids who helped me troll or go on a kill streak, but its a 5-1 ratio of bratty kids to cool ones

      1. Sorry I was to busy playing kinectimals and then my 360 red ringed. Time to buy my annual 360 again. If u can’t understand what I’m doing, I’m trying to troll the troll

        1. Oh! I got you anonymous hahahaha. hope the troll got it though, funny that EA have been plastering every where the greatness of FIFA 13 on ths Wii U. Also how much better, 2 times better than PS3 and xbots of all people don’t get it. Poor RROD owners.

    1. The guys at EA even said the WiiU version will be superior to the 360 version and everybody can jump in from the casual to the hardcore when it comes to Fifa. Madden was the one that missed a few feature but the assure they will have everything come next september. They need time to work all the kinks since the WiiU is a new console. Mind you not hating on the 360 since i own one and my Wii .

  1. Hmm…not a big CoD fan but i might consider buying it cuz once i was a big cod fan i don’t know what’s with all the hate you can’t change that much things in modern fps games.

  2. Dude I could see that in for two player versus, one can use the game pad while the other use the the tv, no screen hacking!

  3. I despise FPS anyway. Good for Sony and Microsoft fans jumping ship onto the will U. They are babies Metroid and Zelda are too much for them. Porridge is the best way to start. Let them play third party FPS then hitting them with Mario and SAMUS.

  4. I don’t see how this game will work with the Wii U game pad. I guess to display the map, but that’s kinda useless. Which is why I think this game will work with the Wii U controller pro. This is another reason why I think the Wii U controller pro should be bundled with the Wii U. The only time I think the Wii U Game pad would be usefull if your only playing the game with the game pad. I guess this saves an argument, either way I’m not getting this game I want something that is different.

    1. As a demo shows, holding it up to the screen to snipe is one possibility.
      Still, wiiu pro controller would be nice.

  5. Good to see a COD game for the holidays…..peace and quiet when the family comes over..HOORAY FOR THE HOLIDAYS,LOTS OF FOOD,BEER,FAMILY AND GAMING :D

    If you are wondering why I said peace and quiet. Because everybody will be so busy playing, others eating like crazy and rest partying. That they won’t have too much time to argue about politics,religion or things that will piss then off..thats how my family will be thanks to the WiiU,Food and beer :D

  6. Lots of people complain about screen peeking… Until the second screen comes into play.
    I see how the gamepad can be an accessory screen and having the TV as the main screen. Why not reverse it? Two people with gamepads having their screen on their own gamepad and have a map/scores/accessories on the TV.
    The game pad has less res, but all other problems solved.

    1. THANK YOU! I’m all wondering the same thing. Not to mentioned I lol’d so hard at that just for being so random.

      1. LOL, yeah, that’s obviously just a place-holder card until they’ve gotten the go-ahead to start listing official prices.
        No way would it would be 5 bucks.
        That would be the most outrageously cheap launch game in history.XD

  7. WiiU will be the BEST selling console for Call of Duty. Tell me, fellow CoD players, 1080p, or 720p. Which would you choose? I know the history for CoD on the wii hasn’t been great, but that will all change when BO2 comes out for WiiU!

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