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Nintendo Finalizes Wii U Game Box Art

Third-party publisher Ubisoft already revealed that the leaked Wii U box art is legitimate, but Nintendo recently confirmed that Wii U game box art has been finalized. If you want to know more details about a particular game’s artwork, Nintendo suggests that you contact its publisher. Box art by Nintendo will be showcased shortly with placeholder logos, and then eventually with the final artwork.

“Nintendo has finalized the design of the Wii U game box art, and many of our publishing partners have already incorporated it into their own game packaging. We are seeing those game packages online as retailers are starting to showcase their games. For details about a specific game’s artwork, please contact the game’s publisher. Nintendo-published game boxes will appear shortly with placeholder logos, and then ultimately with the final artwork for each game.”

65 thoughts on “Nintendo Finalizes Wii U Game Box Art”

  1. it’ll probably have some “Only for” or “Exclusive to” stamp near the Wii U logo. Similar to how early Xbox 360 games and exclusive GameCube titles are.

          1. Kevin Butler is a funny guy xD but seriously, like theyd release a game that required 1. A ps3/360, 2. A vita/smart glass device, 3. The ability to use a controller and a screen using only 2 hands (in the 360’s case)

  2. I’m sure both Ikea and the University of California family of schools are on board with this blue-yellow combination.

    1. Yeah, I don’t like the contrast created between blue and yellow. I wish it was a different color, maybe red, white, or navy blue?

  3. Well, I guess I gotta learn to live with it. I’ll grow attatched eventually, like with everything else

  4. Seems like a nice callback to the GameCube. Hopefully the same “Only For” will appear in the top left corner for exclusives again.

  5. I hope on the back of the boxes they inform you which types of the controllers you can play the games with. I really want to play Arkham City with the Pro Controller. I might feel goofy holding the Wii-U tablet up to the screen when moving the batarang about.

    1. your kidding me.
      what are you? a little kid that wont eat his sandwich without the crust cut off?
      grow up.

    2. You’re contradicting yourself, Queen Hababa… Just because the Wii U box art has a yellow line doesn’t mean that you refuse to play Wii U games. I find your comment very childish and cowardly. If I see an Xbox 360, PS3, or Nintendo 3DS box cover, does that mean I refuse to play games on that system? Answer: NO!

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