New Konami Announcements Will “Shake The Industry”

Kojima Productions Report podcaster Ken Mendoza has told listeners that next weeks Metal Gear 25th anniversary event will ultimately shake up the video game industry. The Metal Gear 25th anniversary event will take place on August 30th at Tokyo Midtown, and promises to be full of lots of exciting announcements.

“A lot of things to look forward to next week, not just for fans, but I think the industry’s gonna be shook by what we’re going to be able to present here.”

147 thoughts on “New Konami Announcements Will “Shake The Industry””

  1. as long as konami dont anounce a load of IOS , OUYA , PC dribble i am fine .
    maybe its a movie or some remakes , maybe its something for wiiu who knows :).
    just dont start putting your stuff on horrible platfors like IOS .
    even make a vita game . i would buy that in a heart beat .
    better yet make a 3ds or wiiu metal gear.

    1. I can’t believe how fanboyish that comment was , iOS is not a “horrible” platform , it gets good games and has a lot of potential and might even beat the 3DS and VITA in terms of game graphics ..and then you say positive things about wii u and 3DS and you go on to say that they should bring a MGS game on those platforms ..Dufuaq ? MGS 3 was horrible on 3DS ..why does it need another one ? And wii U version would be just as bad ..You fanboys are cancer to this site

      1. ios is disrgaceful. there isnt even any proper games on ios.
        the 3ds and vita re dedicated handhelds with proper buttons etc.
        doubtfull you will see a game on ios with the detail of uncharted GA .
        anyway , you failed as a gamer. IOS is for casual idiots.
        3ds is a lot more hardcore than IOS will ever be. heck the original DS has better games than ios will ever get.
        so lets leave it there. you have officialy embarassed yourself. you are an IOS fanboy. also known as , the scum of gaming. IOS is all touchscreen man , ALL TOUCH SCREEN!!!!!. some buttons are essential , touchscreen is just addative.

        1. I can’t tell if you’re a troll or just an idiot , iOS has plenty of hardcore titles Heck ! They even have final fantasy,Cod,Bf,crash,sonic,mass effect ,dead space and more .. 3DS just has rehashed Nintendo titles… and why does the iphone support UE3 and 3DS dosnt ??And btw ..I’m not an iOS fanboy , I am a PC gamer ..

          1. Heh. Ness pretending to be a much more intelligent troll than he actually could ever be.

            Final Fantasy games for the iOS are literally the same game released nearly 10 years ago for the same price, or a game equivalent to the original games but with – essentially – new fights. In Aeolus’ words, a ‘shitty rehash’.

            The CoD iOS game is not a full CoD game – just the Zombies portion of Black Ops; admittedly quite cheap, although would be nigh on impossible with only a touch screen input.

            Battlefield for iOS was pulled from the App store due to POOR QUALITY, and they have no intentions of returning it.

            Crash. You talking about Burnout Crash, or just the iOS apps crashing?

            Sonic. If Mario isn’t ‘hardcore’, then you can damn well bet Sonic isn’t ‘hardcore’ either.

            Mass Effect’s iOS game is just a cheap money grab with a poorly made game with the Mass Effect name slapped on for extra money. It’s supposedly very basic, and very short.

            Dead Space for the iOS is about the best iOS game out there, and the most ‘hardcore’, so I won’t complain about that.

            And in the end, you can just get a better version of the games on PC or Consoles anyway. It’s like getting a game for Vita as opposed to PS3 when you have both anyway.

            1. this what the point i was trying to make. the games are truly awful on ios.
              3ds is unique full games in 3d and they are fun as shit.
              iod is cheap shovel ware . horrible.

        2. Um dude.. vita is all touch screen, it’s the soul reason i don’t buy one. Not to mention the shit list of games out for it but yea, touch screen sooo no.

          1. the vita has dual analogues , a dpad , 4 face buttons , shoulder buttons.
            the vita’s touchscreen is a ‘bonus’ . its not ‘forced’ the ‘entire way’ through like on shitty IOS.
            i am starting to warm to vita. i will buy one when a few games come.
            i will never touch IOS , android games. they are a joke .

          2. What the hell are you talking about? The Vita has a COMPLETE SET of physical buttons. The only thing missing is clickable analog sticks and L2/R2, which aren’t even that big of a loss (if at all?) to begin with.

          3. the new Vita update coming up this Tuesday is said to eliminate all that forcee touch screen on the main menu. so point invalid

      2. 99% of the time, iOS games have a lot less work put into them than 3DS and Vita games. I tried the demo for MGS3 on 3DS and it was a bit ruff to play, I’d rather see one on consoles though (PS3 Xbox Wii U and PC).

      3. L M F A O did you really just compare an iphone game to a 3ds or vita game? get the fuck out you retarded ass hater. Why must people hate nintendo sony and microsoft. get over it lets just play games and appreciate them for gods sake

      4. “And wii U version would be just as bad” why? oh, I remembered why! it’s because you’re a childish hater! (you and your clone brothers) just tell me why do you hate nintendo so much. tell me: WHY? WHY dont you just live your life and stop whining in this site? WHY don’t you play whatever you like and respect the preferences of the other people? (sorry for the english, it’s not my native language)

    2. why is ios bad? HECK im buying an ouya because it will be the utube of gaming. anybody will be able to make games sort of like warioware diy. everybody will be like indie developers. im actually hype ablutthe ouya. with the controllers it will add mor creativity and fix the problems ios games had with motion controllers.also the ouya will have a touchscreen. heck indie developers are aleady huped like minecraft. capcom and squire enix said theyll show support. if you complained about first person shooters than ouya is perfect for u since they Compared it to the utube of gaming. imagine if creative games work on ouya than they can mov up to other platforms.sorta like when ninendo hired cave story to make a 3ds game for thm.

      1. no offence to you and your low budget. but the ouya sounds like the biggest piece of SHIT ever to grace gaming. it wont take off. its a true shovel ware box. sounds horrible.
        i would rather play my GBA anyday , than even show the slightest interest in ouya ‘the fake video game platform’.
        i would rather shoot myself in the cock than play ouya or IOS . i have a pc a wii a ps3 a 360 a 3ds a psp a gba etc etc to play proper video games on .
        ouya is for people like you who know nothing about video games. good look finding a game on ouya that doesnt suck serious ass hole .

        1. it will be better than ios games for certain. besides ios have a bunch of good games it all depends on how much work is put into them. look at wii it has a bunch of shovelware but the games that put worked into them are great. alot of rpgs are great. ios had thelack of buttons but with the ouya being fixed theyll step up their game. alot of games were good on ios lke meatboy,minecraft, and many other indie develop game. ill wait a few months and see what peple reviewed the ouya to decide if ill buy it. my only complaint is that it lacks blu tooth and i belive multiplayer function i think.

          1. Bluetooth was added after it reached a certain KS target and, while it ships with one controller, second ones are available.

        2. “It’s a true shovel ware box.”
          Oh lord, at least do your research. One of the major aims of OUYA is to not be that you damn fool. I won’t be getting an OUYA, it just doesn’t excite me, however, if you are going to pile on the hate, at least make sure you are correct.

          1. all thats been anounced is ONLIVE which is a shitty dodgey streaming service (pathetic) and shovel ware android games.
            it is 100% shovel ware box.
            are you going to see big exclusives on ouya like zelda , uncharted , halo ???
            no you are going to shovel ware. and plenty of it .

            1. Actualy Square enix is said to be backing up ouya, same as Robotiki, and even Namco.

              Please do research befor making an Faboyish ass out of yourself.

        3. I agree with you on this topic, I don’t think OUYA will be successful. It also doesn’t innovate or anything, it’s more of the same. The PS3 and 360 were watered down PCs, while Nintendo did things with the Wii you couldn’t do NORMALLY on PCs. OUYA is once again a watered down PC, but it’s LITERALLY a watered down PC. Everything the OUYA does, the PC already can.

          The Wii U, the true next gen system, offers experiences that can’t be recreated on the PC. The 3DS offers experiences that can’t be recreated on Smartphones. With their basic strategy – making people smile – Nintendo will once again be the most successful company next generation, and they are still the world wide leader in innovation for gamer’s needs.

          1. i love you .
            i also love your comment .
            the ‘Touya’ is the biggest shovel console ever to graced history .
            ONLIVE IS NOT GOOD. unreliable streaming . my pc can do this.
            but its shit. just buy the game . nuff said.

            1. like i said im reserving judgement before i buy it. i was already burned by the Wii and the Vita. ill see what type of games it will support and the level of function,online community qnd modding that can be done. it will have ps3 graphics they say. also games like i wanna be the guy,castlevania death moon, smash bros nes and snes, and others might make it to the ouya since those were fan made and many didnt play because of lack of pc. but is fanmade games like earthbound 4 and such are made will they get sued. i mean their pc counter parts arent sued. btw did you see the megaman game anniversary that capcom will cancel for the ios it looks amazing

              1. hmmmm a load of hacked nintendo games doesnt mean anything. that makes the ouya even worse. there was no smashbros snes btw XD.
                i dunno , i think it looks awful its $99 and thats expensive for how appauling it looks.
                you obviously have a pc already . so you dont ever need an ouya.
                and no it will not have ps3 graphics at all .

                it will be able to stream ps3 games of onlive. which is a shitty rip off service available on the pc you are now using.

    3. It won’t be something for Nintendo platforms, that’s for sure… Kojima has 2nd party power. Similar to Rockstar he can pick and choice where he wants his games. Despite all the talk, he has never shown real desire to put his games on Nintendo’s consoles. Twin Snake was made by a none Konami team. Snake Eater 3D was a port of a old game. There is no Wii u version of Rising. His action speaks louder than his words.

      1. There’s no Rising for Wii U for one reason…
        It was in development just a few months after Nintendo released the Wii.

        1. That made no sense..? “It was in development just a few months after Nintendo released the Wii.” The Wii got released in 2006.

          Also, my statements are true, make some research.

          1. metal gear came out on the NES and the GBC . . twin snakes was an awesome remake , so was snake eater.
            dont act so positive. i agree it would be silly and cruel to take MGS away from playstation .
            but never say never . nintendo doesnt really need MGS as a franchise. it would be nice though , just a bonus and another reason not to buy a playstation

            1. yet its widely used and its the prefread programming to send viruis and hacks by hackers. unless microsofts behind it to make yo buy every year an anti virus protection plan nah thats just crazy conspiracy rumers.

              1. even im confused and i suffer from multipersonality disorder and social phobia lol stop LOOKING AT ME! *takes zoloft*

  2. Other than the possible reveal of MGS5, I hope we will see something new about the Contra reboot as well as something new with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 & Mirror of Fate, a new Mystical Ninja, Sparkster, or even recapturing the license of TMNT to bring the old games to the VC. Just speculation, but possible.

  3. I heard a rumor that they are going to be making a Metal Gear Solid movie with Christian Bale playing Snake. I hope they announce a 3D remake of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for 3DS with Circle Pad Pro support. I also hope they port Metal Gear Solid 4 over to Wii U. Just imagine what the Wii U Gamepad could do for that game. Or who knows maybe they will make Metal Gear Solid 5 and we will all be like “Say what?”. I don’t know but this sounds exciting.

  4. Hey guys did ya check the new confirmed ps4 details. The ps4 will have 4k resolution HOLYSHIT damn thats like 4000x the power of outdated anceint 1080 joke. Sony blurays already have 2k-4k resolution conversion and sell cheap holy FUCKING SHIT did you knowthat. Sony will be pushing also 2k-4k tvs and conversion tvs which are cheaper. Lol 1080 soo las century.

      1. its not astory its confirmed by sources. besides look at blurays from sony they have 4k-2k conversions already and they are sold cheap. I think microsoft might support 4k too but they havent said anyhing about it yet. hopefully microsoft will support this too.

        1. Oh I completely believe you.
          It’s like how Sony says themselves that the PS3 is meant to last 10 years.
          Totally realistic!

      1. hey technology moves fast i got a pc so i know 1080p or i is outdated technology already. sonys already seelling bluray players with 4k conversion at cheap price so.besides kotaku,ign and gizmodo all report it.

    1. PS3 and high-end gaming PC’s give graphics that can and DO satisfy anyone who isn’t a blatant graphics whore.
      If PS4 focuses on that gimmick, like PS3 tried to at first before wising up and getting great games that didn’t overload on graphics at the sacrifice of game play, then it will not sell.
      ESPECIALLY if the price point matches the expensive components. Our economy is crap right now.

      1. Not if they sale the thing like microsoft $99 dollar plan. Heck works for apple. And before you say you end ip payimg more heck that doeant stop the americunt consumers fromover charging and paying double when they use thier credit card to buy cheap wii paying triple on intrest. 4K>1080Pancient dinoturd history. Future ftw mofos

        1. I don’t use credit cards for that reason, and many people refuse to do so for video games, as well, since it should be saved for larger purchases.
          Also, the kind of tech you’re talking about, won’t go into a 99 dollar plan. The tech would be too expensive to be able to make a profit off of that.
          Not all Americans over-pay for stuff.
          I know that, for me personally, if the Wii U was $500, I wouldn’t pay for that.
          I wouldn’t pay for a PS4 or 720 that approaches that price, either.
          Again, our economy simply cannot support a hugely expensive system the way certain people seem to think it will just because the graphics are super strong.
          Any system that stresses the point of graphics as justification for a gigantic price tag, in this economy, will not sell.
          And considering the people we’ve got running for government offices, I sincerely doubt that will change anytime soon, so yeah, the smart move would be to focus less on graphics this gen and focus more on making superb experiences in gameplay, instead.
          If PS4 can do that, if they can put the graphics whores in their place and shut them up by providing up-to-par graphics without overdoing them for the sake of outdoing their competitors, and keep their price point within an affordable range for the majority of gamers, then I’ll be getting a PS4.
          But if they fuck up and try to stress a huge price for the sake of huge graphics, they’ll flop and I won’t buy into it.

          1. I love sony as much as I love Nintendo, but if this 4k turns out to be true (which I doubt, Sources also claimed that the WiiU would be Vastly Superior to the PS360, and now look) I will not buy the PS4, I said it once and ill say it again, Gaming is a luxary not a necessity.

    2. Even if this were true, 4k res TVs are not commercialy available from what I understand. if they are, correct me. but I highly doubt it would be affordable given how new the technology is.

      1. Sony will be pushing them this year just like they did 3dtvs for cheap!Though many people spe ulate that the tvs will be extreamly expensive since current 4ks cost 30,000 to buy. But either way like hdtvs this is a great step to eventually make them affordable faster. Rip 1080p,oled, laser tvs and plasmas lol.

        1. To be fair, I don’t even see a NEED to push 4000 yet. let alone 3D TVs. I do admit that the idea of abolishing split screen with the 3D glasses is impressive, however.

        1. Ahahaha
          Ha.. ahahaha..
          Wonderful, the epitome of awful gaming journalism and the site famous for being wrong confirmed it!
          You heard it there first folks!

      1. Fi:A report master!
        Me:What is it?
        Fi:I catulate a 50% chance that a metal gear franchise will be rleased to the wiiU but i don’t know if it will be exclusive for it
        Me:@Aeolus you are not medium to know what will happen to the future

  5. They should just stop making games for Nintendo , both the 3DS and Wii U are utter garbage and MSGS3 on 3DS was horrible and Wii U is underpowered and gimmicky and is just an overclocked xbox360 so their is no reason to bring their games to nintendo systems.

    1. Thats funny, because Hideo Kojima himself said his perfect system was the power of a ps3 in the Wii. Shut up, fucking imbecile

    2. mgs on 3ds was actualy really good. it had enhaced graphics , nice deep 3d nd other unique features.
      nice to experience MGS in 3d .
      8.5/10 , good remake of a classic metal gear game.

      its the best version of MGS 3 btw , it has better graphics than the one on HD collection . fact.

      i unerstand , people might aswell just buy MGSHDC but mgs3d was fun .

      1. MGS on 3DS looks like an ugly pixelated mess ! And I can even say its worse than the ps2 version and the vita at least has a cleaned up resolution and better controlls and dual sticks ..3DS version was terrible

          1. notice when snake is about to parachute jump . his clothes are detailed and moving with the wind on 3ds. on ps2 his clothes are still.
            its just little things like this that has been added to the 3ds version. nothing has been taken away from the 3ds version . after all the 3ds is a lot more powerfull than a ps2.
            the 3ds also runs snake eaer in sterescopic 3d (dual rendering).
            do you think the ps2 was powerful enough to run snake eater in 3d ??
            nope it would of blown up .
            snake eater is rather ugly by 3ds standards aswell.
            so stfu , you idiot troll . you stink of cat piss.

        1. it has better graphics than the ps2 version . this isnt your opionion its a fucking fact you spastic. stop saying what you think is true.
          konami kojima productions enhanced snake eaters graphics for 3ds and made it 3d. this is because the 3ds is a LOT more powerful than the fuckin shitty old ps2 was .
          so stfu .
          i have MGSHD on my ps3. and yes it has nice resoloution . but the graphics are EXACTLY the same as ps2 .
          the 3ds on has better ‘graphics and effects’ all the animals and shit in the 3ds one have been remade as models , and new lighting and effects have been added.
          i own both versions. and the 3ds one is the best . it has been given a lick of paint and its in glorious 3d . which really adds.

          so stop acting like because you watched a youtube video of snake eater 3d you can judge its graphics off that.
          your a childish spastic.

          1. You forgot to add that the controls are better than the PS2 version, too. I personally thought the PS2 version’s controls were awkward at times when trying to aim in a certain perspective. Being able to change perspective and keep it that way by simply touching the screen was a great idea.

            1. indeed. snake eater was awesome with circle pad pro.
              touchscreen weapon load outs was awesome . and the photo camoflouage was a really awesome feature.
              this ^

          2. You’r calling the ps2 shitty ? Then how come it was more successful than your gay ass GameCube ? Ps2 had mOre games than that piece of crap , and 3DS MGS looks like crap That’s a fact , becaus of the crappy shaders and lighting and cant see shit !

            1. So you’re saying it’s better because it sold more than the gamecube? How badly did the Wii beat the PS3 and 360 again? oh thats right. Sales don’t mean shit you fucking idiot.

              1. You fanboys are the biggest hypocrites ever ..first you brag about the 3DS selling more than vita and now you say sales don’t mean shit ? And sales do matter determines how well the system is doing
       are a hypocritical deluded fanboy ..

                1. Me being a fanboy? I’m sorry, I never knew owning all consoles made me a fanboy and the fact I prefer PC over consoles. Good job. Please provide evidence where I said sales matter you deluded fucking idiot. They don’t and will never matter. I prefer my VITA over my 3DS, but they are both great systems. Get over yourself and stop using the “oh you’re such a fanboy” comeback. It’s old.


          here . here is proof the 3ds version has MUCH better graphics.
          also the 3ds displays this game in 3d . which mean the 3ds is twice as powerful as the ps2.
          please dont embaras yourself further there child .

    3. That’s nice. Glad to see that you’re saying you’re opinion of the nintendo systems. Though I don’t see a point in you constantly saying it incessantly.

        1. mgs nes for nes was a bad port of mgs for commodore i think or something but eithr way kijomi was embaresed and hated the nes versions.

  6. I’m pretty sure this has to do with their engine, which judging by the pictures posted on Kojima Production’s site is mind-blowing.
    They simply posted a rendition of their meeting room in the new Fox engine side-by-side with a photo of the actual room, and asked people to point out what was what. They were virtually indistinguishable.

    1. FOX Engine is impressive by far, and that demo released pics of creating a realistic room copied from a photo was only the tip of the ice-berg when it looked so much like the real-photo when you compare them side by side to guess which one was the real one and which was the CGI one created with FOX Engine.

        1. Best looking ever then, but they weren’t even using the FOX Engine for the game. Their next MGS title will have the FOX Engine, not sure if Metal Gear: Rising will have it, but the following MGS title should have it.

  7. Oooo, maye we’ll finally get a glimpse of the Fix Engine, Project Ogre and maybe even MGS5. Hopefully something new as well

      1. Gee, i’m sure he didn’t press “i” instead of “o” on accident. It’s not like they’re right next to eachother on the keyboard or something. Either way, you sure showed him how much more you know about MGS!

    1. capcom announced for megamans annivrsary that they would release game on ios and its not to shabby if i say so myself

  8. I bet the ‘Industry shaking announcement’ will be a MGS collection that actually has more than 3 games this time -_-

  9. Seeing as Konami have about 1/3 the amount of money as Nintendo, I feel it could be possibly be something larger than just a game.

  10. Shake the industry? Hmm… Will they develop exclusively for Nintendo? Lol, Though highly unlikely, I can’t think of anything else they’d say that would surprise me.

  11. The Konami Entertainment System. If Nintendo can make money for generation after generation on the strength of its first party titles, Konami can do the same; and without Konami titles to sell their systems, one of the other two, Sony or MS, will dry up and blow away. The balance of power will finally be restored.

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