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Nearly One Million Copies Of New Super Mario Bros 2 Sold In Japan

New Super Mario Bros 2 for the Nintendo 3DS has sold nearly one million copies in Japan. Information provided by Dengeki shows that Mario’s latest adventure has sold around 918,262 units. From August 13 to August 19th New Super Mario Bros 2 sold nearly 152,000 copies. It shouldn’t be too long before it surpasses one million units sold in Japan.

50 thoughts on “Nearly One Million Copies Of New Super Mario Bros 2 Sold In Japan”

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      well its only just came out . so leave it a month. and it should rack up a million in Europe and a million in America. (estimate) . basically its selling at the rate of 1 million copies in japan , NA , EU in 1 month.
      and will slowly continue to sell for a couple of years.
      until it reaches about 20 million copies worldwide ,

      nsmb DS = 28 million copies worldwide
      nsmbwii = 25 million copies worldwide .

      i dont expect NSMB2 to break those records because it isnt the most original NSMB game ever. bit it is AWESOME!!!

  1. Considering how watered down this game is and how recycled everything is, I’m a bit disappointed that it’s still selling as much as it is. I got 100% completion (excluding 1m coins) on release day. If Nintendo actually managed to get bad sales on a Mario game they might realize that their recent titles are losing sight of what made them great to begin with.

    For a couple other examples:
    – Skyward Sword was great, but the exploration and learning curve is practically dead and has been for a while.
    – Metroid other M had impressive Gameplay, but they focused too much on a lame story and killed off the same thing they did in Zelda: Exploration. Hell, THE SECRETS ARE ON THE MAP.

    Overall, we lost variety of first party titles, too. I still love nintendo and appreciate their games for what they are, but they need to center change around WHAT MADE THE GAMES FUN.

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      100% completion ???? you collected all 3 star coins on every single level in 1 day ???? how long did that take you 10-15-20 hours ????
      this game is awesome . coop is briliant. and coin rush is addicitive.

      its great that it will sell a ton of 3ds’s . win for us .

      those are just your opinion btw.
      for me skyward sword was an utter masterpiece. it made up for the lack of the useless hyrule field with the sky and the metroid prime style level exploration . which was awesome!!!
      nintendo’s first party games are amazing. and will get better and better.
      mario 3d land , mk7 , oot3d , pushmo , etc etc etc . nintendo is still perfect games developer.
      super mario galaxy 2 was beyond perfect imo aswell .

      1. It’s not just my opinion: it’s true. I’m not calling these games ‘bad’ but the things that made the franchises popular in the first place are slipping away and it worries me alot. Do’t get me wrong, I am primarily a Nintendo fan and I’m confident that the wii-u and 3ds will sell wel.l Wii and DS/3DS DO have games I thoroughly enjoy, but not as much as games i’ve played before.

        Many of the ones you list I agree are wonderful e.g. 3D land, galaxy, Mk7, ect. However, I disagree on your claim that ALL of their games are getting better and that Skyward Sword has ‘metroid styled exploration.’ Go play Super Metroid and come back to me. THAT is the kind of exploration I want.

        The kind of searching where it’s like: ‘Huh.. How do I get there? I see something but I can’t get it.’ or ‘where’s that key?’ Rather than having tools explained to you to get there or to get said item, you had to try all of your possible options and you were HIGHLY rewarded for it making you try absolutely everything everywhere finding treasures and even new areas.

        In Skyward Sword most of your ‘rewards’ are rupee based, which is almost completely useless considering how unimportant money is for the most part. Not to mention easy to obtain. The other issue with the explroation is you’ve already seen everything in a pretty much straight forward manor by the time you get the chance to look for stuff. Like I said, I DO like Skyward Sword, but previous games in the franchise did the exploration far better.

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          for me , skyward sword was perfect exploration like metroid prime.
          hidden secrets and all that stuff was awesome.
          its just opinion tho. overall skyward sword is one of the best games i have ever played hands down. the art style , the music the gameplay the story were just too perfect for me. the wii motion plus sword control was just too much fun aswell . 100% for me .

      2. The full completion of New Super Mario Bros. 2 is actually possible to achieve in around 5 hours. I’m guessing that’s due to the fact that everybody already knows how to play New Super Mario Bros. games. After two whole games of learning, we can even sense where the secret blocks and passages are hidden.

    2. I do agree with this. Do something different with Mario, give me an awesome story, instead of the same shit saving some blonde broad. I don’t mean make it an adult title, just give it more of a meaning. I have high hopes for the next Zelda though, I believe they may do something big. Same with Metroid, though Other M really disappointed me. The music was terrible, where as the music in other titles such as Super Metroid and Metroid Prime were phenomenal.

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          agreed. other m was cinematic and moving. skyward sword was a masterpiece which changed they way we think about sword gaming. and super mario galaxy 1 and 2 were perfect.
          so what is nintendo doing wrong ???? nothing , thats what.

          1. Lmao Other M was far from perfect. I’ve beaten every Metroid and Zelda title. Other M was repetitive, heck even the enemies looked the same just with different colors and add ons. I’m not trolling, I liked Other M, but it definitely lives nowhere near the top titles that the Metroid franchise has

            1. Seems there’s division even within the ranks, these days.XD

              Anyways, I own and love both Skyward and Other M, and I”m getting NSMB2 soon. Probably at the same time I get Borderlands 2.
              I hated the sky’s lack of exploration compared to the land, the small scale of the side-quests[Majora’s Mask’s side quests have forever spoiled me rotten. They’re my new standard.XD] and Fi’s incessant Captain Obvious moments, but the rest of the game was spot-on.
              Likewise, I loved Other M’s storyline even if it was a bit out of line with he rest of the series in some places and didn’t always make sense. But I hated the fact that every area felt so cramped and lacking in exploration elements when compared to the Prime Trilogy.
              The combat was also fun, once I got used to how Missiles worked.[It took some doing on that score, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.]

              I’m sure that I’ll find NSMB2’s levels too easy to pass until I start star-coin-hunting, but I’ll most likely still have a blast playing it while striving for that million-coin-mark.

              1. Like I keep saying, the games are’t bad, but they lack what made their series good to begin with. The games are boosting one part of the experience, but sapping away what made it so amazing to begin with.

              2. Good points, I agree on all of them. I’ve been playing the hell out of NSMB2, and I love the game, but it’s still too easy. I have over 400 lives right now, 400 LIVES, like wtf, now it’s just fun collecting lives lol but it is an addicting game, coin collecting has become addicting.

                1. yeah, I ended up maxing out lives while playing through it (I think 3 crowns are 1100?) it was requried for a profile star anyways. Thing is, i’m NEVER going to need all of these lives. Almost all of my deaths were because I missed a star coin and wanted to restart from the checkpoint. I haven’t tried the co-op yet as I don’t know anyone else with the game. Who knows, maybe I should do another 100% run with a friend and see if it justifies its weaknesses in any way,

            2. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

              i agree it was no way near as good as the perfect prime or super metroid. but it was a good effort by team ninja and i enjoyed it .
              retro should make the next serious metroid game.

              1. “No way near as good or as perfect.” You obviously know perfectly well that these new games aren’t nearly as good, yet, you accept them and completely ignore the fact that these new games are being watered down? How can you accept that? it’s like saying a meal is just as good even if you take out the core ingredients.

                1. The meal example is a bad one.
                  With a meal, taking out core ingredients turns it into a flavorless mess.
                  But in video games, changing some things doesn’t necessarily make the rest of the experience a bad game overall.
                  It’s called giving credit where credit is due.
                  We’re acknowledging them for what they did right while pointing out where they went wrong, but we still call them good because the good points were entertaining enough to cover for the bad ones.
                  It’s not like they went all Superman 64 on us, they just didn’t have the same stuff we’ve gotten used to.
                  Change is jarring when it is sudden, but not all change is bad enough to ruin an entire experience.^_-

                  1. yeah, I guess it was a bad expample on my part. I am giving credit where it’s due, but I still feel that they’re completely ignoring a very important thing that supports the reason I loved the previous games, or at least forgetting. I’m not trying to ruin the game for you, and I apologize if it seems like it. I realize that the franchises aren’t ruined and that not all changes are bad, infact i’ve consistantly said I still enjoy these games. however, I find it frusterating when said changes make an important part of the game’s structure is dumbed down or even ignored/forgotten rather than improved on.

                    For example, we were discussing Metroid. Metroid Prime obviously DID change it’s structure. However, they still had a huge world full of secrets to unlock. I was especially thrilled by the addition of puzzles to reach new areas and items. Metroid Other M, on the other hand, changed it in a way that dumbed things down. Having almost everything displayable on the map, most notably the secrets, just completely ruins the sense of exloration it had before. But even with that, they took an amazing approach with the new combat system. it left me with a bittersweet feeling.

                    There’s no denying that certain qualities aren’t what they used to be. I’m sorry for being rash as I was, but it worries me a lot. And it’s not just Nintendo either. Other companies like Sega, Capcom, and Sony are also scaring me with their new focuses.

                    1. I’m not blaming you for feeling put off by them.
                      Trust me, you aren’t the first one to express the sentiment.
                      I’m just the type that looks on the brighter side of things.XD

                2. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

                  skyward sword and mario galaxy and smash bros etc were not watered down. they were imo the best entries into their respective series by far.
                  metroid prime 3 was stunning aswell.
                  nuff said.
                  what nintendo has provided me on 3ds has reasured me that they are the best developers in the world .

                  1. There are definately notable qalities in the games you listed that are watered down. I admit I worded that wrong; I was refering to specific qualities, not the entire game. While some qualities were harmed, there were also elements improved on.

                    Skyward Sword has one of my favorite stories in the franchise and the combat is fun. However, I also feel that the worlds were much smaller, that there wasn’t as much to find, and that the majority of the bosses were dumbed down to a level that makes it simple enough for all ages. it’s not really a bad thing, but it still harms it. It just doesn’t feel as rewarding as it COULD have been and that missing feeling makes me warry of future games.

                    Whenever I play games for my older systems, I can notice a significantly higher difficulty. However, when this was all gamers had to offer, they didn’t just quit the game forever just because it wasn’t simple enough: They kept trying until they found out what to do. And it felt fucking awesome. That’s what I want from my games. I feel like i’m being babied through several new games. Some new ones like Galaxy retain their glory while others do not.

                    Now, I feel that not just nintendo, but MANY companies are making the sort of mistakes i’ve listed. I still support Nintendo more than anyone else, so don’t take what i’m saying wrong. Once again, I apologize if I seem rash or forceful. I’m just trying to make an understandable display as to how some games are slipping away from important structures and I’m admittingly making a dick of myself trying to do so.

      1. mario doesn’t NEED more meaning to be fair. They should at least switch up the themes a little more. I thought new mario bros 2 could’ve made the coin gimmick more revent by making Wario the main villain, using some funny situation like him buying her from bowser for a price and then holding her hostage for an even higher price. You would need a certain amount of money to clear each world as well as the usual end world boss. And MAYBE they could make a Wario land cameo by having several different ending varied on how much money you managed to gather up.

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  3. You guys should add me on the 3ds: 1934 0826 5788 and comment if you are. OT: damn, that’s amazing. I love how Nintendo is actually doing good with such a title. I myself love New Super Mario Bros. 2 and it’s been killing time for the past week.

  4. Uhm, sorry but I find those numbers a little… disappointing? I mean, it’s a Mario game after all. Even Pokemon White/Black 2 sold 1.6 million copies in just TWO days. For a Mario game, those numbers are not “awesome” at all. Mario is Nintendo’s main franchise/mascot and probably the most popular in Japan, if not even in the whole world.
    To me, this is just a sign that the Super Mario franchise is losing popularity, which is not that surprising in my opinion, the games are just getting repetitive and they’re kinda losing the essential things which used to make them really special.

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