Grand Theft Auto 5 For Wii U Listed By Retailer

Based on a listing made by Swedish retailer CDON, Grand Theft Auto V is coming to Nintendo’s forthcoming console, Wii U. Although the game was officially announced in October of last year, its publisher, Rockstar Games, hasn’t revealed which platforms it will be released on.

118 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto 5 For Wii U Listed By Retailer”

  1. Meanwhile TheDragon gets excited for it suddenly while he’s been busy being a hipster against such genres.

    It’s the Nintendrone effect.

    1. LOL no, i still wouldn’t buy this shit if it was on a Nintendo system. And again, ive owned every Playstation home console. If i wanted GTA, i’d of bought it.

  2. i would rather have a new red dead game than gta, on any platform. seriously i dont understand the hype for the new gta. i mean yeah it’ll probably be a good game, but i dont get all the hype

  3. Cool, but GTA got rather boring over the years. It is the same game almost everytime. You steal a guys car, run over an old lady and rape a lady in the back of a truck… seems so “been there done that” you know?







  4. Ugh, I won’t be getting it.
    I’m glad for it for the sake of more third-party support, if it’s true, but the types of storylines and character personalities they’ve dreamed up for past iterations just literally made me queasy with annoyance.

  5. It would be nice to play GTA V on Wii U! Also, GTA V is not the only game “leaked” from third-party.

    The “ministry of justice” which is responsable for Rating games in Brazil has rated Need for Speed Most Wanted 2, here is the link posted on the brazilian official Nintendo magazine “Nintendo World”:


  6. Cool if true but I won’t hold my breath. Although, the Wii-U’s GamePad can do so many things to improve upon the franchise, along with Watch Dogs, my mouth is literally foaming.

  7. It would be soooooooo funny if it was a timed Wii U exclusive (until the other systems come out too), or better yet – published by Nintendo. The internet would implode with rage of fanboys!

  8. If this is true than it is great because GTA is a huge franchise and would really help the Wii U out. Don’t know if I would get it but if it was exclusively made on Wii U than I would more than likely get it.

  9. This is not concrete evidence. Rockstar or Take-Two needs to claim it themselves. If this is true, the better third-party support is for Wii U.

      1. Hmm you don’t have a clue do you? Clearly they will make a profit from pc/Xbox/ps3 ports enough to cover an extra port to WiiU no matter how bad/good it will sell on WiiU.

  10. If this is true, it can only be a good thing for the system….

    If not, one doesn’t care all that much about the series overall to bat an eyelid – it would be a shame for it to not come to the Wii-U, but hardly a ball busting omission.

  11. I know Strauss Zelnich is “sceptical” but a similar rumor started about black ops 2. And that ended up a wii u title…so ya know, theres a posibility this could mean something…

  12. I hope this isn’t like it was for Wii when they said “We were going to put GTA 4 on there, but nope, let’s think of PS3, Xbox 360, and PC; screw Nintendo!” Well, let’s hope for the best!!!!!!!!!

    1. While I’ll say they do both have good games, last time I looked, colorful, kiddy, standard definition/480p Mario galaxy 1 & 2 scored higher averages then any game made by rockstar or any other dev for a matter of fact this gen.

      1. Wii games are rated as last gen games, not current gen ones. Anyone with half a brain knows RDR/Max Payne 3 will rock that shit any day of the week.

        You think people care about fucking Mario? They practically forget it exists while real games sell for the real gamers.

        1. lol and ur a “real gamer”? bullshit. a real gamer can pwn in any videogame- any time, anywhere, and ANY GAME! Wii U players are gonna be much better gamers than u dumasses w/ your xbox 3shitty or Gaystation 3(and probably the other next gen consoles). The Wii U will have some of the best videogame companies’ support, unless those games dont sell that well, but many ppl like these games. for example, we have Activision, EA, Capcom, and of course Ubisoft. With all their best games on our console, as well as Nintendo’s first party games, we will be better in skill than any other gamers. GTA V could only add to that skill, but if it isnt there, couldnt care less. so wen u talk about “gamers”, you are mainly talking ABOUT us. btw if it wasnt for mario (which btw is the biggest franchise in gaming, so yeah, ppl do care), your so called “hardcore” games would not EXIST!!

  13. CDON has also had The Legend of Paper Zelda on their site. I wouldn’t trust this, they usually put a lot of rumored games up… I don’t know why.

  14. i call this a definite fake. CDON has placed a lot of games that didn’t make it to either consoles or PC.
    but there’s always room for a little miracle :D

  15. it would be very beneficial for Nintendo and the Wii U if such a popular series was put on their new console but if it is true then the Wii U version needs to stand out from the PS3 and Xbox versions, something unique to set it apart and give gamers a reason to buy the Wii U version over the PS3 and Xbox versions.

  16. Welk it will be good for nintendo to get gta 5 but as an owner of a ps3 i think gta is over rating the only reason is so popular is cuse kids and teenagers love this crap cuse it have sex, drugs and violence and for them tgat is sooo cool, this game and saint row doesn’t have a goid story line and just show that be a bad boy pay off.
    I love mature games but with a good story line like resident evil, COD, DEAD SPACE, ninja gaiden, metal gear solid, reinbow six, God of war ect. But it will help Nintendo to sell if they get gta5 too…I will not buy it on Wii u or ps3 by the way I preotder my Wii u all ready the basic cuse the delux is sold out across north America with COD, NSMBW AND ZOMBIE U

  17. Meh GTA seems to have lost its way, San Andreas was a jewel. one of the most fun sandbox games ever and now GTA IV came along and dropped everything to gritty boring realism like every modern game and their cat and a very annoying cousin, and this one doesn’t seem very different. I’d rather have Saints Row.

    1. With IV I was disappointed mainly because you accumulated so much money in that game and had NOTHING to really do with it. You didn’t really need to upgrade weapons, it was more of a suggestion…no real estate/businesses to purchase in the core game, you could get to the bulk of your missions via cab meaning the exploration part of driving was ct out unless you were just aimlessly driving around (which was so fun in San Andreas).

      San Andreas had it right with the turf wars, the safe house you could buy, etc. and Vice City Stories had it right with the business types you could purchase and having to manage them/protect them from gangs. I really enjoyed that.

      If the rumor is true though it would be great to have a real GTA on a Nintendo system instead of just handhelds. Although I really enjoyed Chinatown Wars (Dope Wars was the best part in the game, really), but a full, lively sandbox game would be great.

      The closest was Xenoblade and closest on the GTA end of the spectrum were Scarface and Godfather.

  18. Please make it happen! Would love to play it on Wii U with the badass Gamepad with endless possibilities, and on PC for the little graphic whore within me.

  19. I would take this with a grain of salt, as much as I would love it to be true, it most likely isnt. If this is actually true though, that would be awesome!

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