Assassin’s Creed 4 DLC Seems To Be Skipping Wii U

Ubisoft has announced a new DLC pack available for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, but it doesn’t look like it’s got its sights set on Wii U. The Freedom Cry DLC – which you can see in the trailer above – will follow the story of slave-born Adewale, who’s recently found freedom as a pirate aboard the Jackdaw. Unfortunately, the Wii U was excluded from the list of platforms mentioned – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC - in the European press release, whereas the North American press release didn’t reveal which platforms the DLC would arrive on.

A season pass was also announced alongside the reveal of the Freedom Cry DLC, which includes the exclusive Kraken ship pack, as well as more missions, weapons and multiplayer characters, offering a 20% discount. The season pass will retail at $19.99. Official confirmation is yet to come on whether the DLC will be included, but we’ll keep you updated for further news. Will you still be purchasing Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on Wii U?

97 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed 4 DLC Seems To Be Skipping Wii U”

    1. This is ridiculous. Next time we’ll see a headline saying: “Metroid will skip Wii U.”
      They seriously need to launch a bundle with an actual HDD. 32 gb is not enough for DLC.. ¬¬

      1. I saw the YouTube video from the official channel and they show all console. This is probably someone overthinking things.

    1. I’m really starting to get confused. One day, you’re acting like a Nintendo fanboy, and another, youre acting like a Nintendo Hater…

  1. This is bullshit… Ubisoft says there huge supporters of Nintendo and the Wii U but yet they keep fucking stiffing Nintendo to try and make some sort of fucking stupid point… They need to stop idolizing EA and start thinking for there fucking selves.

      1. Only one I’m getting is Watch Dogs and that’s it… other then that they can kiss my ass seeing any future purchases from me.

  2. UBI released all DLC’s for Splinter Cell Blacklist so far, also on Wii U.
    I have pre-ordered both Assassins Creed 4 and Watch Dogs for wii, and i won’t change my mind. Yes, i also own PS3 and Xbox 360. I prefer buying all multiplatform games on Wii U.

  3. Am i the only one that thinks that it is better this DLC misses the WiiU. Nintendo fans are more on the upper level conscious high wisdom IQ and intellect level. They support human growth and family bonds. This stirs up emotional feelings and all, it relating to the evils of slavery.

  4. i read that it said season pass is skipping but that doesn’t mean DLC altogether is skipping. remember Injustice?



    1. Yea been getting that same feeling. Like the persons who run this site only look for negative things to post. Then a ton of dirt bags flood to site to talk shit. Does anyone do anything to stop it? No! Sopretty much anyone can just bash anyone for anything…

  6. The video says nothing about what system its developed on…who the hell posted this? Is this a nintendo site? Or did i miss it in the video?

  7. DLC sucks anyway….20$ for a story mission and fucking skins?! We are talking about a frigging THIRD of the price of the game. And now there is even exclusive season pass content WTF. So, essentially they want to charge you 80 bucks for a mediocre game with pretty graphics and tons of useless skins that should be unlockables?! FUCK this industry. I’m not supporting ‘AAA’ gaming anymore. At least Nintendo havent become such dickheads, yet.

  8. What’s an assassin’s creed? some type of cat?Did you say cat mario? Yeah, I’m going to get Super Mario 3D World silly!

  9. I really don’t care. The only people that care are those who BUYS DLC…I don’t buy DLC.

    I am already paying 60$ so I am not gonna be paying it even more.

    I mean, I do buy DLC but it so rarely that I do. it really depends.

    like I am willing to buy myself like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon but that cuz it a different game.

  10. I really don’t care what they do as i’m not buying anymore Ubisoft games.

    Rayman Legends is the only game they have that’s worth buying, everything else has been pretty shoddy,

    1. It’s an absolute joke! they make all these promises of supporting the system, so you go out and buy their software (three titles in my case) and you get slapped in the face..

      Rayman Legends, awesome game – unnecessarily delayed
      Blacklist – Shoddy, bug riddled port with frame rate issues massive loading times and local co op removed.
      ZombiU – Mediocre + more performance issues

      People keep moaning about lack of 3rd party support but it’s the 3rd party support that’s giving the Wii U a bad name.

      Nintendo should just buy smaller companies and produce their own 2nd party software and just have a few 3rd parties that are actually going to make games worth buying, at least you’d have some exclusives.

      It’s got to be better than what we have to put up with at the moment?

  11. I didnt buy dlc for AC 3, I might not buy DLC for this either.
    But it would be weird for Ubi to start screwing us over now.

  12. Every other website’s logic: Hey! let’s post news about indie games that will come eventually to the Wii U and 3ds!
    MyNintendoNews: Hey! Let’s make news about games that are skipping the Wii U!!

  13. Will I have made up my mind, Wii U is Gamecube all over again. I don’t expect a 3DS turn around anymore. I like the Wii U and will buy Wii U games but hell if 3rd party nor Nintendo gives a damn I don’t give a damn. I lost faith in Wii U.

    1. And Nintendo don’t even do shit about features missing on Wii U. Don’t do nothing about advertising, . Yet their dumb asses get made about a leak in Pokemon X and Y and did something about it.

    2. The Gamecube had much better 3rd party support than the Wii U, plus at this point in the GCs life it had a lot of 1st party titles available. the Wii U doesn’t.

  14. Will probably be determined in North America, based on Splinter Cell sales and DLC sales. I would suspect that N.A. is really the only place SC:BL sold on the Wii U. Might be wrong there, but just a guess.

  15. I’m sorry but… DLC already announced.for an.unreleased game? Can’y they just gobahead and add this shit to the disc before shipping it out?

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