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New Zelda A Link Between Worlds Art Reveals Enemy Bearing Some Resemblance To Ganondorf


Some impressive new artwork has emerged today for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and one of the images reveals a magician-like character, assumed to be the bad guy in the game, who bears some resemblance to Ganondorf. The new character wields a large staff, has a similar facial structure to Ganondorf, and wears a similar headdress as well. Other images show the new character Ravio, some cave painting-style artwork that seems to be telling the story of A Link To The Past, and a young boy who appears to be Link, surrounded by his parents.

These images, along with the new information about items put forth by producer Eiji Aonuma, are sure to cause gaming fans to crave the new Zelda title even more. A Link Between Worlds releases on Novemeber 22nd. Nintendo fans are sure to blow a gasket that day, as Super Mario 3D World shares the same release date in North America.

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    1. Hmmm, You can tell he’s evil because he wears eye shadow. That’s not very interesting though. I like the symbolism that Ganon has with his Boar form. I’d be kinda cool if he had a Tengu form.


  1. Why does everyone think that the little boy with his parents is Link? Link has NEVER had parents in any game so why now?? Plus, there’s always some little kid who “wants to be like Link” in every other game so it appears to me this is maybe who the kid is.
    As for the above pic…..yeah the bastard child of Gannon and a gerudo ho…..lol


    1. Because the kid looks like Link, it’s not an outlandish assumption to make.
      Besides, Link’s had grandparents, and while never shown in-game, his mother was mentioned in OoT. The kid in these pictures is a lot younger than Link as we play him in-game, so perhaps his parents never actually show up during the game itself but only in cutscenes as they could have passed by the time the game actually takes place. Add to that, this game is supposed to buck a lot of the trends of previous titles, so it having never happened before is hardly evidence against Link having parents in this game.

      If you don’t think these people are Link and his family that’s fine, I’m not fully convinced myself, but don’t act as if people are foolish for adopting the theory.


  2. It might just be me, but that looks a lot like vaati, with red hair of course. Oh well, we’ll have to wait for more info to find out.


  3. To me it has more resemblance to Vaati than Ganondorf. I mean, besides the red hair and the cape it doesn’t even have a whole lot in common to Ganondorf at all.


    1. Red hair, cape, robe, shoes that fit Ganondorf’s Oracle concept art, green skin (check in an image-editing software), a headdress with a crystal, a long nose like many Gerudo. That all matches Ganondorf.

      The earrings match Ghirahim.

      Some of the style matches Veran, Vaati, and Agahnim.

      The reverse Triforce fits under Demise.


      1. Well, I guess I should confess that i never comleted the oracle games so i don’t know anything about that, let alone the concept art. I guess what really throws me of the most at it resembling Ganondorf is his skin. to me, he should have a darker skin. this one is simply to pale. this skin color is actually closer to Ghirahim.


      2. Ganondorf himself never got in the games, but there is actual concept art for him found in Hyrule Historia.

        And yeah, I do have to agree. At first look it is very pale and Ganondorf green is much, much darker. He has a stronger tan than this individual. This person seems very pale in comparison. Almost a milky/creamy skin with some green.


      3. but in LttP, before you would go to the dark world, the last boss in the normal world was a purple magic dude, right? maybe they are somehow connected.


      4. wait, i checked it and while it is wearing green instead of purple, the eyes, the heardress with crystal and somewhat long nose. plus magic dudes. it may somewhat be related but not so close if they wore the same color clothes. it still could be the dark world variant though.


      5. “Ganon himself never got in the games”

        Ok you sir, never truly finish the oracle games, because Ganon IS the last boss.


  4. Okay, I am officially sold on the game now. I wasn’t before, but that bad guy looks awesome.

    …yes, that means I am buying a game, because of a character’s artwork…sue me.


  5. looks definitely like a female version of ganondorf, perhaps its either

    1) a female ganondorf incarnate (possibly one of the “changes” Aonuma is experimenting with)
    2) a younger version of Twinrova

    3) Ganondorf’s “daughter”

    4) a completely new antagonist all together



    If you notice the upside down Triforce which belongs to the “dark world” this female Ganondorf is actually the dark side parallel to the light side’s original Ganondorf,

    Think about it, TWO GANONS IN ONE GAME= Mind Blown


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