Official Super Mario 3D World Box Art Leaked, Game Arriving November 22nd

mario 3d world box art

UPDATE: We now have access to a better quality image, pictured above.

A low-resolution image of the official Super Mario 3D World box art has apparently leaked. The box shows all four playable characters in both their normal attire and while wearing the game’s signature cat suits. Speculation is brewing about the fact that the box art includes the Nintendo Network logo in the upper right, especially since it was recently announced that the game would not include online multiplayer.

Several fake versions of the 3D World box art have recently popped up on the internet, but Nintendo has yet to make an official announcement with a high resolution image. However, at the same time as their announcement for Nintendo 2DS and the Wii U price drop, Nintendo did give Super Mario 3D World an official release date of November 22nd, and the standard price tag of 59.99.

118 thoughts on “Official Super Mario 3D World Box Art Leaked, Game Arriving November 22nd”

        1. Eeeerrr already came out a couple of years ago. It’s called Super Mario 3D Land. Hopefully 3DWorld will be to 3DLand what SMG 2 was to SMG (although I still think 3DWorld should be a 3DS game)

        2. Sorry about the last comment. The damn box closed out and submit by itself.

          Anyway, looking at this game that should’ve been a 3DS sequel, I would’ve prefer Mario Galaxy 3/Trilogy collection in HD over this as a Wii U game. Calling it “3D” without 3D is just stupid and in general, the game itself looks to be another New Super Mario Bros. rehash.

        1. Yeah it was. It was like the 1st one but a bit better. The first one…. came first so that was the one that had the biggest impact. But 2 is better.

          1. It’s a decent follow-up, at best. At the end it was just running on fumes as far as level design and fun goes. Galaxy was fun from start to finish… twice! Seems like they were just making up for poor level design and an overall rehashed feeling with new innovations that seemed to hearken back to the half-baked ideas of Sunshine.

                1. 2 of the best games ever made. 1 is the one that blew everyone away and the huge, memorable impact.
                  Then 2 came along with even more crazy ideas and imo at least slightly one upped the first!

                  1. The first was way more creative than the second one. The bosses and level’s were way more well designed. And the hub world for the first was way better as well. The Mario head ship thing was creative but so bland and boring. I also hated how the second was more linear. The first was more open letting you go to different levels or optional levels. And Yoshi was not used right either. Spring Mario is way better than blue Yoshi. And Yellow Yoshi was really gimmicky. Red Yoshi was cool though. The game also felt easier to me. But like I said, Both are good games…… but the first is better.

            1. I agree with you so so so so much. The observatory, the game length, it actually felt like a full experience. I really don’t know how people like Galaxy 2 is more liked sometimes, when all it is is boxed DLC for the original

      1. You and Donko don’t like it- what a shock… filthy Troll. Lol
        … …
        … There IS a lot of unused empty white space on top. That’s like ‘Art 101′: Can’t be leavin’ a bunch of blank space. Everything else is fine, though.

  1. Awesome box art for another iteration of the same old baby game. It exactly the same game as all the others but this time he turns into a cat. MEOW! The babies will get excited for this one.

    1. Cool. I’ll be playing the game, while you’re still on a forum yelling about how you don’t like something. Congratulations. You’re spending your time so well! So proud of you.

  2. Don’t tell me this is real ? I mean… This looks like shit ! We’re not 10 year-old anymore for fuck’s sake Nintendo. Mario is a happy fella, not a gay !

  3. One thing that I think hasn’t been talked about too much regarding this game is that Nintendo is probably trying to use it to increase their appeal to young females. I know there are a lot of dudes who comment here, but try to put yourself in a young girl’s shoes – I’m sure she would get tired of playing as an old, plump, mustachioed plumber all the time. The game makes Peach a playable character and also allows the characters to become adorable-looking cats. Plus, the classic Mario gameplay will still appeal to older male gamers. Seems like a smart strategy to me.

    1. They can’t…

      They think it’s too gay to be with females or like females or feel any sort of sympathy for females so they must only be with totally manly sweaty males to prove that they are not gay…

      1. mario isnt the plumber you want……

        “Hey yeah my sink seems to be having issues, ok 3 ol clock, ok what did you say your name was…… ok mario, see ya then”

        *knock knock* hello sir mario *handshakes* nice to meet you, yeah the problem is over there in the sink…… (mario bends over with ass crack showing like usual) sir your ass seems to be showing.

        *mario gets up and turns around slowly* uuhhhh sir is there a problem?? *mario pulls plunger out from overalls slowly* sir SIR what are you doing!!!! let go of me sir what are you doing!!!!! The toilet isnt what needs plumbing, why we going in here, OWWW why are you squeezing so hard!!!!!! uuhhhhhh *under water screams with flushing* uuhhhhh bloewblowebloeew *gasp* bloew bloew. (mario plunging guys head in toilet) *hands drop and screaming stops*

        (mario walks away slowly from the bloody scene while wiping his bloody hands off with his cloth like a mechanic)

        mario isnt a good plumber that is why you call luigi. luigi would have only killed you right away not with the plunger.

        duh duh duhhh duh duh duuhh duh duh duh duh duhhh duh duh duuhh duh duh. so did you like it or was this story just better to be left told alone or was this inspired by an actual true story?? find out after these messages.

  4. Nintendo Network logo mens nothing. Nintendo Land’s box has it as well but when you look on the back it says it’s only for Miiverse. Probably the same case here.

  5. lol only sheep Nintendo fanboys are going to buy this game. Its a lazy game and its going to have lazy levels its not a real 3D mario adventure game but when it comes to the fanboys they’ll buy any game that has Nintendo on it. SMH

    1. “The game will not have free camera, and therefore the game will suck and have lazy levels.” – You realize how fucking stupid you sound?

      1. Just stop man your getting mad because I’m right Nintendo is just getting lazy with there games which is why we get rehashes like NSMB, U, WII, 3DS, DS. your a nintensheep

        1. I bet you’re the type who calls COD is better game when I fact its exactly what you’re bitching about but much worse.

          On the other hand about New Mario Bros. and this game being rehashed in a sense, I can agree. But everything else you’re yapping about it just out of retard fanboyism.

          1. Um no I hate COD so much its always the same shit too. Nintendo use to be unique but now there failing by killing off there best franchises what a shame

        1. I really enjoyed NSMBU, but I can agree on the other ones. NSMB2 was a huge letdown, while NSMBU can compare to Mario World (in my opinion)

  6. im glad im not a CORPORATE SLAVE. seeing you guys dance to this is sad. DO THE MARIO!!!!! how about not *sees all the nintendrones doing the mario* what has become of thee?? guys take of your diapers, and dont say pull ups arnt diapers too.

    1. Me too so Nintendo can wake up and stop giving us these lazy shitty rehashed games -_- unless the fans speak up their going to continue giving us crap like this

            1. I have played it and it sucks also pointing out tiny spelling errors is pointless since you know what I’m trying to say anyway

    2. its pretty good from what i’ve played and we only seen a little bit of the game wait til more comes out before u judge a game

  7. I know this game is going to be good regardless of what people say. I could see this as a replacement for the new super mario bros games. The only one i like is the ds one and wii u. I wish people would try the game or wait for more info about the game is shown. I’m pretty sure nintendo is working on other 3d mario game with the star collecting system, it just might be a bit.

  8. I want this game. I don’t mind if they are using the 3D land style gameplay. As long as it is great and fun, then I don’t mind if it is not a full 3D game like 64 or Galaxy.

    I appreciate what Nintendo has given me, even if it is not what I want.

  9. Despite what people say about this, I’m looking forward to it. The multiplayer looks like it will be insanely fun, although I do really hope they show us some other power-ups, because the catsuit will get boring after a while, like the Tanooki suit did in 3D Land.

  10. There’s a Nintendo Network logo on the Rayman Legends box art, but it does not have online multiplayer. Neither does Nintendo Land. It’s probably Miiverse integration.

  11. This box art isn’t really good, it’s way too clustered. Also, as for a mario game, this so far seems to be pretty weak. Playing as four characters is neat, I guess. The clear pipes is an ok thing, though I don’t find it particularly intriguing. and the cat thing seems really over advertised, it’s just another power up, why is it being talked about so much? Sure, it can be a neat feature just like the clear pipes and playing as the four characters but none of these things really make me want to buy the game. So far it has failed to show me anything to wow me.

  12. You guys are all being way too harsh. I had the privilege of playing the game at Best Buy during the E3 exhibit and man was it a blast. Here is the video of me playing as Mario:

  13. Awesome box art. But I’m afraid to feel excited over this game. I’m afraid it’s going to feel just like Super Mario 3D Land. Which I found to be far too easy. The main thing about this game that excites me is the fact that Princess Peach is playable. FINALLY!

    But I still keep hoping for a game that Wows me like the Super Mario Galaxy games did. I highly doubt this one will do that.

  14. Don’t like the face they are using the Mario World name on another game, that was a classic that shouldn’t be messed about with.

  15. I like the furry detail on Mario’s suit. That’s something you usually don’t see. Also, Peach needs to stop making cross-eyed “I’m-a-ditz” expressions.

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