Platinum Games Creative Director Is Fed Up With Bayonetta 2 Port Begging

Platinum Games creative director JP Kellams has revealed on Twitter that he is fed up with Microsoft and Sony gamers requesting that Bayonetta 2 be ported to the Xbox and the PlayStation. Kellams says that anything he posts on the Bayonetta 2 Facebook page turns into requests to port the Wii U exclusive to the Xbox and the PlayStation. Here’s what he had to say on Twitter.

“I hate posting anything Bayonetta 2 on our Facebook. Not because I hate Bayonetta 2, but because I hate the pedantic port-begging.”

“It’s been over a year since we announced. We heard you. We get it. We are just happy that we get to make Bayonetta 2 for the patient fans.”

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277 thoughts on “Platinum Games Creative Director Is Fed Up With Bayonetta 2 Port Begging”

    1. I feel so sad that I’m missing out on one game…I’m just kidding. I don’t care. I like Bayonetta, and Bayonetta 2 looks great, but I’m not wasting my money on a Wii U. One game isn’t going to make me buy it. I’ll stick to my PS4 and Xbox One.

      1. I honestly think the best combo is going to be wiiU and steam machine. Not trying to damage control, not calling you a troll, and not being a fanboy here, I’m just giving you my honest opinion. I figure anything the xbox1 and ps4 can do steam machine will do, but better. I have a gaming pc so I have no need for a steam machine but for other’s that don’t want to hassle with everything that comes with building a new pc, the steam machine is a great choice. Another great thing about the steam machine is that the beta builds will ship this week so the final retail product can’t be too far off.

        1. That’s fine. To each their own. I made a mistake buying a Wii, I bought it a year after it came out (around Thanksgiving), played it for a 5-6 months, got bored and stopped playing. After over a year of not playing it, I sold it to a friend. I liked the games I had (Super Smash Bros Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, No More Heroes, Manhunt 2, MLB Power Pros 2008, and a few others) but after I beat them or in MLB’s case, stopped playing them, and didn’t see anything coming out, I just gave up on it. My cousins still have one, I bought them SM G: 2 and New Super Mario Brothers, and both of those games are great, but they didn’t make me think, “Damn, I should have kept my Wii”. I really don’t want to get fooled into getting another Nintendo console. The only games that would be worth getting on the Wii U besides Bayonetta 2 are Mario platformers, Zelda, and SSB but they’re in no way, making want to go out and buy one.

          1. Yea I got a will on launch day and it went unused for a large amount of time but not as much as my ps3. If you already bought a ps4 or xboxone good for you but if you haven’t you might consider the steam machine instead.

            1. I have both, I’ve been considering a Steam Machine also. Just going to see how much it costs and such, to make a final decision.

          2. I haven’t played a Monster Hunter game yet. It’s a game I am going to buy when I get a Wii U, but I want other games too in case I don’t like it for whatever reason.

            The Wii had Xenoblade Chronicles which was awesome, and Monolith Soft are working on a spiritual successor, I guess you could say as it isn’t a sequel going by X at the moment.

          3. You missed out on a lot of Great Wii software.

            The good thing is the WiiU has communities with games so you’ll always have access to its library list so you can go and try new things you didnt before.

      2. One thing that people must understand and, as far as we see, dumbly refuse to accept is that this game only exists because Nintendo IS FUNDING its production. Bayonetta 2 original project was cancelled by Platinum until Nintendo came and offered financial help. XboxOne and PS4 fans are just silly and dumb to make any arguments about this.

      1. That isn’t a true sequel to Madworld. I agree with him though. I really want to see a true Madworld 2 come out on Wii U. Hell, I’d even buy it if it came out on Wii or 3DS.

    1. I know I bought that game for $5 on ebay and I honestly enjoyed it very much. It reminded me of dead rising, the way you put items on their heads plus all of the ridiculous kills, not to mention that one of the announcers sounds a lot like the announcer from dead rising 2’s terror is reality.

    1. Yeah, it reminds me of the time when Rayman Legends became a multiplat game, and Nintendo fanboys were also incredibly butthurt because of it. Man, it was knee slapper.

      1. nice try, hater. no one complained about rayman becoming a multiplat. nintendo fans complained about a finished game getting delayed 7 months.

          1. Nope. We didn’t care that it was going multiplat, just that it was delayed for no real reason. It’s called gaming politics.

            Cage, back to it, chop chop.

      2. NIntendo fans were pissed it got delayed.

        Sony fans were buthurtt when: Devil May Cry 4 went multiplat,Final Fantasy 13 went multiplat, Tales of went multiplat and Metal Gear went multiplat

    2. Please tell me how the Wii made Sony and Xbox fanboys “butthurt”, considering I had one and thought it was useless aside from a few games that were fun (SM: G 1 & 2, No More Heroes, Mad World, SSMB, New SMB Wii), I was completely happy selling it to a friend. Wii U is awful by the way, you can keep Bayonetta 2, you actually need it. But seeing as how the first Bayonetta (while being excellent) sold terribly, it wouldn’t be a far fetched guess to think this will sell even worse, seeing as it’s only on one console this time around and how bad Nintendo is at marketing third party games.

      1. Exactly what Im saying!!! these fanboys dont understand that this game will be great but sales wise it will flop since its on the Wii U. Nintendo is ass at marketing 3rd party, fanboys mainly buy 1st parties and dont care unless its 1st party.

        1. Yeah, then they are going to be surprised when the official numbers come out and they see that it sold like crap because they didn’t buy it. I can see it now, Platinum and Nintendo will comment on the disappointing sales, a year later when someone high up in Platinum is giving an interview, the mag or website interviewing him will ask about a Bayonetta 3, and he’ll say that the audience isn’t there and that if more people bought the game then they would have made another. This will disappoint Nintendo fans, especially the ones that like throwing “exclusive” games in the faces of other console fans, but it turns out that the same Nintendo fans that were disappointed did not buy the game to begin with.

          1. Exactly over 90% of this site is filled with fanboy idiots that are hypocrites. They hype up a game and them dont buy it and blame the devs, they damage control bad sales, and the list continues but again when this amazing game flops because it’s on a console where the fan base is full or morons that only buy 1st parties platinum will never make a game for Nintendo again due to idiotic fan base.

            1. So who’s to blame for this fictitious disaster you’re fantasizing about? Is it Nintendo fans or Nintendo? How can you even still see yourself enough to jerk off in that mirror, with all the jizz covering it?

              The game wouldn’t exist without Nintendo. They are funding it(publishing) after sega refused. Nintendo owns this game through and through.

              Despite the low sales of Wonderful 101, Hideki Kamiya has stated multiple times that he would love it if Platinum would become a 2nd party developer for Nintendo. Things go deeper than immediate gratification, people build for the future, individuals respect each others philosophies. But someone who masturbates in a mirror wouldn’t understand complex human emotions past loneliness and vanity.

              You know, it really shows how much you have to do in your life, when you hangout for hours at someplace where you hate everyone.

              1. Also, you are really into the thinking about dudes “masturbating” while looking at themselves in a mirror. Are you into that kind of stuff?

            2. Wow you are so smart imagine that Nintendo fanboys on a Nintendo site. Why are you even here?? to talk shit and make yourself feel better . get a life bro find something better to do with your time. I am not a fanboy but rather a gamer who enjoys all systems. So go ahead and try to troll.

        1. The Wii U “outsold” the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft? Is that what you’re trying to say? Pretty sure the Wii U has sold 4 million, in over a year, where as the PS4 and Xbox One have sold half of that in two weeks…

      2. I have 80 fun wii games.

        They’re alll titles aimed at core gamers.

        Im surprised you guys let them sell so bad just becaus they werent in HD

    3. Who taught you that dumbass name? WTF is a Sonyan that is retarded wow I thought nobody could come up with something more brain dead and lame than Sony Ponys even though the correct use would be ponies. Did you get that from a lame ass Amazon discussion thread or did you come up with that on your own?

      Xbot makes sense, Nintendrone makes sense they even sound somewhat similar which is the point…. Sony Ponies is dumb as hell your Sonyans is even more retarded than that….Please that that lame crap back to he drawing board and try again

  1. I know Nintendo picked this up but if this game stays exclusive to Wii U its going to be an AMAZING game that flops since based on sales majority of Wii U owners only buy 1st parties. Its going to be a W101 all over again. So port it or the game dies kellams. Not to mention alot of wii U owners didnt play the first one so keeping it exclusive to Wii U is asking for the game to fail lol

        1. Seeing as how this game was never going to come anyways without nintendo at least now it exists at all, which a lot of people fail to see. I doubt porting will happen since as you said nintendo funded it, even though chances are it won’t be a major success if any sort of success at all.

          1. Yea I agree 100% it will be a gem, great game but poor sales. But I will blame the Wii U fanbase if that happens since alot only care for 1st parties sales show it too

              1. It sold good tho, and on Wii U it will sell worst stop being butthurt and you dont know me personally so that last part is irrelevant lol :]

                1. It didn’t sell good, it sold terribly, hence why Nintendo stepped in as a publisher for the second one. What you said is true though, it won’t sell because 3rd party games do not sell well on Nintendo systems. People are only interested in Mario, Zelda, Metroid, other first party titles, which is fine, but it shows that people don’t really want to get third party titles on the Wii/Wii U.

                1. The “just under 2million” is its total to date. During the first 6 months (where the bulk of the sales are) it was around 1.35 million total across 2 consoles. It was “ok” for a new ip, but for a high budget AAA game, it did not sell well. This is why SEGA dropped the Bayonetta 2 game during its planning stages.

                  Will it sell as much on the Wii U, probably not. But there was an install base of around 60million on both PS3 & 360 when Bayonetta was released.

                2. It didn’t sell well enough for Sega to publish another sequel, Darksiders sold around 2 million, and THQ said that if Darksiders 2 didn’t sell over that then it wouldn’t warrant a 3rd entry. Really, I’m just wondering if Nintendo is expecting this to do Nintendo numbers, because I don’t think that’s going to happen. Not in a long shot.

              1. Not really, it means that if it doesn’t sell well, they will be losing money that they spent on it. It’s like Free Radical, they were doing fairly well, and then they made Haze, it sold terribly, pretty sure under a million, they went into administration and then bought by Crytek. If they didn’t make that disaster of a game or if they released it as a multiplatform game, they would still be around. Because of failure, we won’t have a new Timesplitters.

        2. you are absolutely spot on with this. Such a shame. Bayonetta is one of the best action games in the last decade. It was barely touched on PS360 as well. So it is destined to fail

          1. Not true AGAIN and we went over this in that other article. Also i do man up when im wrong. Example i was wrong by saying “3D world will NOT get a 10″ but it got multiple 10’s so i was dead wrong on that so i don’t see why your coming at me lol

              1. No I didn’t man again. I said it would not be a system seller and wouldn’t save the Wii U I NEVER said that it would DECREASE SALES and see you are another smart person here. B2 will be an amazing game (for like the 100th time lol) but it will flop sales wise since Wii U owners are dumb and hype up games they dont buy like W101. In fact I think alot people on this site that defend the Wii U dont even own one

              2. Anyone who thought Pikmen 3 would be a system seller are brain dead morons….Pikmen 3 is about a niche a title as niche gets…..It was NEVER a system seller nor was it ever a system seller, there is a small group of people who enjoy it and those people already had a Wii U……

            1. But I do agree Bayonetta 2 will flop like W101. After that flopped I lost faith in Wii U owners not buying nothing but Nintendo’s AAA tittles.

              1. i don´t know why nintendo doesn´t advertise more the new IPs that they release they should have twice the amount of comercials of the W101 than mario comercials everybody knows mario and it sell well but for new ip they should double the effort so it can sell well.

                1. Wonderful 101 flopping doesn’t really have anything to do with a lack of advertising…it has more to do with the fact that it got middle ground to mediocre reviews, NONE of the reviews made it a must have….You can advertise OK all you want to your hearts content but it’s not going to sell when people look at scores……

                  I’ll give the Wii U credit for getting the best version of Aliens: Colonial Marines though, since they got the version that never came out. They advertised the Hell out of it and nobody bought it because it was a 3/10

        3. @youthought: Your a fucking piece of shit. Eat shit and buy a Wii U to play Bayo 2. Stop crying over a fucking video game. How’s your weak shitty library on your X1 or PS4? Fucking joke!

          1. YAWN more angry fanboy talk and stop crying over a comment on the internet lol, and Didn’t I already mention that I dont care if it goes multi plat or not?? I dont own a bone or ps4 lol and its not like Wii U has anything good to offer anyway even tho its been out for over a year LMAO

          2. Oh I know your not trying to talk shit about a weak shitty library……3 Mario games in a year, launch titles which were 95% year old ports (the worst versions of those ports as well)….Or should we talk about games like ZombiU LOL 3/10 broken still ass crapfest….Yeah NO library is as shitty as the Wii U launch….Even NOW you have had 5 games come out the entire year LOL half of that were games available everywhere else then there are the “huge” system sellers Pikmen 3 and Wonderful 101 FLOPPED, Don’t see WW HD moving units or Mario 3d world…. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!!!! Your as pathetic as the console you jerk off on every night.

        4. You are an idiot becouse you don`t understand business!!! There are a lot of fans who want to play Bayonetta 2 and thats why this game will sell more hardware, there are alot of gamers who buy a console becouse of one game!!!

        1. lmao I agree and then when it does fanboys will give some lame excuse like they did for not buying W101 after hyping it up. B2 will still be an amazing game tho

    1. They can’t because our empire funded and revived it and is our decision…

      And we will never give away anything to the other 2 unless they arebwilling to give us one of their biggest exclusives themselves!

        1. Jesus you morons and Sonyians that sounds dumb as fuck worse than Sony Ponys and I thought that was the dumbest anyone could come up with…..Where the hell do you morons get this shit Amazon discussion threads, or did you come up with it yourself?

          Xbot sounds like Xbox so it makes sense and sound almost similar, the same thing applies with Nintendrone, in keeping with playing with a name that sounds close and similar to Nintendo…..How the fuck do you say Sony and think LOL I’m so clever Sonyian sounds so close and funny? Did your mom tell you that sounded good, cause she has to tell you your clever? Sonyians wow that’s so stupid it actually hurts my brain, just when you think people couldn’t be any dumber

    2. I’m picking it up day one. Most of friends want bayonetta 2 and most of them are saving money for it. I’ll pick up bayonetta 1 on ps3 I’ve been told they fixed most issues with a patch. People want maturity from nintendo they are getting it, if those people ignore it they should get slaped. While I agree it won’t be as successful as it was, but I’m happy its being made.

      1. I bought it again a few weeks ago but this time for ps3 but yea get it, like I always said its a great freaking game and you don’t wanna be lost story wise in part 2. also there will be many that ignore it. Alot of dumb fanboys always mention the standard MK8, smash, dkctf X but never really bayonetta but the guy will learn when he sees unpleasant sales despite it going to be an amazing game.

        1. I bought wonderful101 and ignored reviews damn great game but dumb fanboys ignored the game. Still got to get all the bottle caps, figures, I’ve unlocked wonder drill and goggles, still need bayonetta. I get all games that impress me, but it needs to be in gameplay not graphics. I played DMC liked the gameplay but story was ass, especially the characters. Getting DK in feb because I love dk country. Ps4 i’ll get next year nothing grabs me gameplay wise order1886 looks cool, but haven’t seen gamplay, I have played infamous good game just not for me. Sly cooper was great though not as good as the others and finale boss isn’t that special, but i did enjoyed it. Xbox one KI is the only thing that grabs me. I play many games when i have the chance, and i give many chances for games

          1. We need more people like that in the gaming industry. Reviews never determine my purchase for games. I buy games if they look hot or appealing and if I buy a game its at risk. If it’s good the risk was worth it, if it’s bad oh well I still get the experience. personally I liked DMC but with the W101 thing fanboys hyped it up and then ended up not buying it like idiots lol they only support 1st party games and then wonder why 3rd party devs ignore the Wii U

            1. Yeah look at ZombiU, but you’re mistaken. All fanboys aren’t like that, I’ll end up getting W101 and a bunch of other 3rd party titles. However, money is a huge issue. That being said, most will buy 1st party titles over 3rd party because of not being a rich asshole.

              1. ZombiU was trash….It deserved the scores it got, It’s the only game I bought used played for 3hrs and was so turned off by it I had to return it the same day because you couldn’t pay me to put that back in my system….Ugh terrible game what the hell were they thinking, I played less clunkier games in the 90s

            2. I liked DMC’s gameplay and content just the story I was not impressed with, plus wasn’t a fan of dante’s new design(not just looks). If u ever get a wii u get W101 its a damn good game with a great story, hell look at that finale level its nearly a hour long plus steve blum plays the main villain. The game is on my do not trade or sale list along with many games. just look at this amazing fight

              1. I try my best to follow games not hardware. If a game interest I will consider getting that console, but I’m waiting a year for the ps4 and one to cool down

              2. Yea the new design looked too emo still I liked the dmc games, and I plan to get one once bayonetta and smash get release dates. If I do get one ill definitely keep W101 in mind, and that battle looks crazy!! Also i plan to get ps4 once KH3 gets announced. Can’t wait for dat 7 lights vs 13 darkness’s battle

                1. AND MORE COMPLEX STORY LINE YEAH KH. TIME TRAVELING IS SO EASY TO UNDERSTAND!!!!. I hope we get to play as axel, and rikiu. I don’t want to play as kiari freakin hate her. Also if don’t have star wars, toy story or lilo and stich world someone is going to pay…but no marvel world…AND NO FUCKING CARS WORLD!!!

                  1. I like kairi and I think shell be useful since she can use a keyblade, also I better be able to play w. My girl AQUA, and my dudes terra and ven. Axel is guarantee after that dream drop secret ending lol and fuck yes toy story, star wars and lilo and stich!!! cars would be a troll world that I dont wanna see. What am I going to fight with A keyblade in my mouth??? But damn im toooo hyped for this game!!! the possibilities are endless with the ps4 hardware!!

                    1. Is weird I want to see the zelda art stlye to go what KH is doing or something similar? My beef with Kairi is something I llok at when studying characters. Trying to become a game designer my self. I study or look at character details too see what makes ggood characters. If u like her like her. I just say we need a whole lot of playable characters. king mickey, aqua, terra, ventuis, sora, kiari, riku, (be sweet to see master yen sid kick some fucking ass) and axel. I hope we get Star wars, toy story, lilo and stitch, aliden, olympus, halloween town, lion king, (NO FUCKING LITTLE MERIMAD), Princess and the frog(just for that damn shadow man villain freakin love him), monster’s inc. The emperor new grove (which would be amazing) and the world ends with you. God I hope they use thee flowmonstion system again it was great

                    2. Good luck w. All that and yeah word I want all the keyblade masters, I want all of them to have there own BBS armor like Ben, terra, aqua. I want forms like from KH 2, flow motion must return and all the worlds me mentioned should be added plus some old worlds like Hercules where you can travel around the WHOLE mount Olympus. Aladdin where you can travel around the WHOLE agraba and some old Disney villains should return. All in all this game will be amazing in all areas and I dont think Tetsuya will dissapoint his fans after we had to wait THIS LONG FOR A PART 3!!!!!

              3. Ewwww what a terrible looking game, but then again I’m not part of that core who think niche games like Pikmen or Pikmen like games look fun or amazing. I really see why it didn’t sell

          2. I bought W101 awhile back, but have yet to play it. Still sitting unopened from a b2g1 free sale at target… focusing on other games in my backlog first… a backlog which continues to grow.

          3. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, do NOT get KI. I don’t know how, but Double Helix found a way to pull a Perfect Dark Zero with that IP, and shit all over it. Plus, PAYING for characters necessary to beat the game? WTF? Imagine having to pay for Guile, Ryu, Dhalsim, and Cammy in SSF4. All you start with is Ken. And that’s your roster until season 2!

    3. To port or not to port isn’t up to Kellams. It’s up to Nintendo, the publisher. Nintendo isn’t going to publish a game to another platform no matter what.

    4. Why should it be ported? Kamiya as stated that Nintendo was the only one that wanted to make the game happen not Sega,not Sony, not Microsoft and even if PlatinumGames wanted to port the game they can’t since the rights of the game are owned by Nintendo.

      1. If he wants good sales then he should port it otherwise it will flop on Wii U. If he doesn’t care for sales then it doesn’t matter

            1. no but the did delay it for a third time to release on all consoles ever and then released it the same week as GTA5, i think they were just begging for less sales

        1. What are you not getting the game belongs to Nintendo it’s own by them PG doesn’t I repeat doesn’t have a saying whether it stays exclusive or goes multiplat. it’s all Nintendo’s decision and I’m pretty sure they won’t make it a multiplat.

            1. Okay, let me stop you right there.

              Is Zelda coming to PS4 next year?
              Then neither is Bayonetta 2.
              That’s what Kamiya has said, and unless you can pry the funding money out of Nintendo’s hands yourself and hand it to someone else to convince them to make the game multiplatform, it’s not happening.

              It’s 100% NOT going to go multiplatform.

                1. You don’t need to be psychic to use common fucking SENSE.

                  Nintendo has provided ALL of the money that is NEEDED FOR THIS GAME TO EXIST.


                  The others had their chance at making Bayonetta 2 happen.

                  This is not the same case as Rayman Legends, which Nintendo didn’t entirely fund.

                  Bayonetta 2 has NO leeway for becoming a multiplatform title.

                  A sequel in 2017/2018? MAYBE.

                  BUT NOT BAYONETTA 2.

                  Pull your head out of the sand and stare into the light of truth, dude; either you get/rent a Wii U or you won’t get to own and play Bayonetta 2.

                    1. @snowman stop stalking me man you are just a troll that provides no insight with what he writes I dont take you seriously and never will

                    2. Well good for you then. Because you can never see it, you’ll always be blind to the truth…but you know what…I’ve been trying to get you and the other two to see that there is more to it than you think…Why else would I say a dam thing unless retrolling the trolls. That for what you just told me, proves you don’t know jack shit of how the gaming communities work…I for one does because it is my dream to become a developer, I took studies…oh wait, you said you don’t take me seriously…boo hoo to you then. Laterz

                    3. Oh and if I was stalking you, I would reply to every single comment you made. Not my fault I read your stupidity of doom and gloom and I sit and read my news…hell I lose brain cells every time I read zeama’s, adarazz’s, and your comments to the point I say something to back up another person WHO KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK he’s talking about…

                  1. Lol look how angry the butthurt fanboy gets XD relax man its not that serious and I dont give a shit if gets ported or not ill buy Wii U for it if I have too so all that extra stuff you wrote was irrelevant and lastly my point still remains that this game will flop on Wii U even tho it will be a great game

                    1. No “you thought” he is in the right for saying this. You are a fucking idiot, and it will not flop. You clearly don’t have a single brain cell! TWAT!

                    2. Wow ANOTHER fanboy dumb ass. You damage control everything involving Nintendo lmao so you defiantly can’t be taken serious. It will be a great game but won’t sell better the first since its restricted to a console where the fanbase is a bunch of idiots that dont care about anything but 1st parties. If you can’t see that then you are the idiot. Its going to be another W101 and then he will never give Nintendo another platinum game again lol

                2. Not even metal gear twin snake what’s made multiplat and that’s not a Nintendo IP what makes you think this will? The only way bayo 2 is getting a ps4 xbone release is if Nintendo publishes or makes a deal for someone to do it and still the revenues are for nintendo.

                  1. Since you can’t read apparently I DONT CARE IF THE GAME GOES MULTI PLAT lol I will buy a Wii U to play it if I have to either way it will be an amazing freaking game but it won’t sell like it would if it was multi plat that’s the Main thing im saying.

                    1. So according to you Pikmin 3 should be a multi plat since it didn’t sell on Wii U then. I guess that goes for Wii fit U, Lost a worlds and 1wow.

          1. Even Kamiya wanted to it wouldn’t be his choice he doesn’t have the ability to just decide to port it, the game belongs to Nintendo, they would never do that. Without Nintendo the game would not be being made at all, so stop whining about sales because Kamiya is just glad he gets to make a sequel which is what he wants to do because he’s putting his passion into a game. An underdog story of a game that would not have seen the light of day had it not been saved by Nintendo, that is pretty amazing and if it is an incredible game, like it looks, than that makes it an amazing game. If you truly call yourself a gamer and you judge whether a game is good on its sales then I feel sorry for you.

        2. Or advertise it on TV. W101 was never advertised. Did you think that through? Though I’m am disappointed and why u Wii U owners complain about what’s not coming to Wii U and then if we get lucky enough of you don’t buy it. I’m getting watch dogs BTW. Although Rayman legends coming on PS4 and Xbone in Feb is a big slap in the face for Nintendo.

        1. I believe they do own publishing rights for 2 , sega doesn’t really own the rights to sequel.(not 100% on sega part)

        2. Rayman Legends was both funded & published by Ubisoft itself. Completely different situation from Bayonetta 2.

          Bayonetta 2 is completek y funded & published by Nintendo. It is Nintendo’s call to port the game (PG has stated this several times already. They have also said the game getting ported is about as likely as Nintendo porting Zelda).

    5. I’m going to book-mark this post.
      If the game gets over 1M on the Wii U at any point during the Wii U’s lifetime, I’m going to come right back here and hand you the crow you’ll be eating.
      Silver platter and everything.

        1. Nope because I will admit if this game sells great that I was wrong too bad that won’t be the case lol but I do admit that this game will BE FREAKING AMAZING!!! regardless of sales

    6. Dude, did you even read about W101’s reviews and sales? It sold at an average level and got mostly positive reviews. Not to mention the Wii U has heavily picked up in momentum the past year. Especially now, in the holidays. I played the first Bayonetta, and I know 2’s going to be fine. It may not sell great, but it will most likely be above W101’s sales. Not sure what you were getting your data from, but it’s heavily flawed. I honestly think you’re just another one of those people who REALLY want a port when you know you’re not getting it. I’m honestly really glad I have a Wii U right now. If I had a PS4 or an XBone I’d be bored to tears. Both of thier launch lineups are terrible, and the ratio of broken out of box percentage makes me glad I held off on getting another Next Gen Console this season.

    7. Why do you think they’re porting the first one before the second one comes out? Besides, I know plenty of people who are excited for this game.

    8. Totally agree. This may be the game people here want, but it is not going to appeal to Nintendo’s current audience. This will be a very costly mistake. Maybe this sounds crazy, but Nintendo should recoup its costs by porting to X1 and PS4 a few months following release on Wii U.

    9. Why would Nintendo give up one of it’s best exclusives, sorely needed by their console, just so the game makes more sales? Platinum is getting paid, wiiU has an exclusive… Only people who would rather make fun of Nintendo than buy their console lose.

      Nintendo hurts themselves all the time, why in the world would it make sense to put another bullet in the wiiu by giving up an exclusive THEY paid for?

      IF. FUCKING OF, Sony and Microsoft gave them a cut of the profit…then it would make sense to consider.

          1. Lmao!! I know and all NON fanboys agreed with what I was saying above. Now they won’t be able to sleep at night because of how angry I got them :/ LOL

  2. Fanoys: I dont want a Wii U because it has no games that I want to play.

    Amazing Console exclusive game announced

    Fanboys: *Whine, scream, cry, bitch, moan, cry some more*

  3. I pity that man, beggers from Microsoft and Sony for a port of Bayonetta 2 on their consoles and beggers from Nintendo asking for a port of Bayonetta 1 for their console.

    1. “JP Kellams ‏@PG_jp 9h
      Nah. I’m totally down with that. :-) Not my call though. RT @delta2kbr: Even Operation Dead Angels? ;_;”

      But I think beggars from Nintendo side mostly already knows that its either up to Sega or Nintendo.

    2. Nintendo fans are beggers asking for a port of Bayonetta 1 – essentially a game in a Nintendo franchise now – on their console? Sorry what?

      1. Except, they are bothering the WRONG man. He has not a say on to that (Porting Bayonetta 1 to Wii U) that is a call for Nintendo and SEGA.

    3. …except port of Bayo 1 will likely go to the Wii U. Platinum Games has already expressed interest with Nintendo to release the 1st game prior to Bayo 2 launching.

      1. Except, they are bothering the WRONG man. He has not a say on to that (Porting Bayonetta 1 to Wii U) that is a call for Nintendo and SEGA.

  4. Wow. Some Bayo fans can be such whiny bitches. Buy a Wii U if you want to play Bayonetta 2. Nintendo fans had to buy a PS1 to play FFIV. It sucks to have to buy a whole new console to play it, but sometimes you have no other choice.

  5. I thougt that after all their tantrums about it being exclusive to WiiU they changed their minds and started saying that they didn’t want it because the first one wasn’t that good anyway.

    Fanboys…. what can I expect?…

      1. 1. Denial
        Oh this must be a mistake no kiddy company like nintendo would ever get a game bayonetta, they just showed the wrong game
        2. Anger
        3. Bargaining
        Please platinum…PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!!! I’ll buy 10,000 madworld, and will give u money….JUST MAKE MUILTPLATORM!!!!!
        4. Depression
        5. Acceptance
        Ok i get I have to get a wii u to experience bayonetta, plus not much coming to the other two till next year

  6. This always happens with exclusives….. It’s worse when there is an exclusive that the sequel comes out on a different console…

    1. And that is its sales to date. During its initial 6months (the bulk of the sales, in some cases they go by 3 months) it was 1.35 across 2 consoles.

  7. I remember the good ole days when people bought the console because of software… Now they just mindlessly buy the most shiny thing that comes along…have fun begging for a game you need the wii u to play

  8. Now can’t people get over it?

    I’d say that both sides don’t deserve it.

    neither the whining Playstation or Xbox bitches nor the laughing Nintendolls. They like to rub the exclusiveness in their faces even though they won’t even buy it.

    I for one am going to play and most likely enjoy this game no matter if it’s Wii U or Playstation or Xbox. Besides that from a visual standpoint it doesn’t seem to suffer from “the Wiik U’s underpowered fisher price hardware”…..

  9. it’s sad the amount of fucking retards on here. do you clowns forget that the prequel was originally on ps360. of course fans want the sequel on the original platforms too. nintendo fans man, sometimes I believe you really are children.

      1. Exactly, look how angry and childish people like itsamemario and Eric sellers get lmao multi plat or not im still going to get this game. If I have to get a Wii U for it that’s fine with me :]

    1. Shut your mouth, Crox.
      I swallowed my pride and went multiplatform for games like Bayonetta because I wasn’t going to value being a prudish fanboy of one single console if it meant skipping out on great games.

      I didn’t bitch or moan about the games not appearing on my system of choice; I sucked it up and saved up until I COULD afford the system it was on.

      These whiny little assholes who just don’t want to accept that the game is an exclusive can do the same.
      If their pride can’t bend enough to allow them to do so?
      FUCK ‘EM.
      Let ‘em miss out on a good game because they can’t get over their stupid precious console wars.

      1. If they were really as big a fan base as they claim, they’d get the system it’s on.
        If they can’t bring themselves to do it, then that just shows that, just like when Bay 1 only reached 2M sales, 1M per console it was on, they don’t really care THAT much about the franchise itself.
        Most of them just want to deny “The kiddy system” a good mature game anyways, for the sake of their own console pride. I have no sympathy for them.
        No one sane should.

    2. Well, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Banjoo, KI, Castlevania, etc, started on the NES, I don’t see any Nintendo fanboys rambling about them.

      In the end, a “true gamer” or fan will get the console to play Bayo 2, only fanboys (xbox, ps, nintendo) rant about exclusives they don’t even care.

    3. Haha Croxynd is such an idiot. Obviously Sony or Microsoft didn’t care about Bayonetta 2, so the real children ought to be mad at their precious companies. Fucking idiot.

      1. Dont worry pikmin will save the Wii U….my bad I ment W101…….sorry I mean WWHD……ugh oops I ment sonic lost world…… not that I mean 3D world…….ohh wait… LOL none of those saved it and now they say wait till next year. What a bunch of idiots

        1. lmfao right! Like you said, Bayonetta 2 will definitely be a fantastic game, but it won’t do the Wii U justice…not by a long shot. The fanboys fail to realize that… all you hear is nothing but damage control. If Mario won’t move units then Bayonetta without a doubt won’t.

          1. hail yea B2 is going to AMAZING and will proly be the reason I by a Wii U but it doesn’t change the fact that the game will sell shitty since Wii U owners only care for 1st party rehash and not 3rd party (sales show it too) but exactly if 3D world, NINTENDO’S KILLER APP couldn’t save the Wii U or even sell a shit load like (3d land, galaxy, Pokemon etc) then there is no way it shit that a sequel to a game that most Wii U owners didn’t even play, heard of or cared about is going to sell great or even good. it will flop but you can only blame the dumb damage controlling fanboys that dont buy 3rd parties for that

        2. You forgot to add that you expected Mario to roll off top 10 charts and forgot to bring up you thought Wii U sales would decline. You keep on saying “save the Wii u” will yeah ps4 is outselling Wii U but before your previous comments you didn’t expect one Mario game to get Wii U in 6 figures each month. So um yeah it increased sales. That’s what matters the most. Now why doest Vita TV have the same effect Mario has?

          1. Dude I dont even know what your trying to say but again I said 3D world will sell well but won’t save the Wii U and won’t be a system seller which was true. I never mentioned anything about the top 10 charts so stop twisting up what I said

  10. Will the game bomb? Probably? Will Sony or MS systems be getting the game ported to the system if the game bombs? Highly unlikely…possible…but highly unlikely. It’ll end up a collector’s edition for Wii U owners just like Xenoblade etc!!! I love seeing the pathetic Sony fanboys cry and beg for this port. I wish they never stop begging actually!!

  11. This game is going to get ported.

    The Wii U was merely the set-up area; once the sales and word-of-mouth establish B2’s existence, it will be ported.

    And Platinum will allow it because they will have already fulfilled their duty to Nintendo in making the Wii U seem like it’s favorable to third parties by constantly saying B2 will only be on Wii U.

    1. Nintendo has the say so in that department dude…not platinum game since Nintendo funded it. Kamiya said so himself on twitter.

      “twitter user: Please bring Bayonetta 2 to 360

      Kamiya: Sure, when Zelda is allowed on multi platforms too.”

      Meaning, no ports what so ever. Think I’m bluffing, I’ll be glad to search for you and link you sir. Basically he’s saying “FUCK YOU”.

  12. It doesn’t matter to Platinum how well the game sells. They’ve already gotten their money from Nintendo. It’s Nintendo’s game to lose, not theirs. And the only way you’ll ever get Bayonetta 2 on Xbone and PS4 is if you can convince Nintendo to port their IPs on them. In which case I’d like to say, good luck with that.

  13. I don’t see why they’re complaining. Nintendo fans rightly deserved Kingdom Hearts 3 due to the side stories being on Nintendo consoles. But guess what? We’re the only ones NOT getting it. I think the Sony and Microsoft fans can shut their mouths on this one, because honestly, they’re getting enough third party support. So as Kamiya said on his Twitter “FUCK OFF”

  14. To clarify, this game is being published by Nintendo, which means it is up to Nintendo to decide which platforms the game comes to, not Platinum. If you are wondering why Nintendo is the publisher, it is because they were willing to publish and SEGA, and likely other publishers, were not. Obviously Nintendo is not going to let this game be released on another platform. Get a Wii U, or miss out on this game. It is that simple.

  15. Then listen up Sony and Xbox fans, buy a Wii U, you fucking idiots! Nintendo gave Platinum some cash to do this. Want to play this game, then get Nintendo’s hardware! Christ and they say us Nintendo fans are BAD. Fucking idiots!!!

  16. haters still gonna hate. fact, nintendo funded the game and both sony and microsoft gave the double bird to platinum games and said hell no to bayo2 so its microdicks and sony’s fault. why dont you thank nintendo as they are good guy gregs (sometimes), without nintendo this game would never happen. also without nintendo breaking the contract with sony, playstation would have never existed, better yet without nintendo the gaming industry would not be as big as it is now.

  17. I don’t go multi console because I cannot afford more than 1 console, I have always been stick to Nintendo and never regretted it. If there’s a game I want to play badly (i. e. The Last of Us) I watch walkthroughs on youtube, there’s plenty of all games always n.n’

  18. I was hoping Wii U would be getting a lot more games like Bayonetta 2, Nintendo should publish Madworld 2, and Vanquish 2 as well.

  19. Nintendo should publish No More Heroes 3 if they can. They should work with Konami for a true Castlevania game on 3DS, and Capcom for a Megaman X9 and x10 on Wii U.
    Nintendo should work with Square Enix for a Mario RPG sequel. Nintendo needs to make a reboot or remake of Star Tropics series and Earthbound series.

  20. The only ones begging for it are $0N¥ Paupers because they can’t afford more than one console. Sad no-lifes they are and not playing games because their PoS4 has none, but rather f up the internet for everyone else in their misery.

  21. Some people must be dumb as a bread when they dont get why there is no port from B2 to other consoles possible. Its a NINTENDO produced game and Nintendo has all the rights.

    Sony and Microsoft refused to produce this game because it is no blockbuster appeal. Thexly spend their money for simple shooters and exclusive CoD DLC.

  22. Well, what did he expect? It’s like announcing Vanquish 2 exclusive for the Nvidia Shield, or Diablo 4 for Mac. Of course people would hate it and not shut up about it.

    They could have kept the game on hold and waited for a better opportunity, but instead chose to take Nintendo’s money, knowing full well (if they have any sense) that they were sending their game out to die. They have no right to complain about the reaction, even a year after.

  23. I can’t take you thought seriously lol I laugh how hypocritical he is nintendo fan boys are hypocrites … Just a couple days ago … Omg miiverse on 3ds is so awesome nintendo really out did them selves Witt his blah blah blah .. Now today oh wtf nintendo screws up they have a bad console fan boys are hypocrites

    1. Not even close lmao, I never said Nintendo out did themselves and there was no hypocrisy in what i said also you must fantasize about me since you made a form of my name and keep records about what I say lmao what a loser and me complementing miiverse has NOTHING to do with what I was saying here so if anything you just exposed you’re idiocy to everyone on this site good job!! :D

  24. Bayonetta 1 didn’t sell well enough in NA on 360/PS3, to the point of Platinum not having enough funding for the 2nd. Nintendo came along to say “hey, we’ll help you out” Now tell me why all of a sudden would they cater to what didn’t support them before? and now those consumers(non-consumers) are crawling back for the attention? “That’s” why the director is pissed at the begging for ports. If you’re a fan-then you’re a fan. I bought the 1st for 360, loved it. I now happen to own a WiiU as well and will get the 2nd game as well. It’s a game, it’s getting made, it will exists, and it will be available for purchase. These ‘fans’ are ‘Begging’ so if you ‘Really’ wanted Bayonetta 2, you’d pay to get to play it. If not, then it’s just empty meaningless begging to Platinum in their eyes. Basically, Platinum gave the Playstationer’s and Xboxer’s market a chance and it failed them. Now their returning the favor to Nintendo, makes complete sense to me.

    1. Also, what company supported Platinum’s Wonderful101? regardless of what people say about that game, Nintendo. When Platinum released Anarchy Reigns on 360/PS3 (you could say it was like a second chance) did it sell good? it’s in the cheap bin at Gamestop now for $15 or less. Vanquish? although got good reviews, still didn’t sell enough. The track record between Platinum and Sony and Microsoft sales just don’t cut it for them.

  25. What a bunch of entitled shits, weren’t they talking crap months ago? I still have the screencaps (Courtesy of ED) of YouTube going for the throat of this man and Platinum.
    And they’re so stupid they just don’t get that this game is being FINANCED by Nintendo, they are so estranged from reality that they don’t get basic concepts of economy and market, like, if you fucking fund it you have the right to claim it your intellectual property.
    This game is a product of Nintendo rescuing the company after Sony and Microsoft had scavenged all they wanted from it and left it to die like the fucking parasites they are, these people should be glad that Nintendo is keeping the studio alive so one day all consoles may get the third installment of the fucking game.

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