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Japanese Gamers Can Get These Two Very Rare Nintendo 3DS XL Consoles

New customers to Flets Hikari internet service in Japan have the opportunity to purchase a limited edition Mario White or Mario Silver Nintendo 3DS XL console. There’s only one hundred units of each model and they’re priced at 19,900 yen each. These special edition Nintendo 3DS consoles were previously released in China.

Thanks, Sonickid147

32 thoughts on “Japanese Gamers Can Get These Two Very Rare Nintendo 3DS XL Consoles”

  1. The silver model reminds me of the Bully logo. I like it. They’re both cool, actually. But I’m happy with my regular ol’ black model.

    1. You are saying people are immature because I’m assuming they keep repeating “I’m predicting” which you just used yourself so you are full of fail. It’s like a slap in the face.

  2. The silver one is the best of the two. These will be ultra rare. I pity all the collectors who will never get to add these to their collection.

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