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Here’s Some More Splatoon Information


We seems to be getting drippings of Splatoon information thanks to the recently opened Japanese Twitter account. Thankfully those fine folk over at NeoGAF have been translating the tweets to give us more details about the highly anticipated Wii U game. Here’s the latest information in English.

“Investigation report from the Squid Research Lab. This mysterious person (sorry, squid) guides the protagonist in Hero Mode. It seems that in the peaceful squid world he is the only man (sorry, squid) that has noticed the plans of the Octopus Corps. Anyway, he’s totally seeing our cameraman here.”

“We have confirmed the existence of various contraptions in Hero Mode. This cannon can shoot powerful ink bullets. Could it be something that the Octopus Corps set up, or was it someone else entirely? Be that as it may, it looks like a rather technologically advanced device.”

“Report from the Squid Research Lab. This guys name is “Denchinamazu” [Lit: Battery Catfish]. This world appears to run on the energy produced by this catfish. The protagonist enters the Octopus Army Corps base alone in order to return the stolen Denchinamazu.”

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There’s A Giant Mario In The Amiibo Display At The Nintendo World Store

StreetPassNYC has captured footage of a massive Mario Amiibo which is currently on display at the Nintendo World Store in New York. The giant figure is bound to capture customers attention as it rotates round and round and underneath it is the range of Amiibo’s that consumers can purchase now and in the future. Be sure to check it out if you’re in the area.

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You Can Dress Link Up As The Postman In The Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess Pack


Ever wanted to see what Link looks like as the Postman from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess? Well you can now, thanks to the Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess DLC Pack. The downloadable content will be released worldwide on November 27th. As you probably already know Midna will be a playable character in the game and you’ll also be able to dress Zelda up as Ilia from Twilight Princess. Also new to the DLC is a new weapon which is called the Dominion Rod and you’ll also get a brand new adventure map.


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Nintendo Japan Uploads Two New Silky Smooth 60fps Smash Bros Commercials

Super Smash Bros for Wii U is released today in the United States, but unfortunately gamers in Japan will have to hang on a little longer for the fast paced brawler. To celebrate its upcoming release Nintendo Japan has uploaded two silky smooth 60fps Smash Bros commercials to tide eager gamers over.What do you think to them?

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Here’s What The Next Hyrule Warriors Update Includes

Hyrule Warriors will be getting a rather large worldwide update on November 27th. The newly announced update will see the level cap raised and also support for Amiibo figures. It should be noted that the update is for everyone, not just for those who have got the DLC.

  • level cap raised
  • max amount of materials raised
  • new potions
  • new medals
  • amiibo support.

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Loot Crate Says Amiibo Bundles Have Now Sold Out

Wanting to get your Amiibo bundles from Loot Crate? Well if you’ve already pre-ordered then your item should be shipping to you, but if you’re just looking to sign up to Loot Crate then you are out of luck as they have announced they have sold out of the Amiibo crates. There’s no word if and when these bundles from Nintendo will be available again. Let’s hope Amiibo turns out to be a resounding success.

“Sorry, our amiibo™ Crates are no longer available. Fortunately, we have more epic deals coming soon!“

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