Liam Robertson: ‘Nintendo NX Is Not Aiming To Compete Against PS4 On A Power Level’

It should not come as a massive surprise to many of you, but industry insider Liam Robertson of Unseen 64 says that Nintendo’s next generation platform, the NX, won’t compete against the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on a power level. No doubt the console will be cheap and will also feature some sort of innovative unique selling point. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime have stated that we won’t hear more about NX till next year.

Horii: Dragon Quest 11 Will Be A Tradional Dragon Quest Game For Consoles

Yuji Horii, the creator of the Dragon Quest series, has reconfirmed that the next mainline Dragon Quest title will be for home consoles and will be an offline game. This should reassure many, as the last main Dragon Quest Game was X for the Wii U and PC which was an online adventure. Dragon Quest 11 will be a traditional Dragon Quest game that we are all used too. Which consoles it will be for remain a mystery but the PlayStation 4 is a given, perhaps it will grace the NX which is expected to launch later next year.

  • (On the series’s 30th anniversary, and DQ11) “I don’t have much to tell now, but we’re making many preparations. One thing is for certain, Dragon Quest 11 will be an offline game”
  • (About action combat like Dragon Quest Heroes) “No, Dragon Quest 11 will return to the roots of Dragon Quest. Another action RPG would be like Heroes, and we want to distinguish between the two.”
  • (On the possibility of a large-scale remake a la FF7 of older titles such as DQ3) “There are no plans at the moment, but there’s possibilities in the future.”
  • (On Dragon Quest for smartphones) “I think games should be designed for the platforms they’re on. Dragon Quest 11 is designed for home consoles.”
  • (On virtual reality) “I had the chance to experience Morpheus, and if I get the opportunity, I’d like to make something with that sort of technology.”

Valhalla Games Says They’re Ready To Answer Questions About Devil’s Third

Devil’s Third is a third party title for the Wii U that the majority of you are curious about. We haven’t really heard much new information about the game, despite it being released next month in Europe. Nintendo of America won’t even comment on the game, which as a few of you have noted, is extremely odd. Thankfully, Valhalla Games have taken to Facebook and have said that they’re ready to answer questions by the media about the action title.

Dear Media Friends,

We’ve been asked many times about Devil’s Third for a long time and we’ve felt sorry that we couldn’t respond to such requests.
Thank you very much for your patience and waiting for our game.

The time has finally come.

Now, we’re ready to answer to questions from you and your readers.
So, please send us your questions to the following E-mail address.

Itagaki will try to provide exclusive information to you if you promise to never cut or omit his words to be featured in your article.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Valhalla Game Studios

Thanks, Paidenthusiast


Here’s Some Video Footage Of The Nintendo PlayStation Console

You probably heard that earlier today a Reddit user revealed that he had in his possession an incredibly rare Nintendo PlayStation. There were obviously quite a few skeptics out there, but the Reddit user who owns the console uploaded some footage of the device which is no doubt worth an absolute fortune, if it is the real deal. The machine doesn’t have any cables so it hasn’t been hooked up to a television set, so we’ve got no idea what the actual bootup is like. Anyway, if you are at all interested be sure to check out the video for a glimpse of this rarity.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

Nintendo Minute – E3 Memories With Reggie

The latest episode of Nintendo Minute is probably one you will want to watch. The lovable presenters Kit and Krysta have managed to grab Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime to discuss their E3 memories, which also include this year’s Nintendo World Championships. If you’re interested to hear Reggie views about this year’s E3 then be sure to give the video a watch, below.

Zero Escape Volume 3 Coming To Nintendo 3DS

The long-awaited Zero Escape Volume 3 has been announced for North America and will be arriving on the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita during the first half of 2016. For those not familiar with the title, Zero Escape 3 is a direct sequel to 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. This time around the developers have announced the North American version at the same time as announcing the Japanese version of Zero Escape Volume 3.

“We’re working very closely with our Japanese development team to crank this out together and on time,”

– Aksys Games, Danny Miscevich

Nintendo’s Bill Trinen Will Be Participating In Evo 2015 In The Smash Bros Wii U Tournament

It’s true, Nintendo’s very own Bill Trinen will be competing this year at EVO 2015. Trinen tweeted confirmation that he would be participating in the Super Smash Bros Wii U tournament. The EVO 2015 event kicks off on July 17th and ends on July 19th. There’s going to be plenty of games played, and more importantly, plenty of fearsome competitors. It should be a good show this year.

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