Video: Action Movie Kid Gets To Visit Nintendo Of America HQ

YouTube star Action Movie Kid and a bunch of other young YouTubers recently had the fantastic opportunity to visit the Nintendo of America headquarters at Redmond, Washington. The cute video gives you a look inside the building and just goes to show how much more open Nintendo of America is these days.

Massive Queues For The Launch Of Monster Hunter X In Japan

Monster Hunter X has launched in Japan, and as we all know, it is a massive franchise in the country and it shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. Judging from images posted via Famitsu there were huge queues of people lining up to get their hands on the Nintendo 3DS exclusive. It will certainly be interesting to see Nintendo hardware sales in the next Media Create post!

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Pachter Gives The Nintendo NX A 40% Chance At Failing

Everyone’s favourite video game analyst Michael Pachter has once again spoken about the forthcoming NX platform from Nintendo. While he only knows as much as we do he says that the console has a 40% chance of failure and a positive 60% chance of success. Pachter believes that the platform will a mobile convergence device. That means it will be a hybrid between a home console and handheld.

Pachter sees the system’s outlook for profit as fairly positive. Overall, he estimates a 40 percent odd for failure and a 60 percent odd for success. While NX is being primed to launch late in a hardware cycle, he still says it could sell as many as 30 million units. To put that number into perspective, PS4 just passed the 30 million sales milestone since its release two years ago.

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Shakedown Hawaii Could Come To The Nintendo NX

We heard earlier this week that Retro City Rampage developer Vblank Entertainment revealed their latest project which is titled Shakedown Hawaii. It’s coming to a number of platforms, including the Nintendo 3DS, but it appears to be noticeably absent on Wii U. The game’s creator Brian Proviciano says that while they haven’t announced the game for the Wii U they are considering the possibility of releasing it on the Nintendo NX once more is known about the platform.

“I’m currently targeting 3DS, but other Nintendo platforms are possible. I’m leaving the final decision until closer to launch since I’m not sure when the NX will come out. As the game is closer to completion and more is known about the NX, I’ll be able to better make the decision.”

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The Next Splatoon Splatfest For North America Is Burgers vs Pizza

Nintendo of America has announced that the next Splatoon Splatfest for North America will be themed around Burgers vs Pizza. It’s clearly going to hard to choose a side as both options are absolutely delicious! The North American Splatfest kicks off on December 4th (the same day as Xenoblade Chronicles X) at 9pm PT. Which side will you choose to join?

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Video: Early Splatoon Sloshing Machine Weapon Tour And Gameplay

There’s a brand new Sloshing Machine weapon coming to Splatoon this evening in the United States and YouTube channel NintendoMe has been given early access to the latest Slosher. If you want an extensive overview of the ink-tastic new weapon along with a tour of it in action then this video is for you. Enjoy!

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Nintendo UK Store Has Plenty Of Rare Amiibo In Stock

The Nintendo UK Store has begun emailing customers informing them that they have plenty of highly sought after amiibo figures in stock. Yes, you can get your hands on the Yarn Yoshi amiibo along with the Splatoon themed amiibo figures, all for a reasonable price. If this piques your interest then you will want to get in there quick!

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