Here’s The First 39 Minutes Of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer has been released today in Japan and the one and only NintenDaan has managed to snag a copy of the cosmetic title. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer allows you to create your own decorative interiors for houses and other building with a number of tools at your disposal. The game won’t be arriving till October 2nd in Europe and September 25th in the United States. Anyway, be sure to check out the delightful video, below.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer 3DS Bundles Announced for Europe

To celebrate the launch of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems on 2nd October, Nintendo of Europe is launching a range of new products – including all-new hardware bundles – to give fans of the series and new players alike a variety of options to enjoy a one-of-a-kind handheld gaming experience like only Nintendo offers.

From 2nd October, Animal Crossing fans with a penchant for interior or exterior design can go all out with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Join the Nook’s Homes family business and make hundreds of your favourite animals happy by designing their dream home – some might even ask you to spruce up their garden! Go beyond home decor and try your hand at bigger projects like a school or a café and assign unexpected roles to some of your favourite animal friends.

At launch, a limited number of copies of the game sold in stores will come with one special amiibo card that allows the player to call up the card’s character and let their imagination run wild designing a house for them. What kind of home would you build for Tom Nook or Isabelle? Additional amiibo cards will be sold separately in packs of three. Out of these three, one card will always be a special amiibo card, meaning it features a character whose house you won’t be able to build without using its amiibo card. Each card can be used across multiple copies of the game, so they’re perfect for collecting and trading with friends.

Owners of New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL systems can tap the amiibo card to the NFC area on the bottom screen, while owners of original Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL or Nintendo 2DS systems can purchase the NFC Reader/Writer accessory to enjoy amiibo functionality in compatible software.

The launch of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for Nintendo 3DS will be accompanied by the following additional releases on 2nd October:

  • New Nintendo 3DS + Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Pack: a white New Nintendo 3DS system with a digital copy of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer , a unique set of cover plates and one special amiibo card
  • New Nintendo 3DS XL Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Edition: a white New Nintendo 3DS XL system with a unique, game-themed cover design, a digital copy of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and one special amiibo card
  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer + NFC Reader/Writer Pack: a physical copy of the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer game, one special amiibo card and the NFC Reader/Writer accessory
  • Standalone NFC Reader/ Writer accessory
  • New Nintendo 3DS cover plates No. 5 (featuring K.K. Slider), 6 (featuring Isabelle) and 27 (featuring a variety of animals from the series).
  • Series 1 Animal Crossing amiibo cards Pack: each pack contains 1 special amiibo card and 2 regular amiibo cards)

Whether you’re new to the Nintendo 3DS experience or an existing system owner, the perfect bundle for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer from 2nd October.

Source: Nintendo Europe PR

Animal Crossing New Nintendo 3DS Coverplates Coming To Europe October 2nd

These three totally awesome Animal Crossing themed New Nintendo 3DS coverplates will be arriving in Europe on October 2nd. No doubt collectors will be foaming at the mouth at the prospect of these arriving. Pricing has yet to be announced, but no doubt they will retail for the same price as other coverplates.

Euro Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Packs Contain Half As Many Cards As US

That’s right, if you are in Europe and decide to purchase the Animal Crossing amiibo cards then you will have three fewer cards than your US counterparts. Nintendo fans in the United States will get six amiibo cards while those of you in Europe will only get three. Hopefully that will be reflected in the price.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Coming October 2nd In Europe 100 Cards To Collect


Amiibo fans will be shelling out quite a bit of cash when the Animal Crossing amiibo cards officially launch in Europe on October 2nd. There will be 100 cards to collect and they will be sold in packs of three. You won’t know what cards you’ve got in the pack either so Nintendo is going to be raking in the cash, that’s for sure. There could be more cards coming according to the official Nintendo of Norway website. Nintendo has also announced that one card from each pack will be some sort of special card. The cards will first go on sale in Japan later this month.



Check Out These Adorable Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Commercials

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is sure to be a big hit in Japan when it launches on July 30th. The Animal Crossing spin-off game see’s you design busy and bustling homes adding your own creative flair. To market the game Nintendo Japan has produced a couple of adorable television adverts which are sure to appeal to Animal Crossing fans. You can check them out above and below.

Animal Crossing Team Really Wanted Nintendo To Bring Out Animal Crossing Amiibo Figures

Animal Crossing series creator Katsuya Eguchi has revealed in an interview with US Gamer that one of the reasons why the team decided to make Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival is because they really wanted Nintendo to release Animal Crossing themed amiibo figures. The team thought long and hard about how they could integrate the popular figures into the Animal Crossing franchise and the end result was Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival.

Initially when the Amiibo was announced, there was nothing really said about Animal Crossing Amiibos or any plans for that matter. But as the Animal Crossing team, we were confident that if there was one, it would be really cute… honestly, we just wanted Animal Crossing Amiibo. We wanted the company to make Animal Crossing Amiibo, so that’s why we made a game that works with them.

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