Nintendo To Discuss Wii U Color Variations This Fall

Nintendo has showcased the Wii U in two colors, black and white, but hasn’t confirmed whether both colors will be available at launch. The company has announced that it will discuss the Wii U color variations plus the specific components that will be included in a Wii U package, when it announces the console’s launch date and price this autumn. Are you hoping that more colors will be revealed?

“When we announce the launch date, price and specific components to be included in the package, we will also discuss the color variations.”

Nintendo Says New Super Mario Bros. U’s Release Date Hasn’t Changed

Nintendo of America’s Kit Ellis recently stated that New Super Mario Bros. U will be released after the Wii U’s launch but, according to a Nintendo representative, “there is no change from the launch timing on New Super Mario Bros. U than what we [Nintendo] communicated during E3.” New Super Mario Bros. U will come out this year and, if it will be a Wii U launch title, expect Nintendo to reveal its exact release date this fall.

Nintendo Reconfirms Wii U Pricing And Release Date In The Autumn

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed to investors once again that the release date and pricing for Wii U will be announced sometime in the Autumn. Iwata reiterated that when the company announced Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS, they didn’t announce pricing, or a release date, at E3 in Los Angeles.

“We made a statement in public before E3 that we would announce neither the launch date nor the price (of the Wii U) at E3. It’s nothing new at all because, when we introduced the Wii, the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo 3DS, we didn’t announce the launch date or the price at the E3 shows, either.

“It is our intention to convey a strong message this fall with the information about the price and the launch date and then to create momentum good enough to convince our consumers to buy (the Wii U.”