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Nintendo To Discuss Wii U Color Variations This Fall

Nintendo has showcased the Wii U in two colors, black and white, but hasn’t confirmed whether both colors will be available at launch. The company has announced that it will discuss the Wii U color variations plus the specific components that will be included in a Wii U package, when it announces the console’s launch date and price this autumn. Are you hoping that more colors will be revealed?

“When we announce the launch date, price and specific components to be included in the package, we will also discuss the color variations.”

136 thoughts on “Nintendo To Discuss Wii U Color Variations This Fall”

    1. “Are you hoping that more colors will be revealed?”
      Are these not real? Dat Silver. The red is cool too. I like how they match the 3DS XL colours too.

        1. Just to confirm people, I checked, these are mock ups. I suspected, looking at how low quality the words by the buttons are. Definitely fakes :(

          1. It didnt say those colors were official, just that they were going to discuss them this fall… of course theyre mockups.


          Silver wiiu gamepad. OH MAN im feeling jizzy in my pants. LOL i just want a black Wii U. Its so sleek and shiny. PLEASE NINTENDO!

          1. and PLEASE let it come with a game. I only saved $210 and save an average of $40-$50 a month. Please nintendo, i want this so much!

            1. Those companies also gave the Wii an exclusive Monster Hunter, a version of Rayman Origins, and one of the best sonic games since Heroes as an exclusive.

            2. You forgot Assassin’s Creed, Rayman, Beyond Good and Evil 2 which is in production for the Wii U ( U mad??), Prince of Persia, etc..

              1. All coming to CURRENT GEN consoles :p

                That makes wiiU currentgen and 6 years late to the party. :D

                Source for beyond good and evil? And please don’t ther giving me a link to a RUMOUR

                1. okay…. how are u going to judge a console that has not eve ncome out yet…and its been proven that the wiiU games look better than the PS3 AT LAUNCH!!!! the game is a launch title and. launch title games never use the consoles full potential. even the 3DS has not had a game to push it to the max but we have amazing games like KH 3d and KIU. stop trolling and think

    1. If I ever find out where you live Aeolus I’ll buy a case of beer and we can play poker all night with a bunch a friends. Damn you’re funny bro.

    2. Because it only matters when Nintendo shows new colours, I mean ”holy fuck! that red ps3 looks damn nice!” would be the right thing to say when Sony shows it wouldn’t it?
      Also it’s funny that you think they’re making a choice: new colours or new games… How ’bout both?

      I bet you have one great life!!

    3. You’re trying way to hard to find reasons to hate Nintendo. Seriously? This is the most idiotic comment I’ve ever seen on this entire website.

  1. If Nintendo plans to release MORE colors on the Wii U console, imagine the thousands of customers from around the world purchasing their choice of color. WIN!!!!!!

    1. Or not. If wiiU gets shovelware (most likely look at that warner bros party game) then wiiU is a baby console and a laughing stock to real gamers who want to play seriously

      1. Wow. One shovelware that your forced to buy and more then 14 other hard core and great games. Yep It’s looking alot like a laughing stock.

        1. Games I already mastered on other platforms a year ago is not hardcore :p try harder

          And before u say zombiu and rayman. Ubisoft want to port these games over to CURRENT gen consoles. Afterall, rayman origins was released on every single machine even an inferior version on 3ds haha so slow and just poor.

          1. Ubisoft never said they were. They only said it’s a possebility. dum dum. And Rayman Origins was never going to be an exlusive so they made it for pretty much all the consoles.

          2. Just wait. Nintendo will show the games. Plus, the Wii U launch SHITS on the 360 launch. At least Wii U has Rayman, Mario, Pikmin, Tekken, etc.. 360 had nothing!

          3. Not completely sure about Rayman, but ZombiU was designed for the Wii U, now it might get downgraded for current gen and you’re acting all cool. The gamepad is one of the major influences of the game, so no gimmick, just something PS360 will miss out on.

      2. Asshole who are you to say wiiu will be a baby console who are you ign its like how everyone thinks Kirby is a kiddie game I say to those people go fuck yourself

        1. I know! These people get under my nerves. It’s atmosphere is happy, but Super Star is HARD. I can not beat that game whatsoever.

  2. I want a pearl manly leather like finish for myself, and a pearl opal for my lady. Nintendo is blessings us nicely this NES, SNES, Wii-esque season :).

  3. i´m ok with either black or white but i wouldn´t mind a red one….got a red 3ds xl and a red wii. red matches my black tv, white sideboard combination just perfectly. if there will be a red one at launch i´d pick that one up for sure. i cannot decide between black or white, so a red one would fix that problem for me ;)

  4. That metallic red looks great. If that’s not out by Christmas (when I’m getting one) then I’ll go for a black one.

  5. Going with a color that doesn’t show off fingerprints on the controller very easy, like white or silver. But if there are only white and black at launch, then I’ll go with white. Plus it will match my Wii and its accessories.

  6. Nintendo fans getting exited for nothing lol,
    We have a white original xbox, then we have the remade wireless Internet connection black. Thirdly we have the RED stylish xbox360.

      1. They only talk about COD on xbox sites. Got wind of this site, wanted to see what Nintendo fans are all about. You guys always claim great games and IPs and all those things. We have kinect and halo, also gears and fable. A multitude of third parties; so I am trying to see if Nintendo Wii U is worth it. Am a little scared that the new Nintendo system plays COD black ops 2. Hopefully you guys don’t get COD 4 ( we get DLC exclusive content first so we win).

        1. The Wii U will have Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash, F-Zero, Star Fox, Pikmin, Xenoblade, Sin and Punishment, Eternal Darkness, Fatal Frame, etc…

          1. The Wii U will have Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash, F-Zero, Star Fox, Pikmin, Xenoblade, Sin and Punishment, Eternal Darkness, Fatal Frame, etc… so why would we need COD?

        2. ahh you do know the Kinect is heavily flawed. the only good game it has is the wii sports rip off few app games like fruit ninja and Dance Central. and my god why da fuck is every Xbox fan always mentioning Fable. its a fucking joke. you’re not ghelping give the xbox a good name if you mention the ” one button game” and FYI the PS3 has those exact third party game AND more. while the 360 does have halo. that’s all it has. at leasst nintendo has iconic games. and of course we will get CoD (threw up abit) the series is Multiplatform. n who cares bout DLC youre the first to spend money on stuff you should have already gotten in the game. congrats on being the first to beripped off.

        3. Kinect (don’t make me laugh), Halo (Good), Gears (Good), and Fable (you’re joking, right? Its just a crash and burn.)

    1. I am an xbox360 hardcore FPS player, COD, battle field 3, and know the Wii U is next gen. You must be fony ps3 right. xbox360 rules. We are getting kinect 2 for the 720, and we have rareware. So ps4 and Wii U can’t match the innovation at ms. Smart glass, which is not a copy of Wii U touch screen pad rocks. Also our kinect 1 and 2 are better than eye toy and eye toy 2 on ps4 lame. Microsoft is the most innovative. Our windows phone will work with smart glass.

      1. Well, Kinect doesn’t interest me at all. Rare had all of the developers that made it great leave. SmartGlass I can’t say I know much about, but from what I’ve heard it doesn’t interest me either.

      2. 1. Kinect 2 will mean no controller. or maybe they do have it yet they wont be focusing on it.
        2. You have Rareware and its ruined. the developers on there are gone, the games that made them famous are nintendos and those they kept are ruined.
        3. Smartglass is a ripoff (made after the Wii U was shown) and it is cool however unlike the gamepad youd have to use a controller and a tablet so it’d be difficult to use. of course kinect is better becuase its using newer high tech. Microsoft is not innovative as much as Nintendo. they havent made enough yet. all they made is the kinect.

  7. I hope black and white won’t be the only colours available at launch. I’d love to pick up four Pro Controllers straight at launch, and I’d prefer them to all be different colours…

  8. I want my Wii U to be a FABULOUS multicoloured rainbow (I think I’ll just stick with black, to be honest).

  9. well since they’re talking about “color variations” and not just “color” it might mean there’s at least 2

  10. (Had this accidentally posted elsewhere)

    Summer is ending, but Fall draws near
    And Nintendo’s Wii U will soon be here.
    And so will answers to our questions that have us in a bother
    From price, to release, to launch library, and now to color.

    Eh, something I just thought up. =/

    1. It’s true that we have SO MANY questions about the Wii U, from what you mentioned above to what’s under the hood (I really could care less about how powerful the Wii U can be compared to other consoles). Don’t worry. In due time, we will get our answers.

    2. You guys stay pationate about your consoles, even when not in release season. We at xbox world usually get stoked at launch time. Thats were you Nintendo fans make me mad at my xbox fans they only cheer for third party COD, halo and gears. We need to fight for great exclusives as well. Don’t get me wrong xbox360 rocks but exclusives like monster hunter or red steel 2 would be nice. Not that I want to be a Nintendo person but you guys seem to have more fun. Still xbox rocks.

      1. lol im sorry but its funny you say the xbox rocks which is a gaming console which games are ment to have fun and yet you say we as nintendo fans have more fun. its ironic.

      2. Halo is 2nd party. At least cheer up that you have THAT great exclusive. But it is a FPS, which is basically now known as the standard video game.

  11. i think that it should launch with a black wii u to differentiate itself from wii, because a couple of idiots think its an add on for wii when its clearly a new console… the red one looks pretty awesome as well!

  12. So in the Wii U package at launch, it should include: The console, the Gamepad, maybe an extra Wii remote or Nunchuk… it would be really cool if they included a free game like the Wii- maybe NSMB U? That would be rad

    1. I know people talk about your avi a lot, but I have to say it: It makes you look like you’re disappointed that they look really nice.

  13. I’m having a dilemma about which colour Wii U I should go for. I have a white Wii so a white Wii U would go well with my white remotes and stuff. But my TV is black, and I think it’d be cool if the Tv and the Wii U gamepad matched. But then I think: it would be pretty sweet if they released a turquoise blue Wii U (the same colour as the ‘U’ in the logo).
    Obviously the colour of the console isn’t that important, but I just want to know that I made the right choice when I’m spending so much money on something.

  14. That looks awesome. I still think the black is the best colour, though. I’m already saving up. Leave luck to heaven.

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  16. I really love the idea of multiple colors, but Nintendo’s track record shows two colors at launch max. For a console, one color only is not unheard of. At E3 they featured a black controller heavily, so I expect white and black at launch. Of course, early adopters will wind up being punished in under two years when a very cool-looking limited Zelda console will debut. Okay, I’m a little sore from the awesome Zelda 3DS being announced about a month after I bought my black one =)

    1. There’s a gentleman on eBay who makes some very impressive custom paint jobs on N64s and Gameboy Advance SPs… I’m sure he could help you out. Just do a search for ‘custom gameboy advance sp’ and see what pops up. He’s good.

  17. Oh great !! This piece of turd is in more colors ..they might aswell put it in brown coz that’s it’s true color LOL

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