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Nintendo Reconfirms Wii U Pricing And Release Date In The Autumn

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has confirmed to investors once again that the release date and pricing for Wii U will be announced sometime in the Autumn. Iwata reiterated that when the company announced Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS, they didn’t announce pricing, or a release date, at E3 in Los Angeles.

“We made a statement in public before E3 that we would announce neither the launch date nor the price (of the Wii U) at E3. It’s nothing new at all because, when we introduced the Wii, the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo 3DS, we didn’t announce the launch date or the price at the E3 shows, either.

“It is our intention to convey a strong message this fall with the information about the price and the launch date and then to create momentum good enough to convince our consumers to buy (the Wii U.”

98 thoughts on “Nintendo Reconfirms Wii U Pricing And Release Date In The Autumn”

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  1. Autumn for what country? Japan or the US. I’m in Australia and its winter. Sitting next to a heater as I type.

    1. Japan is the northern hemisphere like the us so they have the same autumn. But for you Aussies it would be September-November your spring

      1. Autumn officialy starts Oct21 Ends Jan21 but idoubt that will be the case they will go by what people think to be autumn sept-dec

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  5. Um…..
    Didn’t they say that the Wii U will come out in summer!??!?!?!!??!?Or maybe this YEAR!
    If its autumn, than it will come out in 2013! Cuz autumn is almost by the end of the year, and they should atleast reveal the price, because ppl would like to save money early!y

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  7. This approach may have been okay with the Wii because we always knew it would end up being more affordable, but I think they should at least announce the price or the release date sooner than later. People need to know so they can start setting aside money for it. I haven’t saved anything so far because it seems like there’s still a lot we don’t know about it yet.

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  9. I say wait for a Nintendo Wii U direct to come out sometime soon and stop all this moaning about the date & price

  10. how are people suppose to get excited when they plan to announce the price so close to the launch window. unless that beast is super affordable people are not going to be happy.

  11. Sorry, Iwata, but I have to disagree w/ you here. If you announced the date and price now, people can set a saving goal and know how long they have. It can’t be done separately, or mass frustration will ensue. If there’s a reaction in Sony’s and Microsoft’s pricing that’s just a risk that Nintendo will have to take. There are things that can be announced close to their release like some digital content, but a new system is not one of those things.

      1. 1. I don’t know why it’s taken this long for someone to say “SonofMrBitch.” Would’ve thought that name would come up sooner, especially here where such petty insults are prevalent.

        2. Concerning my initial statement, I don’t think the timing of a price/date announcement will affect the system’s ultimate success. It removes certain barriers we’ve experienced for years, some we’d just learned to live with. Such progressive aspects include the pad’s motion capabilities allowing for a 3rd analog input (movement/aiming/exterior camera) and the extra screen potentially offering a second view on the same scene (no more “stuck behind a wall” bad camera problems). There’s plenty to do with it, and I look forward to seeing developers work with the Upad. I’d just like Nintendo to get off on the best foot possible with Wii U, and the price could be an easy way to get some people to take notice.

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  19. Summer is ending, but Fall draws near
    And Nintendo’s Wii U will soon be here.
    And so will answers to our questions that have us in a bother
    From price, to release, to launch library, and now to color.

    Eh, something I just thought up. =/

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