GameStop Reveals Wii U Release Date & Game Prices?

Nintendo will confirm the Wii U’s release date and price this autumn but according to a GameStop release sheet, the upcoming console will be released by November. The release sheet suggests that the Wii U versions of Rise of the Guardians and Ben 10 Omniverse will be released on November 14th and each of the two games will be priced at $39.99.

78 thoughts on “GameStop Reveals Wii U Release Date & Game Prices?”

        1. I think the game price listing are the least important info. The nov 14th is what you should focus on. I honestly have no doubt tgat the wii u will be here in november.

        2. No,when gamestop puts an item in the.system,the price is listed something just utterly ridiculously high to at as a place holder for the item untilled the true price is put into the.system. I know because I work at one. The rumoured sounds about right for a Nintendo game though.

        3. actually the dates are what times the preorders start for those games, and the prices are set at 99$ cause the price can change. if they advertised it at a lower cost and the the games come out higher. they would have to comply and sell at the lower price due to false advertisement. its of a way to save there arse.
          information from my best friends who is a district manager of gamestop


      1. Normally companies post the price (If they don’t know it yet) above the final price, some companies have the price of the wii u itself at 500 bucks, wich is not gonna happen. It’s just to ensure they’re not below the official price.

        1. Nov. 18, 2001 – GameCube /USA

          Nov. 19, 2006 – Wii / USA

          Nov. 18, 2012 – Wii U / USA

          Nintendo’s business model is to release a console 5 weeks before Christmas.
          Also did you notice on the GameStop site that they didn’t mention any games to be released after Nov. 13th until Dec. 31st.
          I have my calendar set for November 18, 2012. I’ll see you in the Miiverse then.

      2. I don’t honestly believe that Wii U games will cost a $100 bucks unless Nintendo decides to dump the console at a ridiculously low price.

    1. Their placeholder prices tend to be a high guess. The $99 prices are certainly placeholders, but these $39 ones seem to be the real deal.

      Both games look like shovelware to me, though.

  1. These aren’t “leaked” price/release dates anyone can get a list like this. GameStop does these so they can take more preorders in

    1. I HIGHLY doubt they will be. Not the regular ones at least. The games that were listed were games based on movies and tv shows. That’s about the price that movie and tv-based games come out on systems today. Between $29.99 and $49.99 (depending on the system).

      1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots says:

        Shovelware is always cheap.

    1. It was rumoured that depending on what the game was class as, as in full title, party, ect, theyd be priced accordingly, cheaper for the shovelshite, normal price for the good games, and sort of in the middle for the core/family/multiplayer stuff

  2. ok what the fuck When nintendo reveal the price and launch date then you’ll know so untill then fuckin shut up and waite fuck the system isnt do out for another 3 or 4 months fuck shut up already about these rumor launch and prices of the wii u damn!

    1. I think we need rumors so websites like this can put news up and the only way rumors will stop is when Nintendo says the real date (via a nintendo wii u direct) so please stop moaning when there is a Wii u guessing game and just wait for nintendo to say something

    1. it is in the zone of hoilday seaspn in USA so let wait for Nintendo to sttop all these rumors flying about, get the Wii u direct out ASAP and please stop all these rumors

      1. He’s not going by rumours. He’s going by the last 10 years of Nintendo home console releases, which were all mid-November.

  3. Whether or not this is true or not it is still yet ANOTHER speculation to the Wii U coming out in November. That is exciting because my Birthday is in November! :D

  4. If that’s true, the fact that the German Gamestop has listed the WiiU for 399€ may be true also. German Amazon has listed the WiiU for the same price as well, by the way.

    1. hi there yes youtube has a video called 3ds xl vs wii u release date november 18 2012 with a 3 ghz quad core cpu not tri core cpu in xbox 360 1 gb d-ram 32 mb ram on gpu 8 gb flash storage and a $299.99 with tablet controler

  5. I don’t know why people latch onto GameStop listings. They literally don’t know anything until maybe the day before everyone else, unless they’re someone high up in the company or they work in marketing. The release dates for these games were probably accidentally set as the same release date as their cross-platform counterparts. Most release dates for games without official street dates are set at 01-01-(next year) until they find out the actually release date, and the $99.99 price point is a clear sign they don’t know the prices. GameStop uses multiple nines to represent either unknown pricing of a specific item or overpricing to prevent the sale of an item that needs to go to a refurbishing center. Like I said, people higher up in the company will likely know the release date of the Wii U a month ahead of time in order to make sure marketing has time to plan for it, but they won’t show anything on the system until the official announcement.

  6. How about a Chinese guy from Nintendo comes to your house! Bends you over ! And sticks his smallass chinese cock in your ass as you take your credit card out for 400.00 for this fuckin game system. Yes !!!! Yess !! Fuck me yoshi !

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