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WayForward Developing Hotel Transylvania For Nintendo DS & Nintendo 3DS

Hotel Transylvania, the video game, is being developed by WayForward. Hotel Transylvania is an action-adventure game that stars the vampire Dracula and other monsters including the Mummy, the Invisible Man, Frankenstein and the Werewolf family. Hotel Transylvania will be released in September for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.

12 thoughts on “WayForward Developing Hotel Transylvania For Nintendo DS & Nintendo 3DS”

    1. Sickr, can I buy your biggest piece of ad space? I just wanna post a big picture that says, “dont feef the trolls”

  1. Despite WayForward’s involvement, this looks like the kimd of movie game that should be approached w/ caution.

  2. I hope you get to play as the pregnant werewolf lady– there hasn’t been a game with a pregnant protagonist since what, FFX2?

  3. NO! NO! NO! Its not Frankenstein, Frankenstein is the scientist…Ugh, I hate it when people make that mistake!!!

    1. I do feel for your frustration (I feel it from time to time), but it immediately made me think of “No, it’s pronounced eye-gor” from Young Frankenstein.

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