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Ultra-Cute Kirby’s Dream Collection Trailer

Nintendo of Japan has released an overview trailer for the fantastic Kirby’s Dream Collection for Wii. There’s a number of games included in the package, such as Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and Kirby’s Dream Land 3. Kirby’s Dream Collection is due for release in North America on September 16th.

28 thoughts on “Ultra-Cute Kirby’s Dream Collection Trailer”

  1. The SNES Kirby game will remain the best one for ever. The fight with Meta Knight is pure nostalgia..

  2. It’s good to see an anniversary collection for Kirby. I love both casual and hardcore games and that’s what makes me a true gamer. Now all we need is Metroid.

      1. What I meant to say say is that we need Nintendo to celebrate an anniversary for Nintendo next time. Then again, Metroid is very popular in America, but barely loved in Japan. Actually, I been on this this site longer than that and just now made me a profile.

        1. One has to wonder if that had a hand in Nintendo not truely celebrating a 25 year anniversery for Metroid. Mario, Zelda, and Kirby are just as loved in Japan as they are in America.

          Metroid on the other hand actually hasn’t done very well in Japan. America has embraced that series more than they have. In fact, the reason why Metroid 64 never came was because of the mediocre Japanese sales of Super Metroid. At least, that’s what I heard anyway.

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  4. Wait, was that an episode from Kirby: Right Back At Ya I saw in there? Is there going to be a few episodes on the disc?

  5. I loved Kirby 64, was watching it on YouTube. I miss Canvas Curse too, but they could do that on the Wii U with the gamepad! My only gripe with Nintendo is that it would’ve been cool to stretch Kirby out over the Wii’s lifespan rather than get 3 games in the final 2 or so years.

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