Famitsu Reviews Devil’s Third

The review scores from the latest edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu are in. The review that you will be most interested in is Devil’s Third. The fast and frantic shooter received good review scores as the four reviewers gave it an 8/9/8/8 which is rather impressive given the feedback from western media. Then again, Famitsu is renowned for being generous with their review scores. Our review for Devil’s Third will be coming very soon so be on the lookout for that.

  • Devil’s Third (Wii U) – 8/9/8/8
  • Girls Like Robots (Wii U) – 8/8/8/8
  • Puchikon Magazine First Issue (3DS) – 6/7/9/8
  • Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (PS4) – 7/6/8/7
  • Rollers of the Realm (PS4) – 6/6/8/6
  • Rear Pheles -Red of Another- (PSV) – 5/6/6/6


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Famitsu Reviews Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

The first review of the intriguing Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is in from Japanese gaming publication Famitsu. The magazine awarded the spin-off title a 9,9,9 and an 8, which is a rather good score. However, this is Famitsu who are renowned for being generous with their review scores. Here’s the reviews.

Reviewer 1 – 9

Although this is a spin-off game, a great deal of content from the Animal Crossing series, like characters and furniture, is used smoothly and you get into a trance while creating elaborate rooms. It’s also nice that you can coordinate things like schools and hotels in addition to homes. It is comfortable to arrange furniture with the touch pen. You get new things such as furniture and wallpapers from the villager requests even after seeing the staff roll for the first time, so it seems like you can enjoy the game for a long time.

Reviewer 2 – 8

I’m glad that you can design exteriors of buildings and gardens in addition to indoor furniture. It’s also nice that you can coordinate interiors of schools and shops. You can also take pictures inside finished buildings while changing the owner’s roles and clothes. The evaluation after finishing a task isn’t particular, as the client’s reaction doesn’t change if you put in the required furniture, so it feels a bit desolate if you put a lot of effort to the design.

Reviewer 3 – 9

Since the game is specialized in room building, arranging furniture is greatly easier to do than in a traditional game of the series. You can upgrade items that go to institutions and shops or establish windows, doors, gardens or even environmental music, so you will unconsciously get absorbed into the game. When you’re going this far, you’d want to have a house of your own, but that unrealized dream feels real somehow. A daily report finishes the tasks of that day, and while there is also the aspect of work experience, it’s also good how you can connect with your earlier works with the report.

Reviewer 4 – 9

As this game is specialized in the home designing of the Animal Crossing series, the game isn’t as deep as the traditional series since you can’t experience the general village life. A special thing to mention is the conversations with different characters whose personalities overflow with ambiance. It’s great that thanks to these, you can enjoy the game so that it doesn’t feel repetitive. It is interesting to catch a glimpse of how a past client is living his/her life, and that also makes it worthwhile to come back to the game.

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Nintendo Believed Female Inklings Would Make Splatoon Have More Appeal In West

There’s a large interview in the latest edition of Famitsu which is centred around Nintendo’s latest hit, Splatoon. The team revealed to the publication that they believed that the addition of female inklings would help Splatoon have more appeal over here in the west. The designers started with the female inklings first and then developed the boy inklings as a kind of afterthought.

“The main emphasis was on the girl, to the extent that we thought at first whether it would be alright to not have a boy (laughs).” – Inoue

“When having a chance to design a new character, there is the fact that it’s rare to have a girl lead in a Nintendo title and also having a strong and active female may make it easier to become accepted overseas. The design was centered on the girl at first, and then the design of a boy was thought of in comparison.” – Nishimori

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Sakurai Remembers Satoru Iwata In his Weekly Famitsu Column

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakura has written about former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata in his weekly column in Japanese gaming publication Famitsu. Sakura was extremely close to Mr Iwata and says that when he first heard the news of Iwata’s passing he said, “My mind went white and even now the reality hasn’t sunk in.” In his most recent column, Sakurai tried to describe Satoru Iwata in five ways.

He was a man of virtue. Where a normal person would get annoyed or angry, he would never show such emotions and would instead analyze, organize, and offer ideas. He was someone who could bow his head and apologize for things that weren’t his fault. I often worried about his stress levels, but he always talked with a smile.

He had a brilliant mind. Even when people would talk at length or without focus he was able to quickly say, “so, what you’re trying to say is…” and quickly summarize their point. He was able to see to the heart of people and things and was a master of simplifying them so that anyone could understand their point. He could immediately make a call on changes to improve. I have no doubt that many people were saved by this quality.

He was a man of effort. Even though he didn’t start out in the managing field, he read numerous management books, he would ask for advice from the necessary people that he would take to heart, and managed to become the president of Nintendo. What he gained from his years as a programmer allowed him to take many long-term projects to successful fruition.

He was open and generous.Things like his Iwata Asks, and Nintendo Direct weren’t things that necessarily required the president of Nintendo to stand at the front and do. There was always the risk of frivolous criticism. And yet, by being the spokesperson, I believe he showed the importance of properly conveying a message to his audience.

He was empathetic. After he became the president of Nintendo, he would write emails to all employees to communicate and as hard as it was, took a stance to try to treat everyone as equals. He would often ask third parties to see how people were doing. As an individual, he had no self-righteous qualities.

Itagaki Says Devil’s Third Will “Become A Breakthrough In The Industry”

Devil’s Third producer Tomonobu Itagaki has a lot of faith in his latest video game and says that he believes that it will become a breakthrough for the industry and also that it will take the third person shooter genre to the next level. We shall be publishing our review of the game next month so we shall have to see whether or not it lives up to Itagaki’s hype. Speaking in Famitsu, Tomonobu Itagaki explained why he has kept the project running for such a long time and his answer is that he didn’t want to let down the fans. Here’s what he had to say.

“Of course. You can [enjoy the multiplayer] even without playing the single-player game. Even so, the single-player is packed with Itagaki-like things, so I’d like you to try it. In order to make both the multiplayer side of the game and the single player side of the game enjoyable, each of them required an amount of quantity, quality and scope. There are these two parts of Devil’s Third. That’s why it took time [to make the game].”

“When I became independent and thought what I’d create next, I had a strong desire to challenge myself with new things. Therefore I decided to create a completely new shooter game by using all the skills I have gained from making action games and fighting games – so Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive fans alike would want to play it.”

“I didn’t want to betray fans. I didn’t want people to throw away their anticipation. The game is a grand sum of the work from all of the developers, so I really hope you pick it up. I think the game will become a breakthrough in the industry and take shooters to the next level.”

Here’s Some Monster Hunter X Details For Nintendo 3DS

Monster Hunter X, which was announced a few months ago for the Nintendo 3DS, is sure to be a big hit. However, we haven’t had much information dished out lately regarding Capcom’s latest entry in the best-selling Monster Hunter franchise. That all changed today when Famitsu published an interview with Monster Hunter series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, Monster Hunter X producer Shintaro Kojima, and director Yasunori Ichinose. Siliconera has rounded up all the information which you can read below.

  • One of the main focuses was having a system that brings the possibilities of using the same weapons with different play-styles.
  • The plans for Monster Hunter X began sometime around the production of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Capcom wanted to bring out more of a “festive” feeling that’s not in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, so they decided to bring back villages from past titles, and add four main monsters, instead of the usual one-per-title.
  • The “Hunting Style” is a system that was made to bring out more possibilities from each weapon.
  • Capcom originally thought about adding a new weapon type. While that would’ve given Monster Hunter X a decent selling point, it would’ve been a lot of work, and would have required more of a focus on the new weapon(s). Instead, the team decided to focus on the player’s “attachment to the weapon” as a concept.
  • Hunting Styles come in four forms. One is the basic style seen in the past. The second lets you set more “Hunting Arts” than usual, along with more showy and offensive actions. The third one specializes in mid-air fights, which also lets you jump off monsters for special attacks and more. Finally, the fourth one is a style with the theme of “turning a pinch into an opportuniy.”
  • Hunting Arts came from the idea of giving players more of their own unique characteristics. There are several Arts, and these may vary depending on how they’re used. Some of them will work better with certain Hunting Styles, so players will get to mix and match to their liking.
  • Hunting Arts range from special attacks that deal major damage to enemies, or heals that recover allies, and buffs that support your party.
  • Capcom have prepared numerous Hunting Arts for each weapon, but there are also some “basic Hunting Arts” that can be used with any weapon, and you’ll get to choose from them all.
  • The four main monsters won’t simply appear over time as you advance through the game with one being stronger than the other, but they’re actually all along the same rank. They’re called the “Elite Four” among the developers.
  • Dinobaruto is the one they showed this time, and the idea behind it came from the thought of “hey, let’s make a  land-type Rathalos.” While Dinobaruto uses fire attacks, it doesn’t fly, and focuses more on its actions on the ground. It has the image of a monster that would’ve lived back in the “world of dinosaurs.” With its tail and attack characteristics, it has a bit of a knight and swordsman’s feeling to it, and is the more orthodox monster of the four main monsters.


Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem Will Take Around 30 Hours To Clear

Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem is one Wii U title that I’m sure a lot of you are looking forward to. We received some information regarding the crossover title at E3 this year. However, the latest edition of Japanese gaming bible Famitsu contains a number of key points including that Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem will take you around 30 hours to complete. But if you decide to participate in the numerous side quests found throughout the game then it is going to be about 60 hours before you complete it. Check out details, below.

  • Fire Emblem characters are being selected from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light and Fire Emblem: Awakening. Others will also appear as friends, or as enemies or masterminds.
  • Characters are selected based off things such as their popularity ranking data. Both Cain and Abel will also appear.
  • Characters that appeared as enemies in Fire Emblem will appear as enemies in this game.
  • The main story takes about 30 hours to clear. The side stories and such take about the same amount of time.
  • The game is currently in the debugging and balance adjustments stage. All of its features have already been implemented.
  • This is being called a Fire Emblem and Atlus collaboration, but it’s a completely new RPG that any RPG fan can enjoy.

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