Dreamland Stage Coming To Smash Bros. In DLC

In today’s Super. Smash Bros. Direct, Nintendo announced that new stages will be coming to the fighting game. Specifically, Nintendo 64 classic Dreamland will be coming both to Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Game director, Masahiro Sakurai, made a point to say this stage was remastered to feel more contemporary.

This new stage will be available right now for $1.99 for each individual console, or $2.99 as a bundle.

Get A Free Soft Toy If You Pre-order Kirby And The Rainbow Paintbrush From Nintendo UK Store


If you are thinking about purchasing Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush and you live in the United Kingdom then you might want to think about purchasing it from the official Nintendo store. If you pre-order the game then you’re entitled to a free adorable Kirby soft toy. The game and the free toy are £34.99.

You Can Become Fire Kirby With A Glitch In Super Smash Bros Wii U

An awesome glitch has been discovered which allows you to become Fire Kirby in Super Smash Bros on the Wii U. The fun glitch was discovered by YouTuber MasterOfHyrule. To get the glitch to work you will need to use the hammer and then let go of it as soon as you are being inhaled, then the fun can begin!

Thanks, Lord Zedd

Kirby Triple Deluxe And Super Mario 3D World Soundtracks Up On Club Nintendo Europe

You can once again get the Kirby Triple Deluxe and Super Mario 3D World soundtracks on Club Nintendo Europe. They are highly sought after items so I’m not entirely sure how long they will be available for. The Super Mario 3D World soundtrack will set you back 3000 Stars and the Kirby Triple Deluxe soundtrack is 2000 Stars. Will you opt for these with your hard-earned Stars?

Thanks, Kendrick

Here’s The Accolades Trailer For Kirby And The Rainbow Curse

Nintendo has released the accolades trailer for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, which is available now for Wii U. The game finds players controlling Kirby by using the touch screen on the Wii U GamePad in a world made of clay. By drawing lines on the touch screen with the stylus, the player creates Rainbow Ropes that will help Kirby navigate obstacles and defeat enemies. In addition, compatible amiibo can be used once a day per stage to power up Kirby with special abilities.

Three New Kirby Home Menu Themes Roll On To European 3DS eShop This Friday

Nintendo of Europe will offer three new Kirby themes for your 3DS home menu screen later this week. Available on Friday, February 27, fans of the pink puffball can celebrate his unique style with three different themes; including Craft Paper Kirby, Kirby Sweet Gourmet Race and Smiling Kirby. As per, all of the backgrounds – which you can view above – are priced at €1.99 / £1.79 each. Though Europe has yet to take on Kirby’s latest adventure with the GamePad’s canvas and stylus in hand with Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, we’ll just have to wait patiently and celebrate with 3DS home themes instead.

Kirby And The Rainbow Curse Currently Sits At 74 On Metacritic

US Reviews for Kirby’s latest clay inspired adventure have started to pop up on online review aggregator Metacritic. I know a few of you aren’t too keen on the site, but Nintendo seems to love it. Anyway, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse currently has a Metascore of 74 based on ten critics. It’s not a bad score, but it could be better. Here’s a sample of some of the reviews that are currently out there.

By its very nature, it feels more at home on a handheld. Just in this case, it’s a handheld system that’s tethered to your living room console.

– Shacknews

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse shines because it’s a simple game that delivers superbly on a simple concept. You’re repeating many of the same actions again and again, but with each new stroke it feels more refined, more graceful.

– Polygon

Nothing about the gameplay feels broken, it just feels soulless this time around.

– Giant Bomb