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Kirby And The Rainbow Curse Animations To Have Lowered FPS For The Claymation Look?

NeoGAF member Exterminieren says that he heard on the 8-4 E3 podcast that the Nintendo PR team at E3 had said that they had lowered the framerate on Kirby And The Rainbow Curse in an effort to make the game have an Aardman Animation style. This supposedly gives the impression of a choppier claymation look.

“On the 8-4 E3 podcast, it was said that the PR guys at Nintendo’s booth were saying that, with Kirby’s claymation visuals, the decision had been taken to deliberately lower the frame rate to give the overall animation a slightly choppier, Aardman Animation-style style.”

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HAL Says They Are “Really Interested In Making A Fully 3D Kirby Game”

Kirby Triple Deluxe director Shinya Kumazaki, managing director Yurie Hattori and the team’s public relations staff Satoshi Ishida have sat down for an interview with VG247. One of the pieces of information taken from the interview is the fact that the team say they would be really interested in making a full 3D platformer starring the iconic Kirby. Would you like to play a 3D Kirby game?

“We’re really interested in making a fully 3D Kirby game! I suspect there are also more than a few users who’d appreciate being able to freely run around a sprawling map, fighting with copy abilities.”


Don’t Forget If You Buy Kirby Triple Deluxe On Euro eShop You Can Get Download Code For Kirby’s Dream Land 2

Nintendo Europe has put out a tweet revealing that if you purchase the well received Kirby: Triple Deluxe for the Nintendo 3DS before the 13th of July you can nab yourself a copy of Kirby’s Dream Land 2 for the original Game Boy.



Nintendo Explains Why Kirby Usually Looks Angry In The West


Much has been made of Kirby’s different look in the west compared to how he is portrayed in Japan. Kirby: Triple Deluxe director Shinya Kumazaki explained that the Japanese love the cute look of Kirby, while the US prefers a more serious looking Kirby.

“For the Japanese versions we are, at [Kirby series developer] HAL, involved in everything throughout development, including the package design. The most powerful image of Kirby is that cute image, we think that’s the one that appeals to the widest audience. While it does start cute, we know there is a serious side to Kirby as well, and throughout the gameplay we see more and more of that, and the games themselves have quite a bit of depth. That being said, we recognise that Kirby’s cuteness is his biggest draw in [the Japanese] market. What we have heard is that strong, tough Kirby that’s really battling hard is a more appealing sign of Kirby, so that’s what we feature in the US.”


Kirby Triple Deluxe Sound Selection CD Now Available On Club Nintendo Japan

To coincide with the launch of the incredibly cute Kirby Triple Deluxe, Nintendo has released the Kirby Triple Deluxe soundtrack which is available on Club Nintendo Japan. The soundtrack is available for 250 points for those who bought the game and have registered it on the site. For those that don’t own the game, but want the soundtrack, then it will set you back 400 points. The Kirby Triple Deluxe Sound Selection CD features 46 tracks and 3 bonus ones.

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Kirby Swallows Massive Eel In New Kirby: Triple Deluxe Commercial

Nintendo has released a new commercial for Kirby: Triple Deluxe. As shown in the 30-second clip, Kirby’s expandable mouth and body allow him to inhale things that are significantly larger than himself, such as a giant eel or an enormous tree. The Nintendo 3DS game launches January 11th in Japan, and it will arrive in North America and Europe later this year.