Video: Here’s The US Yo-Kai Watch Commercial

Yo-Kai Watch is finally set to come to the United States next month and to give gamers a little taste of what to expect Nintendo of America has revealed the first television commercial for the popular game. The advert is a little bizarre, but for such a short commercial it informs potential customers what the game is actually about and that’s collecting the various Yo-Kai. Give it a watch above and see what you think!

It Looks As Though Sonic Boom Is Getting A Second Season

Despite gamers reservations about the games, the Sonic Boom television series has been a success worldwide. It should come as no surprise then to learn that there’s going to be a second season of the Sonic Boom animation. The news was revealed today via the official distributor for the television show who announced that the second season of Sonic Boom is currently being produced by Sega and OuiDO! Productions. There’s apparently talks of it coming to DVD and presumably Blu Ray too.

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Nintendo America Is Taking Over Cake Wars On Food Network, July 20th

It would seem as though Nintendo of America is preparing to take over American reality TV show, Cake Wars. For those not in the know, the show see’s a number of bakers compete to have their speciality cakes showcased at various special events. I’m not sure what Nintendo of America is planning to do on the show, but it is bound to be something surreal and bizarre. Should be interesting! You will need to tune into the next episode of the show on July 20th at 8/7c.

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Iwata Says Nintendo’s Expansion Could Include Movies And TV Programs

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes that the company should be more proactive when it comes to licensing their iconic franchises. We’ve already seen the success of amiibo, which is part of Nintendo’s merchandise, and heard about the upcoming expansion into theme parks with Universal. However, Iwata says this isn’t enough and points towards movies and television programs as ways they can branch out with their recognisable IP.

“We have been discussing internally that we should be more proactive, and it is imperative that we establish a global structure to deploy such business all around the world. As a large proportion of our sales come from outside Japan, we have various ideas in mind for collaboration on the character licensing business across Japan, North America and Europe. And this expansion won’t be limited to merchandise; it may take various forms including, for example, images or even movies or TV programs. Even though I am not sure of the actual forms, it is safe to say that in addition to profitable licensing businesses, Nintendo will take risks we believe are worthwhile. On the other hand, not a small number of businesses have ended up with a pile of leftover stock after a particular product’s short-lived period of popularity. It would surely ruin the value of Nintendo IP and would not enhance corporate value over the long term if we chose this path. Therefore, I would like to recap that our current plan is not to simply increase the number of proposals but to be more proactive than in the past by making appropriate decisions that will enhance our overall corporate value over the long term.”

Myth Busted: The Legend Of Zelda TV Series Not Heading to Amazon Video

It seems like this rumor was, once again, to good to be true. Last week we reported how the previously squashed rumor of a live action The Legend of Zelda television series may be heading to Amazon Video (instead of Netflix). This rumor was made off of some hasty assumptions (please understand).

Amazon had listed that it was working on a Zelda project, currently titled “Z.” However, it has been cleared up that this Zelda series is actually about novelist Zelda Fitzgerald (writer of Save Me the Waltz and wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald). In other words, don’t expect to see Link on the small screen anytime soon.

Nintendo Japan Releases A Brilliant Japanese TV Commercial For Splatoon And An Overview Video

From the sounds of it a lot of you had fun playing the Splatoon Globaltest Fire demo at the weekend. We’ve already seen the commercial that Nintendo of America is planning to run on television to promote the game, but what about Japan? Well to be honest they’ve got the better commercial in my opinion. Let’s hope it gets replicated in Europe. What do you think to the Japanese advert?

Here’s The US Splatoon Commercial Complete With Cheesy Music

Nintendo of America has uploaded the very first television commercial for their upcoming ink based shooter, Splatoon. The trailer might remind you of early Nickelodeon adverts, which I can’t work out is good or bad. There’s plenty of colourful fast paced gameplay showcased which is a good thing, but people will undoubtedly be divided by the soundtrack that accompanies the trailer. What do you make of the Splatoon television commercial.