Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Will Stand Up Against Mario Kart Cheaters

mario kart wii display

An enormous glitch has been discovered in Mario Kart Wii enabling gamers to race one full lap of three in time trail mode, this subsequently awards them with a near impossible time.

Nintendo having discovered this gaping flaw are determined to take action; “We have only been made aware of this in the past two/three days since release. At this stage we are looking into it.” claimed a company representative when questioned by popular online publication CVG.



  1. The only person that you ever ultimately cheat is yourself. I hope people realise the game is meant to be just be terrific fun and don’t exploit the glitch.

  2. There is apparently more than one way to cheat on Mario Kart Wii. Some players have an “Instant Recovery” when they fall off tracks such as the Gold Mine. They fall off but are instantly put back on the track further ahead. I have seen this on several courses in several races.

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