Nintendo Wii: Rouge Squadrons Factor 5 Ceases Game Production


In an unprecedented move established game studio, Factor 5, has ceased production on video game development. The team behind such revered hits as Star Wars; Rouge Squadron series on the Nintendo Gamecube has officially closed its doors, December 20th 2008.



  1. If they’re woking on projects for Nintendo, don’t those projects get sent to different publishers instead of being thrown away? Especially if they’re Nintendo created games, like Kid Icarus and Zelda?

  2. If they’re Nintendo licensed franchises then I’d imagine the answer is a unanimous yes. As you mentioned, these guys were meant to be at the helm of the much-speculated new Kid Icarus title.

  3. yea, that and (this is a speculation) the new Zelda for Wii and DS. I’m pretty sure both are going to be compatible, (between the Wii and DS) cause Miyamoto said in an interview that people from both teams (for either Wii or DS) were being switched out sporadically.

  4. ^ Now that sounds like an interesting proposition, but, I can’t see them handing over next ‘main’ addition of the Zelda franchise to a third party. Either way we can only wait and see : )

  5. Что ж… и такое мнение допустимо. Хотя, думаю, возможны и другие варианты, так что не огорчайтесь.

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